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Embark on an intergalactic journey with the Mission to Mars LEGO set, where your child’s imagination will soar beyond the stars. This special edition building toy, designed by the talented Tiago Catarino, invites young builders to think bigger and construct their own spacefaring marvels. With a vibrant array of colorful bricks and unique elements, along with a commemorative 60th anniversary LEGO tile, this set offers endless possibilities for open-ended creativity. From secret missions to daring adventures, let your child’s big thinker take them on a cosmic odyssey like no other.

5 – 99
Jan 2018
Dec 2018

Experience Intergalactic Adventure with LEGO’s “Mission to Mars” Set

If you’ve ever dreamt of rocketing through space and participating in your own cosmic adventure, LEGO’s ‘Mission to Mars’ set (set number: 10405) offers a portal into the world of intergalactic exploration. Released under the timeless Classic theme with an emphasis on ‘Building Bigger Thinking,’ this set encourages engagement with a vast universe, limited only by one’s imagination.

Voyage into the Year of Release

Unveiled to galactic explorers on January 1, 2018, the ‘Mission to Mars’ set was originally designed for a thrilling voyage that spanned across a single calendar year. With retirement announced on December 31, 2018, this limited edition LEGO endeavor served as a spectacular tribute to the limitless expanses of both outer space and human imagination.

A Universe Built of Bricks

Journey into a realm constructed from a constellation of 871 vibrant LEGO pieces. Each piece acts as a star, forming galaxies teeming with kaleidoscopic colors and shapes. Miniature astronauts can also join your cosmic crew as the set includes three minifigures. Crafted beautifully by designer Tiago Catarino, every exquisite detail of the set adds up to an awe-inspiring embodiment of the beauty and mystery of space travel.

Pricing that Won’t Break the Asteroid Bank

The ‘Mission to Mars’ offers a celestial getaway at an earthly cost. With an original retail price starting from £44.99 or $59.99 or 49.99€, this equates to roughly 5.2p, 6.9c or 5.7c per piece depending on your currency of choice.

Oodles of Extras for Cosmic Exploration

Catering to builders aged from five to ninety-nine, this brick-built cosmos features an array of unique components encouraging boundless creativity. Transformative pieces like wheels, shapes and eyes bring life to your creations. What’s more intriguing is the addition of an exclusive 60th-anniversary LEGO tile celebrating six decades of brick-building joy.

Enhancing immersion in your interplanetary adventures are numerous accessories: from a plucky parrot and sssizzling snake to everyday essentials such as apples and croissants. There’s even a camera & binoculars for capturing galactic wonders, and swords for playful skirmishes with alien entities.

Launch Your Imagination

The ‘Mission to Mars’ isn’t just confined to constructing lunar landers or fertile martian colonies – it opens doors for children and adults alike to create anything their minds can conceive. Whether it involves answering significant cosmic queries or simply piecing together vibrant spaceships, engaging with this special edition LEGO set embodies the joy of big thinking and even bigger creating!

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Product Specs
Product Name:Mission to Mars
RRP£44.99 / $59.99 / 49.99€
Release Year2018
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