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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the realm of Knighton Castle, a magnificent fortress straight out of the magical world of Nexo Knights. With its towering walls, formidable armory, and intricately designed living quarters, this 1426-piece set offers endless possibilities for siege role-play fun. Prepare to defend the King against the notorious stone army, as your favorite Nexo Knights heroes join forces in a battle of epic proportions. Will you possess the skill and courage needed to overthrow the enemy? The fate of Knighton Castle lies within your hands!

9 – 14
Nexo Knights
Jun 2017
Jul 2018

Introducing the LEGO Knighton Castle Set

Presenting the intricately designed LEGO Knighton Castle (Set number: 70357). This European medieval castle-inspired set is crafted under the vibrant and adventurous Nexo Knights theme, with an exciting subtheme of its fourth season. And, it was indeed a worth-awaiting release during mid-2017.

Knighton Castle: A Masterpiece from Designer Mark Stafford

The brilliant mind behind this remarkable LEGO set is Mark Stafford, who is well known for bringing impeccable details to his creations. The initial launch day was on 01 Jun 2017, with an enchanting package featuring rich architecture and numerous elements to help imaginations soar.

The Unboxing Experience

As you begin to unravel this fantastic set priced reasonably at £109.99, which equals $129.99 or 129.99€, you will discover an impressive 1426 pieces waiting patiently to be put together by young hands within the designated age range of 9 -14 years. Despite its large number of components, the price per piece turns out to be just an affordable 7.7p or 9.1c, depending on your currency preference.

Towards a Royal Assembly

Each painstakingly designed element contributes towards building King Halbert’s magnificent castle meant to thwart the encroaching stone army! The design not only reflects Stafford’s skill but also enables children develop fine motor skills and promotes strategic thinking – thanks to the capturing plot conceived under Cartoon Network’s LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ series.

Fine Craftsmanship and Immersive Role-Play

Moving onto the features of this majestic stronghold structure that measures over 14” high, 11” deep and 17” wide when unfolded, we find robust gates that open grandly to reveal Robin’s dynamic vehicle equipped with two stud shooters, ready for action! The castle, when unclasped from all sides and crossed bridges brings forth Merlok 2.0 smoothly presented in his gripping Mechlok robotic suit bearing a wizard’s hat.

Meticulously Planned Living Quarters and Tactical Warfare

The authenticity of depicting royal living quarters touches new heights through two intricately furnished bedrooms including a dining room and an armory. It also incorporates a command center along with a fascinating tower formed by the detachable Rumble Rocket transporter, thereby formulating a lifelike picture of tactical warfare sessions where strategies are planned.

The NEXO Knights Heroes & Characters

What makes Knighton Castle even more enthralling are the beautifully crafted characters it introduces into its world – King Halbert, Robin along with a King’s Guard unit featuring Aaron and Lance, besides a white stone statue along with two stone stompers. To add further zing into your role-play sessions, there are also two Bricksters along with fancily attired ‘Fancy Pants’, adorable pig Hamletta, plus the larger-than-life buildable figure of Mechlock!

In Retrospect

All good sets must retire someday though; Knighton Castle made its grand exit on July 31st in the year of 2018 leaving its admirers basking in its erstwhile glory while looking forward to newer adventures. With over a year’s worth of thrilling gameplays from original release date until retirement – indeed, this LEGO set has etched itself into many hearts as one epic construction experience!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Knighton Castle
Pieces 1426
RRP £109.99 / $129.99 / 129.99€
Release Year 2017
Theme Nexo Knights
Instructions Lego Knighton Castle Instructions