LEGO Horse Training and Trailer 41441

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Get ready for an equestrian adventure with the LEGO Friends Horse Training and Trailer (41441)! This delightful set takes little builders on a journey of imagination as they construct a vibrant ranch complete with a sleek car, horse trailer, stables, and grooming kit. With two mini-dolls, a magnificent horse with a movable head, and an adorable foal figure, this 148-piece set offers hours of creative play for children aged 4 and up. Let their love for animals roam free and watch their building skills gallop ahead!

Aug 2021
Dec 2022

Embrace Your Passion for Horses with the LEGO® Friends Horse Training and Trailer Set

Unleash your little one’s equestrian soul and introduce them to construction skills with the LEGO® Friends Horse Training and Trailer set. Inspired by the subtheme of horseback riding, this colourful playset (set number 41441) was launched in August 2021. It’s a captivating blend of fun and learning that inspires kids aged four and above to explore their love of animals while mastering building skills.

A Journey to the World of Horses

The Horse Training and Trailer set is designed to transport you a world brimming with love for horses. With a total of 148 pieces, this set comes complete with a car, a trailer for the horse and an elegantly constructed stable. A wheelbarrow, grooming kit, jumps, and training reins are also included to add an additional touch of realism to this pretend play experience. More importantly, it features two mini-dolls – Stephanie and Emma – along with a horse toy movable head and an adorable foal figure, thus expanding the possibilities for role-play.

Enhancing Building Skills for Youngsters

This LEGO® Friends set aims to provide a beneficial building experience for children. Aside from offering loads of fun, constructing this playset also develops their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. To make it easy for young builders, each bag of bricks comes with a model and character that they can build. Moreover, two Starter Bricks are provided as an initial construction base which encourages creativity right from the start.

Sharing Joyful Moments

Parents can join in on the fun too! The Horse Training and Trailer set is not just for kids; it’s for anyone who loves spending quality time building together. The kit features simple picture instructions perfect for those who are still learning to read. Kids can also use digital Instructions PLUS available on the LEGO Building Instructions app on their smart devices, which provides interactive navigating tools such as zooming in or out and rotating view.

A Sought-After Gift

Treat your little champ to hours of productive fun! If you have a youngster who has been really good lately or perhaps searching for the perfect birthday or Christmas present, then look no further than this immersive ranch construction toy – one that allows youngsters to play while subtly instilling essential building skills. Selling at £24.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€ depending upon the region, this LEGO® Friends set offers remarkable value at 16.9p / 20.3c / 20.3c per piece.

Maintaining Quality Standards

All LEGO® toys not only abide by strict industry standards but are also tested in numerous ways to guarantee they meet robust safety regulations. Thus giving you peace of mind knowing that these toys are designed bearing safety on top priority.

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Horse Training and Trailer
Pieces 148
RRP £24.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€
Release Year 2021
Theme Friends
Instructions Lego Horse Training and Trailer Instructions