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Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with LEGO® Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class (76384). Unfolding this brick-built playbook, you’ll find yourself immersed in Professor Sprout’s captivating Herbology lesson, surrounded by a vibrant greenhouse backdrop. Complete with magical minifigures including Cedric Diggory and Neville Longbottom, as well as authentic accessories such as silver spades and pruning scissors, this portable playset is sure to ignite young witches and wizards’ imaginations. And with its ability to connect to other sets in the collection, the possibilities for creating a full 360-degree Hogwarts experience are endless.

Harry Potter
Jan 2021
Dec 2021

Unleash Your Imagination with Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class Lego Set

Dive into the magical world of Harry Potter with the captivating Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class LEGO set (SET_NUMBER: 76384). Released under the enigmatic Hogwarts Moments subtheme, this captivating playset opens a world of magical adventures right on your tabletop.

A Trip Back to Your Favourite Harry Potter Moments

This entrancing LEGO set transports you straight to your beloved classroom moments in the Harry Potter series. As soon as you open the brick-built playbook, you step into the enthralling environment of Professor Sprout’s Herbology class. The scene is set in the enchanting greenhouse of Hogwarts which is rich in the history and mystery associated with the iconic institution.

The Adventure that Lies Within

Staying true to its roots, Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class showcases many artifacts familiar to Harry Potter fans from its memorable movie moments. Features such as a storage cupboard are permanently integrated into the playset, while others like a watering station can be manoeuvred to expand your imaginative realm.

Expand the Magic

The sheer brilliance does not stop here! The spellbinding playset has siblings in its collection, each of which opens up to reveal a unique Hogwarts classroom adventure when paired together, creating an immersive 360-degree Hogwarts play space for explorative children.

Exclusive attention to Detail

The SET_NAME doesn’t compromise on authenticity or detail. It comprises an alluring array of accessories like a silver spade, pruning scissors, and even monstrous Mandrake warnings. You also get three beloved minifigures including Cedric Diggory, Professor Sprout and Neville Longbottom to bring life to your stories.

A Special Treat for Every Wizard and Witch in Training

Look no further than the LEGO Harry Potter collection if you’re hunting for a special indulgence for a Harry Potter aficionado – specifically designed to captivate their imaginations. Whether it is playing out scenes from the legendary movies or instigating their own tales, children can relish a different kind of Harry Potter magic with this delightful compact playset.

Safety and Quality You Can Trust

Consistent with LEGO’s stringent safety policy and legacy since 1958, these building components meet rigorous standards ensuring compatibility and consistent connection and detachment.

In conclusion, Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class is not just another Lego set on the shelf; rather it presents an ideal infusion of creativity and advanced quality designed to provide limitless enjoyment while easing worries about child safety. Moreover, its compact size makes it perfect for portable playtime fun!

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Product Specs
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