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Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Japan’s architectural marvel with the LEGO Architecture Himeji Castle set. This awe-inspiring creation takes you on a journey through time as you meticulously recreate the intricate details and asymmetrical walls of this historic landmark. With 2,125 pieces at your fingertips and stunning cherry blossom trees in full bloom, this build combines mindfulness, history, and a rewarding sense of achievement. Gift it to an architecture aficionado or simply indulge in this exquisite display model yourself, for it is more than just LEGO bricks; it is a piece of Japanese history embodied in every lovingly crafted detail.

Aug 2023
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Welcome the Majestic LEGO® Himeji Castle

Take your LEGO® architecture game up a notch with the magnificent replica of Japan’s largest castle! Dive into the heart of Japanese history with the LEGO® Architecture 21060 Himeji Castle set. Specially curated for adult LEGO® enthusiasts, this building set is certain to be a gem in your collection.

A Deeper Dive Into History

As an iconic piece from the Landmark Series subtheme, The Himeji Castle was meticulously crafted by renowned LEGO® designer Chris McVeigh. Launched in August 2023 as part of the Architecture theme, it is a testament to the timeless beauty of one of Japan’s most historically significant sites. Marvel at the faithfully recreated castle’s turrets, walkways and asymmetric walls that bear an unmistakable hint of LEGO® charm. A quick lift off the main building reveals a simplified interpretation of its inner layout, cleverly designed to expose fascinating details.

@SeasonsChange – LEGO-Style!

The uniqueness doesn’t end at the castle, though. Take a stroll in its impeccably recreated surrounding gardens. Whether you want to imagine it during times of peace or envisage it during cherry blossom season – this set has got it all covered with 4 creative cherry tree builds. Two trees decked with green foliage, and two others in full bloom with pinkish blossoms, bring this lego set to life in all seasons.

Brick By Brick Confidence

This brick-built collectible features an impressive volume of 2125 pieces and offers an immersive yet challenging building experience that leaves you with a rewarding sense of achievement upon completion. While sizeable, this masterpiece can comfortably fit on your display shelf. Standing proudly at over 7.5 in. high, 12.5 in. wide, and 10.5 in deep, it is undoubtedly a conversation starter for anyone visiting your home or workplace.

A Price Worth Every Penny

Available at a retail price of £139.99/$159.99/159.99€ which approximates to around 6.6p/7.5c/7.5c per piece, this model kit is worth every penny given its intricate design and historical significance. Tailored for adult builders aged 18+ years old who enjoy hands-on activities or value creative exercises as therapeutic moments.

Your Ideal Gift Idea

The LEGO® Architecture Himeji Castle combines Japanese history, culture and innovative Lego engineering all into one striking build, making it an excellent gift option for aficionados of architecture, history or someone who wishes to visit Japan someday.

Safety & Quality Assurance

While encouraging creativity and promoting intellectual stimulation through constructive play is vital, safety is never compromised when it comes to LEGO® sets. This model kit aligns with strict international safety standards ensuring it as safe as it is enjoyable to construct.


Packaged with step-by-step instructions accessible both in print form and digital format on the LEGO® Builder app, there is plenty of guidance to support you through your immersive construction journey. So gear up to revisit Japanese history with this authentic display model right from the comfort of your own space!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Himeji Castle
Pieces 2125
RRP £139.99 / $159.99 / 159.99€
Release Year 2023
Theme Architecture
Instructions Lego Himeji Castle Instructions