LEGO Heavy Lift Helicopter 42052

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Unleash the mechanical marvel that is the Heavy Lift Helicopter, a Technic masterpiece crafted by the brilliant mind of designer Milan Reindl. With its mesmerizing contra-rotating rotors and motorized functions, this vibrant orange, white, and gray behemoth commands attention as it effortlessly lifts cargo with its working winch. Boasting an array of intricately designed details like movable elevator and rudders, multidirectional nose wheel, and even opening loading ramp and cargo bay doors, this 1042-piece wonder emulates the essence of engineering prowess. Embrace the challenge of constructing this awe-inspiring creation that measures over 8 inches high, 23 inches long, and 20 inches wide. Soar to new heights with the Heavy Lift Helicopter — where ingenuity meets playfulness in perfect harmony.

10 – 16
Jan 2016
Dec 2017

Exploring the Intricate Details of ‘Heavy Lift Helicopter’ LEGO Set

The ‘Heavy Lift Helicopter’ LEGO set, known as SET_NUMBER 42052, earns the accolades of LEGO aficionados with its intricately designed features and mechanical specifics. This is part of the Technic theme, appealing to builders with a proclivity for sophisticated engineering concepts.

Experience Modern Engineering

Unveiled in 2016 by designer Milan Reindl, the Heavy Lift Helicopter LEGO set metamorphoses into a tangible reflection of modern aviation design. The architectural attention to detail is evident across its 1042 pieces, featuring expansive functionality such as contra-rotating rotors, a loading ramp, and cargo bay doors that spring open as if by magic.

A Building Challenge for Keen Minds

This technical marvel appeals to the age range of 10 to 16, providing countless hours of engaging challenges. Remember, it’s not just about creating a static display piece; the Heavy Lift Helicopter includes working components like an operational winch. Children can enjoy navigating the realms of aviation whilst stimulating their problem-solving skills.

A Look Into the LEGO Power Functions

The importance of including real-world operations within toys like these cannot be understated. The LEGO Power Functions motor not only animates parts of the model but also adds an aspect of real-life application. The movement and lighting provided through these functions can inspire a future generation’s interest in engineering and technology fields.

The Versatile Color Scheme & Grand Structure

The choice of colors is anything but generic-the vibrant orange combined with cool white and gray adds an extra level of realism to the model. The magnificence of this helium titan’s build becomes apparent upon reaching its majestic dimensions – over 8 inches high, 23 inches long, and 20 inches wide when assembled.

Value for Money & Endless Reimaginations

LEGO’s Heavy Lift Helicopter remains competitively priced at £109.99 / $139.99 / 119.99€ given its grandeur and complexity. Furthermore, consider the chance for endless reimaginations! Yes, this beauty isn’t confined to one form. It has an alternative incarnation being a Tandem Rotor Helicopter which deftly showcases the versatility of LEGO construction sets.

All things considered, one cannot deny that the Heavy Lift Helicopter mirrors precisely the vast possibilities inherent in every LEGO set – redefining physics in scaled-down measurements!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name:Heavy Lift Helicopter
RRP£109.99 / $139.99 / 119.99€
Release Year2016
InstructionsLego Heavy Lift Helicopter Instructions