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Get ready for an extraordinary school adventure with the Heartlake City School (41682) from the LEGO Friends theme. Designed by the talented Joel Baker, this captivating 605-piece set offers young builders a chance to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and imagination. With its intricate details and versatile play areas, including classrooms, a canteen, lockers, and even a school yard, this stunning build is perfect for role-playing real-life stories and creating cherished memories. Whether exploring the science lab, discovering hidden talents in drama class, or simply enjoying lunch recess with friends, the Heartlake City School brings endless joy to children aged 6 and above.

Jun 2021
Dec 2022

A Closer Look at the Heartlake City School LEGO Set

For countless LEGO and Friends fans, the Heartlake City School set (41682) has an exciting appeal. It is a playset that captures the vibrancy of school life within its beautifully constructed walls. Joel Baker, the designer of this masterpiece, successfully transforms a typical school day into an amusing and interactive experience for kids.

Design: A Miniature Masterpiece

The architectural beauty of the Heartlake City School can’t go unnoticed. Spread across two flabbergasting floors you’ll discover a world of wonder echoing real-life school scenarios. From the dedicated science lab with a meticulous microscope and cute ladybug to scrutinize – to specially designed rooms for art, drama, and music activities, this model does not scrimp on detail.

Additionally, its creative flair extends to a stocked canteen with ample seating area and detailed food accessories. And just like in real schools, there are hallway features like lockers and an impressive trophy display.

Captivating Characters: Friends and Teachers

This playset isn’t just about the gorgeous structures. An inseparable part of the Heartlake City School are its inhabitants – three mini-doll figures. Alongside these charming figures are familiar LEGO® Friends characters and a teacher figure allowing aspiring young learners to design their own syllabus or take on an educating role themselves. There’s also the brand new character Julian, who needs a friendly guide around his new school environment.

A World of Real-Life Role-Play Fantasies

Brimming with its 605 pieces, this set is built not only as a rewarding building task for kids aged six and above but also as an arena bursting with countless real-world narratives to explore. The extensive array of pretend school toys such as dress-up props for drama, assorted musical instruments for jam sessions, fascinating brushes, paints and even an easel for little artists ensure hours of imaginative fun beyond building.

Fulfilling Build Experience: Quick Specifications

The Heartlake City School Set has all it takes to keep youngsters glued in delight. With dimensions measuring 6 in. (17 cm) high, 9 in. (25 cm) wide and 3 in. (9 cm) deep – it comfortably sits on a sturdy baseplate making it an attractive standalone display that adds charm to any setting where building passion thrives.

A Gateway to Interactive Build World

Revealing more than just an engaging build platform, the Heartlake City School set introduces ambitious builders to the lively world of Heartlake City toys – teeming with cool vehicles, lifelike buildings along with everyday heroes that brings playful learning nearer reality. And just like any other LEGO® toy sets – it is tested rigorously to meet international safety and quality standards ensuring that kids enjoy secure and happy play experiences each time they delve into their creative journeys.

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Product Specs
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