LEGO Fantastical Tree House 71461

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Introducing the Fantastical Tree House (71461) from the spellbinding world of LEGO® DREAMZzz™! Unleash the boundless creativity of young dream chasers with this remarkable building set, featuring meticulously designed sections like Mrs. Castillo’s enchanting kitchen, Izzie and Mateo’s whimsical bedroom, and a captivating living room, all encompassed beneath an awe-inspiring tree branch canopy. Immerse yourself in dual building modes – whether reveling in festive party pandemonium or forging a stalwart defense against formidable nightmare creatures, this magical haven promises immersive play, intrigue-filled adventures, and chimerical wonders for children aged 9+. Unleash your vivid imagination upon the fantastical landscape where elaborate details – from Mrs. Castillo’s whimsical toaster turned bagel blaster to Mateo’s scattered dream paint bottles – thrive amidst the impeccable craftsmanship bestowed upon each minifigure entwined in this gripping tale. With its towering presence reaching an astounding height of 15.5 inches and spanning a breadth of 14.5 inches, prepare to embark on an odyssey transcending dimensions into realms unknown. Dive into a world of discovery merged with thrilling narratives with LEGO® Builder app’s augmented instructions bestowing a helping hand while

Aug 2023
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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Fantastical Tree House
Pieces 1257
RRP £94.99 / $109.99 / 104.99€
Release Year 2023
Theme Dreamzzz
Instructions Lego Fantastical Tree House Instructions