LEGO Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway 41190

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Embark on a truly enchanting quest with the LEGO® Elves 41190 Emily Jones & the Eagle Getaway. Join Emily, a fearless and brilliant minifigure, as she unravels the mystery of the stolen magical diary page. Accompanied by Vespe the shadow bat and courageous Lumia the eagle, this whimsical adventure takes you through a beautifully designed cave with rotating treasure chests and an astonishing upside-down bed for the bats. With its fully posable eagle figure and a bat glider armed with a disc shooter, be ready to soar through captivating fantasy worlds and save the day in this thrilling masterpiece from the world of Elves.

7 – 12
Mar 2018
Dec 2018

Unravel the Mystery with Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway Lego Set

Brandishing 149 colourful and flexible pieces designed to hold the interest of children aged between 7 and 12 years, “Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway” is an enchanting lego set released in 2018. Appealing with interactive features from the magical Elves theme, this sublime building kit from Lego promises enriched creativity and a captivating storytelling experience.

Delve into the Enchanted Legacy

Inspired by the Elves’ mystical universe, this set takes children on an adventure with Emily Jones to reclaim a stolen magical diary page. This endeavour incorporates an exciting quest that brings together a rotating treasure chest hidden in a cave, an upside-down bed for a crafty bat, and a ledge hosting a glider for swift getaways. The unique aspects of this set – including a fully adjustable Lumia eagle figure with space for a mini-doll – help your young ones unlock their prowess in engineering while uncovering the beauty of friendship and bravery.

An Intriguing Assembly of Characters

The Lego Elves 41190 set extends far beyond mere construction. It artfully blends storylines with adorable characters – including an Emily Jones mini-doll figure – that kindle creativity and animate every playtime adventure. Other intriguing characters featured are Vespe, the shadow bat, and pesky spider figures that heat up the pursuit for the stolen diary page.

The Magic within Interactive Features

The astounding interactive elements infused into this assembly challenge young minds while delivering countless hours of fun. The rotating chest in the cave doorway is ingeniously designed to reveal hidden surprises like the much coveted stolen diary page. Moreover, Emily’s adversaries can activate a lever on Vespe’s glider to target her with web discs, spurring kids’ imagination as they plot counter-strategies.

Complementing Accessories

This collectible Lego Elves set comes packed with diverse compelling accessories. From an enchanting amulet to crunchy berries and alluring crystals; these elements fit seamlessly onto the construct, enhancing its allure while developing organizational skills amongst youngsters. Not forgetting the sweet little pie slice that adds flavor to their building adventures!

Completion Measures

Upon successful assembly, youngsters have access to playful structures for their imaginative adventures; A beautifully widespread Lumia eagle measuring over 5cm high, 15cm long, and 12cm wide – large enough for thrilling flying escapades. Also, the ingenious cave complete with a shooter-equipped glider measures over 8cm high, 6cm wide, and 5cm deep; ready to anchor epic midnight confrontations!

To sum it up, LEGO’s “Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway” Elves themed set is more than just toy blocks; it’s an avenue for children to learn, grow and cherish their creative spirits. This memorable building saga is indeed worth every bit of its £12.99 / $14.99 / €14.99 price tag!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway
Pieces 149
RRP £12.99 / $14.99 / 14.99€
Release Year 2018
Theme Elves
Instructions Lego Emily Jones & The Eagle Getaway Instructions