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Celebrate the advent of spring and enchanting Easter festivities with the delightful LEGO Easter Basket (40587). Nestled within a charming little brown gift basket adorned with vibrant springs blossoms, be captivated by the endearing Easter bunny, who playfully hides amidst its beauty. Crafted to mesmerize both young and old alike, this dainty display piece effortlessly blends into your Easter decorations or presents an extraordinary gift option for children aged 9 and above.

Mar 2023
To Be Announced

Introducing the LEGO® Easter Basket Set

Nothing announces the arrival of spring more delightfully than the cute, charming and utterly unique LEGO® 40587 Easter Basket. Released in March of 2023, this stunning set is an absolute feast for the eyes and a heart-warming tribute to Easter. Its colorful design, thoughtfully crafted, adds a whole new dimension to your Easter decorations and offers an engaging building experience.

Easter Bunny in Full Bloom

In this captivating set, an adorable Easter bunny playfully hides in a small brown gift basket filled with spring’s vibrant blossoms. The intricacy of the design is nothing short of impressive – with great attention to detail, enabling the bunny’s head to rotate and ears to bend. In true LEGO® holiday model style, this showcases not just creativity but also technical prowess.

A Gift as Unique as Spring Itself

The LEGO® Easter Basket (40587) set leaves traditional Easter gifts in its wake. Bursting with imagination and cleverly designed, it’s an alluring gift alternative for those aged 9 and up. Yes, even teens and adults will appreciate this charming display piece for its quirkiness and the elements of surprise it brings to any room decor.

Technicalities Hand in Hand with Aesthetics

This modest yet intriguing 368-piece set measures over 5in (13 cm) high, 4in (11 cm) wide and 3in (9 cm) deep. Its petite size does not undermine its essential flair. Boasting colors that are the epitome of springtime joy, it makes for a delightful visual treat on any tabletop or shelf.

A Celebration of Resurrection and Renewal

Amidst candy-filled eggs and chocolates bunnies, LEGO® ‘s addition stands out saluting the true spirit of Easter – resurrection and renewal – symbolized by spring’s flora coming alive from the basket. The LEGO® Easter Basket (40587), with its unique charm, helps share the joy of new beginnings within our homes and hearts.

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Product Specs
Product Name:Easter Basket
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