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Experience a vibrant beach adventure in the LEGO Super Mario universe with the captivating Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set. This delightful 229-piece set features the lovable Dorrie LEGO figure, ready to be ridden by LEGO Mario or LEGO Luigi (figures not included). Navigate through a dynamic beach level, launch green shells at the mischievous Huckit Crab, and unlock hidden secrets within a charming buildable sandcastle, water fountain, and tree. With endless possibilities for imaginative play and competitive coin-collecting challenges, this trendsetting gift will captivate kids aged 6 and above who already own a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course. Let creativity flourish as they rebuild and combine modules to create unique adventures time and time again. Immerse yourself in the fascinating LEGO Super Mario world where innovation meets quality – the perfect blend of entertainment and safety!

Super Mario
Jan 2022
Dec 2022

Dive into Adventure with LEGO® Super Mario™ Dorrie’s Beachfront Set

Step into a virtual beachy world of Super Mario™ and experience the thrill of a beach quest with LEGO® Super Mario™ Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set. A delightful addition to any LEGO® enthusiast’s collection, this set offers a vibrant and interactive venture aimed at kids aged 6 and above.

Splash into a Colorful Play World

With 229 meticulously designed pieces, this set is poised to transport young players to a lively beachfront where little Mario or Luigi embarks on thrilling escapades. The playground is peppered with detailed elements including Dorrie the dinosaur, an enemy Huckit Crab figure, coupled with a beautiful sandcastle, water fountain, and tree – each equipped with intriguing functionalities that reveal coveted 1, 2, 3 Blocks. Please note that the set doesn’t include LEGO® Mario or Luigi figures which need to be acquired separately.

Battle it Out in Beachfront Challenges

Aiming to provide an engaging playtime experience, this expansion set equips players with neat little gadgets such as a green shell launcher used to thwart the opponent Huckit Crab! The game gets increasingly exciting as you try to uncover the blocks hidden behind the sandcastle, fountain, and tree.

Hours of Endless Fun

Beyond solo exploration, kids would also revel in social competitions and coins-collecting adventures. Imagine having friends around for a head-to-head battle for digital coins or even brainstorming together to rebuild your beach level. Besides fostering interaction and team spirit, this game also encourages creativity as it grants kids absolute freedom to redesign their beachfront universe time and again.

The Perfect Gift for Ingenious Little Minds

If you’ve been scratching your head over an ideal gift for a trendsetting kiddo who can’t have enough of LEGO®, look no further. This whimsical expansion set should make for a perfect surprise! However, do remember that this module works best when paired with the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course (either 71360 or 71387) as it is pivotal for interactive play.

More than Just a Playset

The immersive experience doesn’t end here! Check out the LEGO Super Mario app filled with digital instructions alongside creative inspirations that are sure to keep players engrossed. Ensuring nothing short of excellence since its inception in 1958, all LEGO® components continue to meet strict quality standards while adhering to stringent global safety regulations.

Intricately crafted while packing in hours of fun and fostering creativity among youngsters, the Dorrie’s Beachfront Expansion Set is an investment worth making!

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Product Specs
Product Name:Dorrie’s Beachfront
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Release Year2022
ThemeSuper Mario
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