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Embark on a boundless voyage of creativity with the LEGO Creative Suitcase, an artful treasure trove bursting with 1,000 vibrantly hued bricks. Bursting at the seams with imaginative potential, these lushly colored blocks will ignite the fires of inspiration within your little builders, encouraging them to construct legendary landmarks like the iconic New York City skyline or delve into untamed wilderness as they create majestic safari beasts. Packed snugly inside a lightweight yet durable cardboard suitcase, this set offers pioneers of play the gift of portable construction brilliance, empowering them to sculpt marvels from Ayres Rock in Australia to exotic creatures traversing African plains. For those who revel in defying the boundaries of imagination, this suite presents an exceptional chance to augment their LEGO arsenal with endless possibilities forged from captivating elements such as whimsical eyes, spinning wheels, and radiant lights. With limitless brick combinations awaiting eager hands, prepare for hours upon engrossing hours of artistic exploration that know no age limits nor creative confines.

4 – 99
Bricks and More
Oct 2014
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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name:Creative Suitcase
RRP£34.99 / $59.99 / 39.99€
Release Year2014
ThemeBricks and More
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