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Get ready for a barrel of laughs with LEGO® Classic Creative Monkey Fun (11031)! Packed with primate pandemonium, this set invites young builders aged 5 and up to unleash their imagination and master the art of creative construction. With jointed arms, grabbing hands, and rotatable tails, these mischievous monkeys are ready to swing into action, whether they’re holding hands, stealing bananas, or teasing birds. Complete with an assortment of bricks, eye decorations, and smile/frown tiles, this charming jungle adventure is the perfect gift for any occasion. So grab your bananas and get building – it’s monkey mayhem like you’ve never seen before!

Jan 2023
To Be Announced

Embark on a Fun-Filled Journey with LEGO®’s Creative Monkey Fun Set

LEGO®, the leading global authority in playful learning, launches the fondly anticipated Creative Monkey Fun set (11031), a new addition to their Classic series. Released on New Years’ Day in 2023, this delightful set offers an exciting and challenging play experience aimed at children aged five and above. LEGO’s mastermind designer, George Gilliat, is the creative genius behind this affable monkey-themed set.

A Cavorting Paradise Awaits

In the Creative Monkey Fun set, children are introduced to role-playing adventures rich with creativity. Offering 4 curious monkeys made from a variety of bricks, this innovative set enables kids to create custom designs using unique eye decorations and smile/frown tiles new to 2023. These playful creatures have adaptable arms and rotatable tails, offering endless possibilities for imaginative story-telling and humorous playtime scenarios – swinging from tree branches, spiriting away bananas, even ribbing birds.

Hands-On Learning Through Play

This jungle-themed set isn’t just about fun; it’s about skill-building too. As children manipulate these impish monkeys with their adjustable limbs and gripping hands, they enhance fine motor skills vital for their development. By providing kids with an open-ended play environment, LEGO effectively stimulates their imaginations. With this explorative play, children not only find amusement but also grow their creative confidence.

Engaging, Entertaining & Empowering

This wonderful world of monkey high jinks comes with an easy-to-follow pictorial building guide for an effortless build process — making it perfect for beginners venturing into the LEGO universe. For tech-savvy youngsters or those who prefer learning digitallY, a digital version of the assembly instructions is included in the LEGO Builder app.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Creative Monkey Fun set (11031) from LEGO would present an excellent gift for any occasion – birthdays, holidays or simply as a weekend treat – as this playset stands as a timeless source of enjoyment. The tallest monkey figure extends up to 5cm or 1 inch high – just right for tiny tots to comfortably manoeuvre. Priced at £8.99/ $9.99/ 9.99€, this educational toy offers immense value for money.

Preserving LEGO’s Legacy of Quality

Perhaps what sets LEGO apart is its relentless commitment to quality and safety standards. Every component of the Creative Monkey Fun set lives up to industry expectations – consistency, compatibility and easy assembly being paramount considerations in their design philosophy. Rigorously tested under diverse conditions – heated, crushed and twisted – this creative toy resoundingly satisfies global safety norms.

In summary, the Creative Monkey Fun set by LEGO brims with opportunities for both fun-filled adventures and developmental leaps! As it offers so many avenues for unabridged creative expression, there’s no better way than this engaging classic range for children to explore & learn!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Creative Monkey Fun
Pieces 135
RRP £8.99 / $9.99 / 9.99€
Release Year 2023
Theme Classic
Instructions Lego Creative Monkey Fun Instructions