LEGO Christmas Train Ride 40262

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Embark on a joyous Yuletide adventure with the enchanting LEGO Christmas Train Ride! Delicately crafted by the talented hands of designer Mel Caddick, this whimsical seasonal set boasts a vibrant red locomotive adorned with two charming green carriages. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as you explore the meticulously detailed minifigures, including a jovial train driver, a delighted passenger, and a bustling shopkeeper. Its compact dimensions of 15.7 x 14 x 6 cm make it the perfect gift to ignite the imaginations of LEGO aficionados young and old alike. Hop aboard this merry journey through delightful streets lined with lampposts bravely bearing maps of their vibrant city, alongside shop stalls brimming with yule-inspired trinkets. Don’t forget to pay homage to the splendid holiday tree, accented impeccably with delicate wreaths and cups overflowing with seasonal cheer. As Christmas draws near, let this extraordinary tiny locomotion sweep you away into a realm where even the smallest brick carries immense wonderment.

Oct 2017
Dec 2018

Join the Festive Fun with the LEGO® Christmas Train Ride Set

One of the best ways to ignite your holiday spirit is by diving into a joyful building experience. Let’s usher in the yuletide season with LEGO®’s delightful 40262 Christmas Train Ride set, released as part of the Christmas subtheme from their Seasonal line in 2017.

Embark on a Holiday Journey

No other toy screams festivity like a snazzy red locomotive accompanied by two green carriages, ready to convey minifigures on a memorable journey through your very own holiday wonderland. The train itself is a charming masterwork that delightfully captures the essence of holiday magic. However, this enchanting ride is just a fragment of what this unique LEGO® set offers.

Detailed Set Elements for a Complete Experience

The 40262 Christmas Train Ride set boasts not only an eye-catching locomotive but also an array of components that give life to a full-fledged Christmas marketplace. An urban lamppost armed with a city map waits patiently alongside the two quaint shop stalls. Charming elements like cups, wreaths and even a cosy bench multiply the Yuletide vibes.

What truly catches one’s attention though is the exuberant holiday tree in the heart of this merry scene. Further enhancing the jovial ambience in this lively market square.

Minifigs Welcome Aboard!

No LEGO® set is complete without those oh-so-important minifigures and this festive scene is no exception. Our train driver is appropriately prepared for the winter chill, bundled up in his warm clothing ready to navigate his passengers through their magical journey. Next up, we have an excited passenger eager for her festive expedition; and lastly, our shopkeeper ready to spread joy with his vibrant goods from these charming pop-up stalls.

A Value-For-Money LEGO® Build

Comprising 169 pieces and offering an immersive hands-on engaging experience for builders aged seven and above, this LEGO® set provided excellent value for its retail price of £8.49/$9.99/9.99€. With each piece only costing around 5.0p/5.9c/5.9c, it was truly accessible for fans who wanted to add some tangible festive cheer to their collections during its time on shelves until end of 2018.

Christmas Magic at Your Fingertips

A uniquely captivating building experience awaits those embarking on this adventure! A creation from the skilled hands of designer Mel Caddick, the 40262 Christmas Train Ride proved an unforgettable ride for all LEGO® enthusiasts during its year-long run reaching the height of its popularity during December month-end holidays.

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Product Specs
Product Name:Christmas Train Ride
RRP£8.49 / $9.99 / 9.99€
Release Year2017
InstructionsLego Christmas Train Ride Instructions