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Step into a whimsical winter wonderland with the LEGO Christmas Town Square set. Crafted by the talented designer Mel Caddick, this delightful scene features a vibrant holiday tree, a charming shop stall filled with delectable treats, and even a buildable snowman companion. Complete with festive décor like a lamppost and a red mailbox, this magical creation promises hours of joy for both young and old.

Oct 2017
Dec 2017

A Magical Christmas Ride with LEGO® Christmas Town Square Set

Come one, come all, to the enchanting world of Lego’s Christmas Town Square set, a whimsical Lego creation brought to you from the heart of Lego’s Seasonal Christmas line. Bursting with holiday spirit, this festive set was released back in 2017 just in time for Christmas celebrations, and has been capturing the imaginations of Lego enthusiasts and Christmas fans since.

A Sparkling Journey to Yesteryears

The Christmas Town Square set, fondly known as set 40263, transports you to a delightful holiday season classic town square scene. The talented Lego designer Mel Caddick carefully curated 179 pieces that bring this scenery to life. The details in every corner of this compact yet detailed set reflect an astonishing level of creativity and attention.

Unique Aspects of the Set

This exclusive yuletide-themed set features an array of captivating elements. Imagine hopping onto a charming sleigh heading towards an on-foot journey the jubilant town square adorned with lively decorations. It houses a magnificent Christmas tree radiating vibrant colours capturing the essence of the season.

Additionally, the adorable snowman figure patiently waits for your visit while keeping a watchful eye on the exciting street life. The artisan-style shop stall comes chock-full of baked goodies including cupcakes and pretzels, perfect for those minifigures who have worked up an appetite conducting their last-minute festive shopping.

Endless Interactive Fun

Packed with endless interactive features, this lovely little universe brings coziness and charm into any room. The intricately developed scene also includes a festively ornamental lamppost and ruby red mailbox- ready for those last-minute letters to Santa!

An Authentic LEGO® Experience

This impressive homage to the magical season has allure beyond being just another building set. It tells a story as each piece contributes towards creating an engaging narrative. Possessing this kit not only provides you with high-quality enduring Lego pieces but also promises a spirited age-appropriate activity for anyone aged seven or older.

Complete Your Festive Collection

If you’re already an ardent admirer or casual collector of Lego’s seasonal sets, don’t let this Christmas marvel slide off your radar! Despite its brief stint from launch in October 2017 until it retired at the end of December the same year, there’s no doubt that set 40263 will make a valuable inclusion to any assortment.

The Magic of Affordable Luxury

The renown LEGO® brand doesn’t compromise on creating valuable experiences even while ensuring affordability. With RRP at £8.49 / $9.99 / 9.99€, it offers an engaging build and storytelling option within reach for many families around the globe who love creating Chirstmas memories.

What better way could there possibly be than celebrating Christmas with Lego’s delightful Christmas Town Square? Gather around these enchanting pieces that spark joy and make unforgettable memories while ushering in the holidays.

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Product Specs
Product Name:Christmas Town Square
RRP£8.49 / $9.99 / 9.99€
Release Year2017
InstructionsLego Christmas Town Square Instructions