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Prepare for an epic battle of ice and ancient secrets with the LEGO Ninjago Castle of the Forsaken Emperor. This awe-inspiring fortress, designed by the brilliant Michael Svane Knap, features an enchanting throne with a hidden surprise, towering crossbow-equipped turrets, and an icy prison that awaits its captives. Accompanied by a fearless posable Ice Dragon and a cast of seven brave minifigures, including Lloyd FS and Akita, this playset invites young builders to immerse themselves in thrilling forbidden spinjitzu adventures. So gather your arsenal of unique weapons – from glittering ice skates to the mighty Sword Master’s dual katanas – and let your imagination soar amidst the frozen kingdom that awaits!

Jun 2019
Dec 2020

The Majestic 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor: A Gem for the Ninjago Enthusiast

Nothing sparks imaginations like the world of LEGO® Ninjago®, and one of the most thrilling sets to explore is the 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor. Hidden in the subtheme Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, this majestic castle is a mesmerising expansion to any LEGO® Ninjago® collection.

A Portal to Wondrous Battles

Debuting on 1st June 2019, this opulent set is not just a mere collection of bricks. It’s a gateway to epic ninja skirmishes against formidable adversaries like Ice Emperor and General Vex alongside their legion of Blizzard Samurai warriors. Designed with minute detail by Michael Svane Knap, every piece is expertly crafted to indulge young minds in magnificent tales of spine-chilling ice battles.

Stunning Features & Intricate Design

Part of its allure comes from the impeccable castle detailing. Dominating this icy stronghold, you’ll find an enthralling throne room furnished with a surprise reveal! There are also two imposing towers standing guard; one armed with a stud-shooting crossbow and another constructed solely of ice sporting an opening prison. Indeed, it’s these intricate details that aid in perfecting scenarios plucked straight from your favourite NINJAGO TV show scenes.

An Array of Mini Figure Heroes

This beautifully detailed castle also plays host to no fewer than seven minifigures, with characters ranging from Lloyd FS (Forbidden Spinjitzu), Cole, to Akita. Each character brings along unique weapons and accessories adding further depth to the storytelling aspect and ramping up hours of engagement for children aged 9 and above.

Ride Alongside the Imposing Ice Dragon

Beyond just casting imaginary battles across splendid ice structures, this set lets LEGO® lovers enjoy adventures flying beside a formidable Ice Dragon. This awe-inspiring creature showcases exceptional poseability across its head and limbs, offering more dynamic play options for relentless high-flying action.

Spectacular Elements & Add-ons

This icy wonderland doesn’t stop at its architectural delights; it extends its thrills with enchanting accessories. Among them is an exhilarating tornado spinner toy designed exclusively for Lloyd FS – a new addition as of June 2019. Other remarkable accessories include vibrant ice armour for Ice Emperor and General Vex, Cole’s katana holder and Akita’s appealing wolf head cape.

A Perfect Addition or Starter

The LEGO® NINJAGO® 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor set isn’t simply a great addition to an existing Ninjago collection; it’s an ideal introduction for those eager to embark on their LEGO® NINJAGO® journey. Combined with Lloyd’s Journey 70671 or Lloyd’s Titan Mech 70676 sets, kids can recreate their favourite episodes or invent entirely new adventures in the mystical Never-Realm.

In conclusion, this offering is certainly breathtakingly exceptional—an intriguing blend of fun-filled action and unparalleled imagination that expands well beyond its formidable icy walls.

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Product Specs
Product Name: Castle of the Forsaken Emperor
Pieces 1218
RRP £89.99 / $99.99 / 97.47€
Release Year 2019
Theme Ninjago
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