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Imagination takes center stage with the delightful LEGO set “Bricks and Lights.” This enchanting Classic collection brings together the timeless joy of building with a captivating twist – transforming mini-models into spellbinding shadow puppets! With 12 whimsical creations, like a mischievous owl, an adventurous pirate ship, and even a majestic princess, this set invites children aged 5 and up to unlock their creativity. And with the addition of the Light Brick Shadow Casters, these magical shadow plays are simply mesmerizing! So let their imagination soar as they embark on a journey where bricks become puppets and stories come to life.

Jan 2020
Dec 2021

Illuminate Your Imagination with LEGO® Set 11009 – Bricks and Lights

Stoke the embers of creativity in your children by gifting them the LEGO® Set 11009, aptly named Bricks and Lights. Released in 2020, this captivating fusion of traditional building and innovative light play will enchant young minds and foster their creative spirit.

The Ultimate Union of Building and Storytelling

A brainchild of the Classic theme widely beloved by LEGO® enthusiasts, Set 11009 offers not only a tactile experience but also a visual feast. The unique blend of shadow puppetry with LEGO® toys spans a wide range of 12 different characters and objects, from an imposing castle to a comical face, a majestic dinosaur to a spirited rooster and much more. The set effectively brings an age-old storytelling tradition to the modern playroom, providing an unforgettable outlet for the children’s imaginations to take flight.

Fostering Creativity while Building Skills

This playful brick-set is significantly more than just a collection of 441 pieces. It’s an open canvas that encourages children aged five or above to transform bright blocks into captivating shadow puppets. With intuitive Light Brick Shadow Casters as part of the set, characters can morph, move and grow, breathing life into countless captivating stories.

While constructing mini-models and manipulating shadows, children organically develop valuable skills that pave their way towards future triumphs. The process helps enhance their problem-solving abilities, spatial awareness, fine motor skills and imaginative prowess that are at the core of LEGO®’s mission.

A Gateway to Unending Fun!

The wonder continues even after your kid joyfully assembles each character! Further inspiration lies in manipulating shadows using two Light Brick Shadow Casters included in the set. Each assembled model can transform into a thrilling shadow image with a simple light projection adding an extra layer of interactive fun!

The set also comes with extra bricks allowing them to veer off the beaten path and embark on incredible journeys through their independently crafted creations. This empowers your little ones not only to follow instructions meticulously but also to think outside the box—making it an extraordinary gift for Christmas, birthdays, or just because!

LEGO®’s Stamp of Quality Assurance

This awe-inspiring set meets the high-quality standards emblematic of every LEGO® product. The bricks connect seamlessly and can be easily disassembled—a testament to LEGO®’s legacy since 1958. Lego prides itself on its rigorous testing methods which ensure each set is safe for young children. “Bricks and Lights” is no different; it guarantees hours upon hours of creative fun while putting parents’ safety concerns at ease.

In conclusion, Set 11009 is more than just another LEGO® set—it’s an adventurescape where children sculpt stories through bricks and lights while honing their cognitive abilities in ways no ordinary toys offer.

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Bricks and Lights
Pieces 441
RRP £24.99 / $29.99 / 29.99€
Release Year 2020
Theme Classic
Instructions Lego Bricks and Lights Instructions