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Embark on an enchanting journey into the realm of Elvendale, where brave Emily Jones sets forth on a daring quest to rescue her captive sister from the clutches of the wicked Goblin King. Empowered by her indomitable spirit, Emily commandeers a meticulously crafted raft with a deftly fashioned grappling hook and adjustable rudder, while the fortress stands tall before her – its lowering drawbridge, concealed entrance nestled behind shimmering crystals, and even a formidable firing catapult. This ethereal set beckons you into a world of magical possibilities, complete with three captivating mini-doll figures including the enigmatic Goblin King himself, alongside his loyal minion Tufflin and a sly shadow raven. Immerse yourself in 695 pieces of whimsy and ingenuity; caress each block as they weave together to shape an exquisitely detailed Goblin King’s Fortress that measures over 7 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 5 inches in depth. Suitable for adroit builders aged 8 to 12 years old, this captivating LEGO exhibit is a testament to creativity and dexterity – an invitation to forge unforgettable tales within the mystical universe of Elves.

8 – 12
Jun 2017
Dec 2018
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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Breakout from the Goblin King’s Fortress
Pieces 695
RRP £64.99 / $69.99 / 69.99€
Release Year 2017
Theme Elves
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