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Celebrate your LEGO fanatic’s special day in grand style with the vibrant and whimsical LEGO Iconic Birthday Set (40382). Delight in the creative construction of a cake, complete with a captivating spinning top tier. Eagerly assemble the minifigure, bedecked in charismatic attire and an enchanting top hat, to hold customized flags that proudly display the birthday boy or girl’s age. This captivating 141-piece set is perfect for both individual and collective building adventures, making it an exceptional tribute to commemorate their memorable milestone.

Jan 2020
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Introducing the LEGO Birthday Set

The LEGO Birthday Set, catalogue number 40382, is the perfect way to celebrate a special child’s birthday and to make it truly memorable. Released in 2020, this LEGO creation joins the company’s diverse Seasonal theme, focusing specifically on Birthdays. This set was designed by none other than LEGO veteran Mel Caddick.

A Delightful Way to Celebrate

What better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a true LEGO enthusiast than with their very own themed construction set? The Birthday Set isn’t just an assembly of bricks – it’s an interactive birthday cake made purely out of LEGO! Laced with colorful decorations that include buildable candles and a charming balloon animal element, this set bursts at the seams with festivity. As icing on the cake, quite literally, a spinning top tier adds dynamic motion to this joyful creation!

Details Did Not Go Amiss

No detail goes unnoticed in this festive set, housing 141 intricately designed pieces meant for children aged seven and up. With these moderately challenging pieces, the assembly process itself can be an entertaining activity for the party! Another delightful feature includes a sticker sheet complete with two sets of numbers from 0-9. These can be stuck onto one of two buildable flags held by a kempt minifig donned in vibrant clothing and a top hat. This little character will surely draw smiles as it stands proudly atop the brick-built cake.

Pricing and Dimensions

This lovely set comes at an affordable Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £11.99 / $12.99 / 12.99€. And at just about 9 cents per piece, value definitely matches quality. The completed structure measures approximately 14 cm long, 15.6 cm wide and an impressive height of 7 cm (that’s roughly 5.5 x 6.1 x 2.8 inches for our friends across the pond). Despite its considerable size, it weighs merely about 180 grams (0.39 lb).

Tangible Memento

In conclusion, the LEGO Birthday Set serves not only as a fun activity on your child’s special day but also as a memento they can hold onto long after the party is over. This beautifully designed construction set encapsulates the spirit of celebration perfectly, making it an unforgettable gift for any LEGO fan!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name:Birthday Set
RRP£11.99 / $12.99 / 12.99€
Release Year2020
InstructionsLego Birthday Set Instructions