LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine 10300

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Attention Back to the Future aficionados! Prepare for an immersive journey through time with the LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine (10300). Unleash your creative passion as you meticulously construct one of three remarkable versions of this iconic, time-traveling vehicle. With its extraordinary features, including gull-wing doors, foldable flight mode tires, a luminous flux capacitor, and even swappable license plates, this captivating model is a shrine to your favorite movie trilogy. Complete with cherished minifigures of Doc and Marty McFly, this masterpiece will transport you back to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Apr 2022
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“Back to the Future Time Machine” – A LEGO® Classic!

Take a nostalgic journey back in time with the highly detailed LEGO® Icons “Back to the Future Time Machine” Set (10300). Released in 2022, this collectors’ delight perfectly encapsulates the timeless Back to the Future trilogy with a touch of LEGO magic.

Action-Packed Adventures

This is no ordinary LEGO® building set. With 1,872 pieces, it brings together an intricate ensemble that will mesmerize both adults and seasoned LEGO fans alike. Three different model versions of the iconic time-traveling car bring to life scenes from one of the world’s most loved movie sagas, while offering an engaging building experience.

Paying Tribute to Cinematic Legendary Autos

At its heart, the Time Machine is know for its unique features: opening gull-wing doors that are sheer nostalgia, tires that ingeniously fold for flight mode replicating scenes from Back to the Future II, and a light-up flux capacitor that sets this model apart. Plus, every detail is meticulously reproduced – right from the printed dashboard dates to the opening hood.

A Collector’s Dream

The set also includes two minifigures – Doc and Marty. What’s more? It also comes with popular bits like Marty’s hoverboard and interchangeable license plates providing a comprehensive fan experience. An apt tribute, this LEGO kit is perfect for display or an unforgettable trip down memory lane!

Immersive Building Experience

While Doc and Marty achieved time travel at 88 mph, builders are encouraged to enjoy this project at their own pace. Whether you’re fascinated by version 1 with its lightning rod and plutonium chamber or enticed by version 2 featuring Mr. Fusion and hover conversion, or drawn towards version 3’s whitewall tires and circuit board – each is a testimony to classic movie lore.

Perfect Gift for Movie Enthusiasts

Know someone who loves Back to the Future? This could be an ideal gift! Not only does it cater to LEGO aficionados but it also brings joy to movie memorabilia collectors. Let them relive their favourite movie moments in LEGO form with this intricate model of an all-time classic vehicle.

A Commitment Towards Quality

True to LEGO®’s legacy since 1958, this set ensures consistent compatibility between bricks and easy assembly while guaranteeing comfortable disassembly when required. It adheres strictly to safety standards making it a robust model suitable for adults seeking their next immersive DIY project.


Brimming with unique features, this Back to the Future car building set stands as an impressive tribute to a legendary movie trilogy. It offers fans a chance not only to get hands-on with one of their favorite on-screen vehicles but also step into character with Doc and Marty!

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Product Specs
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