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Celebrate a decade of LEGO’s Modular Buildings collection with the magnificent Assembly Square. Immerse yourself in the intricate details and hidden surprises of this three-level masterpiece, boasting a bakery, florist’s shop, café, music store, dental office, dance studio, and so much more. With its stunning facade, rooftop terrace with a barbecue, and access to other modular buildings in the series, this Creator Expert set is a must-have for any discerning LEGO enthusiast looking to construct an entire bustling town.

Creator Expert
Jan 2017
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Experience the Thrills of LEGO’s Assembly Square

Peek into the vibrant world of the LEGO Creator Expert’s Assembly Square, a set with an impressive design that is bound to leave every LEGO enthusiast in awe. Crafted meticulously to commemorate a decade of their renowned Modular Buildings, it is a rich miniature universe teeming with detail and unexpected surprises. It wears its heart on its sleeve and instantly transport you to a quaint European square, humming with life and brimming with charm.

A Peek Inside

Come closer and devour the details. This 4002-piece mammoth model captures aspects of urban living enchantingly, featuring tiny shops, scenic apartments, cluttered sidewalks, and leafy streetside cafe corners. Remove the detachable sections easily for an up-close look at how life unfurls within these beautifully detailed locales. From a busy bakery overloaded with delicious pastries to a florist’s shop filled with flower arrangements – all the magic is hidden in these miniatures waiting to be unveiled.

What Waits at Each Level?

To truly appreciate the grandeur of Assembly Square, one must explore it level by level. The ground floor houses friendly neighbourhood shops: a flower-filled florist’s shop where a cheerful parrot chirps from its perch; a friendly bakery renowned for their wedding cakes; and a relaxing cafe where sweet pies aroma fills the air. Step up to the middle level to find a melodic music store, an old-fashioned photo studio complete with vintage camera and tripod, and even an amply equipped dental office waiting for its next client. And finally, the topmost level introduces you to an energized dance studio complete with a full-size mirror as well as an inviting apartment that even features a micro LEGO train set – very meta indeed!

What An Array of Minifigures!

The Assembly Square would be nothing without its artistic occupants who pump life into it every single day. In this set you can find eight delightful minifigures including an enthusiastic dentist ready with his reclining chair, a hardworking baker who’s just baked some fresh pastries, a bubbly florist tending to her garden tools, and also not forgetting the baby figure who certainly brings extra cuteness! Trust me when I say that your hours will slip away while imagining exploring the square along side these wonderful characters.

There is no question about it: The Assembly Square – released in 2017 under the banner of LEGO Creator Expert series – is something of true magnificence. Not only does it bring out your creative side (prepare for over 4,000 pieces), but also lets you delve deep into an alternate universe teeming with stories at every corner – just like in reality. Are you ready to build your own town and let your imagination soar?

Summing Up

All said and done, this isn’t just another set from LEGO’s modular building series; it is a symbol of celebration marking their 10th anniversary in this line-up. With intricate details woven seamlessly into the elaborate design scheme spread across three levels and various interior settings, playing with Assembly Square surpasses age barriers – all whilst offering age-appropriate build and play experience for those 16+ years.

If you’re feeling nostalgic or simply looking for some building fun or even yearning to add that missing gem in your collection of models – this SET_NUMBER: 10255 Assembly Square might just be what you need!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Assembly Square
Pieces 4002
RRP £259.99 / $299.99 / 299.99€
Release Year 2017
Theme Creator Expert
Instructions Lego Assembly Square Instructions