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  • BrainsBrainsBrains – All about zombies.
  • Zombie Squad – Zombie Squad isn’t about zombies per se, it’s about getting prepared for disasters and other bad stuff.
  • Zombies and Toys – Exactly what it sounds like: whenever zombies and toys meet, you’ll find this blog.
  • ZombiesDefined – A zombie reference site. It’s just getting started so a lot of stuff is under construction, but this looks like a great up-and-coming site.
  • Zombies Comic – A well drawn zombie comic from
  • Night Zero – A really cool HDR photocomic featuring zombies. Check it out.
  • ZombieGames.Net – Like zombies? Like games? Well this is a no brainer.
  • Z Magazine – The first magazine written by zombies for zombies
  • Los Infectados – A Spanish zombie blog
  • The Zombie Site – A directory of zombie films from the 1930s to present day.
  • Site of the Dead – A directory of soundtracks and posters from zombie flicks; very cool.

Zombie Writers’ Blogs:



  • Brick Comic Network – An outstanding resource for people making comics using building blocks.
  • Eurobricks – A very awesome LEGO® forum covering everything from news, reviews, custom creations, and stuff from third party vendors.
  • BrickArms – They make weapons (primarily modern military) that are compatible with LEGO® minifigures.
  • BrickForge – They make weapons (primarily sci-fi and fantasy inspired) that are compatible with LEGO® minifigures
  • BrickWarriors – They make a pretty cool variety of weapons and armor (fantasy, sci-fi, modern, wild west, etc.)
  • BrickLinkThe place to buy LEGO® in bulk or individual pieces
  • LEGO ® – Duh.
  • MOCpages – A great place to find some excellent LEGO® creations, as well as showing off your own.
  • The Brick Testament – The Bible retold in bricks. It’s incredibly fun.
  • The Brothers Brick – The de facto LEGO® blog.
  • Ye Olde Lego-time Theatre (YOLT) – A LEGO®/Shakespeare mash-up comic series.

Humor/Misc Sites:

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  1. “DelSquacho – Probably the finest site on the whole internet.”

    Perhaps I am delirious from weeks of sleep depravity but my god that made me giggle.

    • DelSquacho rocks so hard it makes the room stink.

  2. Don’t forget Bricklink in your links!

    • I don’t know how I missed that one. Thanks Dan.

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