The Historical Zombie Challenge

We’re all used to seeing zombies in a modern context, but sometimes (always) it’s fun to imagine how societies of the past might respond to the undead menace.

The Bricks of the Dead Historical Zombie Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to build a vignette that shows zombies in some sort of historical context. History here means basically anytime that’s not now. If you’d like, you could go back only a few years, or all the way back to the cradle of civilization. Here’s the thing though, the historical context has to be obvious, so if you’re pulling from recent history it needs to be clear when this is taking place. Obviously, the farther back you go, the easier that will be.

Contest Rules

  1. Third-party parts (Brickarms, et al.) allowed
  2. Photo manipulation allowed
  3. Physical modification allowed
  4. Digital entries (LDD and the like) are allowed
  5. One entry per person
  6. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age (sorry, internet rule)
  7. Entries must not have appeared online prior to Octboer 31st, 2013
  8. Entries must be posted in the Bricks of the Dead Contest Flickr Group
  9. Bricks of the Dead is not responsible for any loss or damage to the prizes while they are in transit. That said, prizes will be shipped in such a way to minimize any danger of loss or damage.

The Deadline

We’re going for a quick turn-around on this one. Contest entries are due by Thanksgiving. The American one, not the Canadian one that already happened. In other words, November 28th, 2013.

The Prize

This prize come courtesy of GI Brick, who are really awesome people. If you need some BrickArms, head to their website to pick them up.

First up, you’ll get these two “Keep Portland Weird” custom zombies:

Keep Portland Weird Zombies

And to sweeten the deal, I’m going to throw in the Gold Crate items, which includes not one, but two gold-plated BrickArms:

BrickArms' Golden Crate

BrickArms' Golden Crate

BrickArms' Golden Crate

Oh, but you don’t get the envelop thing, because I threw that away. Sorry.

The Judges

Just me baby, just me.


You know what to do.

35 thoughts on “The Historical Zombie Challenge”

  1. What’s the size limit for the vignette?

    • No specific size limit; you can build as big or as small as you want. The only thing is that the historical setting has to be obvious.

  2. The first thing that came to my mind was the new black ops 2 zombies map: Resolution 1295, or in simpler words ‘Buried’.

    It’s set in the year 1295.

    • Do it up. I don’t know anything about Black Ops, but I’m intrigued.

  3. Can’t. I’m only 12. gonna be 13 this november 26th.

    • Oh, that’s a shame.

    • Doesn’t that mean you can turn it in 2 days before the deadline? Or, am I really tired?

      • Oh yeah, good point Kim.

  4. Plus I live in (Please don’t laugh)………….Pakistan.

    • There, I said it. go on, ….laugh.

    • Why would I laugh?

    • Wow.

  5. About the map Buried, it actually has cowboy zombies … they do not have guns,which is a relief.

    I hate my crappy internet PTCL BB. it goes bust with ‘ no internet access ‘ in only 5 minutes and returns in 3 mins…. so annoying…

    • Cowboy zombies sound pretty damn cool.

    • Even if I could do the contest I can’t and I can give 3 good reasons why:
      1) I’m 12.

      2)I live in Karachi and the only Lego shop here is at Forum, which is a DAMN rip off…. I bought one lego creator set and it cost 6000 rupees!!
      That’s a lot compared to a Q Mobile m400, which only costs Rs.2575.

      3) My 3rd test week is starting with the horrific combination: maths and literature.

  6. Just fired my entry up…seems to have stuck the pic on in reverse order 🙁 perhpas it’s just me being a bit stupid with Flikr 🙂

    Anyhoo, enjoy it folks.

    • Wow, that was a fast first entry, and Wild West zombies to boot. This contest is off to a great start!

      • Cheers Dave. Finally managed to utilise my old Western sets for something 🙂

        • Got to love those sets.

  7. I’ll try to get my entry in over the weekend. I think you’ll like it. At least, I hope so.

    • I’m sure it’ll be great.

    • My entry is in. But it seems my photos were arranged backward. The black and white one is for story, the other two are for parts and color reference.

      • Noted, Marius. Thanks for the extra info.

  8. Are you judging only one photo per person? or scene???

    • Excellent question; it’s judged by the scene.

      • Cool, thank you. Time to get to work

  9. Put my entry into HZC flickr group 😉

    • Sweet!

      • Thanks Dave, hopefully, manipulation allowed to insert some bloOoOod 😀

        • Oh yeah, totally allowed.

  10. Hi guys!

    I’ve just uploaded my contribution to the contest.

    This is my first MOC in like 20 years or so and my Lego collection is very old (like from the eighties). I don’t have any zombie head so I had to Photoshop the grey shade to the zombie guard. Please, bare with me.

    The images are shot from my iPhone 5 camera which is far from good, I apologize for that.

    On a final note; being back building with Lego was a fun thing 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Michael! Photoshop is totally fine. Glad to have another adult busting out their childhood LEGO.

  11. Done … in

  12. Well, a bit last minute, but I just posted my pictures, wish I had more time. I was out for training from 4 NOV through the 22nd, LOL. Was fun to do, got the idea almost immediately, hard to find Confederate Legos…

  13. Hi! Do you know when results will said?

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