Your Zombie Survival Plans

Since there has been some interest in sharing and discussing plans for surviving the zombie apocalypse, I thought I’d give everyone a place to do just that. If you’ve got ideas on how you’re going to handle the walking dead, then lay out your plans in the comments area. Others can read through and post feedback.

Your zombie survival plans

When laying out your plans, try to be thorough. Remember, you’re not going to survive if all you have is a mountain of guns and ammo with nothing to eat or drink.

Also, give some thought as to whether you’re going to bug out somewhere, or turtle up and stay in one place. I think either way could be viable, but there are a lot of variables to consider for both.

A few quick ground rules:

  1. Not that I think this will be a problem, but keep it civil – no name calling or fight picking.
  2. Keep feedback constructive. Don’t just say “Your plan sucks”, point out that fighting a horde of zombies with a chainsaw while wearing only underwear might not be a good long-term survival strategy, and then make suggestion on what they could change.
  3. Do not discuss or encourage illegal activities. That means don’t talk about looting the police department, stealing food from the grocery story, assaulting people, or anything else that is against the law.
  4. Have fun!


I’m going to close the discussion on this page.

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  1. -Is Currently Writing his in Word Doc to copy paste it-

  2. My plan for the Survival of the Zombie Apocalypse is a large one and so I will start off with my ideals and plans for Supply/Scavenger groups. Called the 4 Man Can Group, now it is obvious knowledge in a Post-Apoc world that canned food is going to be a major source of nourishment. So this group will consist of 4 people, two being the guards of other two said people scavenging. This is so that an efficient amount of supplies is picked and so that there is a fair amount of protection. Their weapons cannot be louder than a Fully Automatic .22 and everything will need to be done with in a period of time. If this time is breached then there will indeed be penalties, they might not be too severe but in such a world you need a very strict schedule. As well the need for all these strict rules is because of how the escape plans will be made; In order to keep away from attracting a large amount of zombies pre-handedly all infiltration and evacuation plans must be made on the spot. (Calling for a very fast thinking, strategic mind.)

    There are two obvious ways to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, now my plan above is great for both of these ways to Survive. I like to call each of these plans by two names.. (Just because I’m a bit silly.. Or.. What have you.)

    1: Fort: Fort is self explanatory name, its setting up an only Defensive life style with in a fortified position. This isn’t my expertise, as I am a.

    1: Horsemen(Or Wolf Pack): Now I have reasons for both these names, Horsemen is biblical and as a human society we are a wolf pack. Men, and women run off the ideal of a pack mentality; we also work best as a group instead of just one.

    I’m a Horsemen by all standards, I know most people would think.

    “What about fuel over time?” Well I don’t plan on it forever, I just want to spend my youthful life in the Zombie Apocalypse traveling, earning my place in the world, earning my stories. By time it came for me to stop I would get my crew, Gang, which ever group defining word you wish to use.. And choose a place by the shore… Build up a fort there.. The world most likely had come to an end, but the experience with killing and tricking zombies will keep us alive until we have a perfectly fortified area… And so on, I hope to pass down my ideas to children and so on. But! If I can’t do this.. Then I will proudly die of age or fighting off zombies.

    Now off of the subject of philosophy. I plan on traveling around in the not so populated areas but populated enough to have markets/Anyplace with maybe a water tower or has canned food. Though it is not recommended to always be moving, finding a spot to stay for a day or two would be nice and is also needed. Mentality and what have you. Something extremely needed in this kind of world is an edge rounder I just read on this recently and I agreed perfectly, Marijuana. It gets rid of stress but it can also addle the mind to a point where your reflexes against a possible attack would be just awful. Maybe a game or two to bring the smiles around, jokes, Sharing memories, and music. Life in this world has always had some form of entertainment, the earliest being Prostitution. But that’s a Lolnoewwguyswtf? Instead you have those board games, Video games when your lucky enough to find power, and music. Now It might not be the best kind of music but if you have a car you will always need power, problem is finding this power.(Just because its wrecked, doesn’t mean you can’t take out its battery and cannibalize the whole damn thing.) Any who its always a good thing to have a majority of friends or people that all listen to the same music. As history shows Music has been the largest entertainer of all people it brings them together, inspires, Incites, and Calms them.

    Now on to another subject, a subject of weaponry, and this one is a tricky one because we don’t exactly know how zombies will work. In my best hopes I hope for slower zombies or morale will be hard to keep up, slow zombies are fun to mess with if you have the fucked up mind set I do. (T-shirt Gun + Zombie = Blind Zombie that can’t bite you unless.. The T-shirt falls off. Or even sex toys, don’t limit your mind set) This is to keep your sanity in place. Now when it comes to Practical weapons there are a-lot of melee weapons recommended depends all on preference. Weapons that can cause trauma like damage to the head are recommended, Meaning any blunt object that has a nice swinging motion and is thick enough to bust open the skull. (Bats, Crow bars, and so on.. Because no matter what anything can die from severe brain trauma.)
    Now for weapons that demonstrate Range distances I recommend just because testing it might be fatal, are guns that don’t make to much noise now here’s a list of what I know don’t make much noise and are very available to the public (Unless you can find a Suppressor.. Which where I live I could call up a friend, he can call up an uncle and I could have a case of guns with in the next month.. For my B-day)

    Nail gun (Pressure, or Electric Powered, depends on how strong backed you are)

    .22: For this gun there is masses amount of ammunition for it, finding ways to repair it would be easy, and a good hand of red necks/Gun Smiths know how to change these into Fully automatics. They do not express very much noise even in a Fully Automatic state, they don’t though have a-lot of stopping power. (I still recommend it)
    AK-47: Now this is all a matter of if you can find certain silencers… But those will be hard to find in certain states and will require as much maintenance as the gun itself. The AK-47 is a well found gun around everywhere, It has horrible accuracy, terribly loud, and ammo will not be as abundant as Nails or .22 Rounds. Most of these guns if they are converted to fully Automatic their either illegal or some one at one point in time spent 15,000$ to convert it and get it licensed. An AK is recommended for people that are generally Horsemen, because a person playing Fort will find that they will be over ran if noise draws attentions.

    Hunting Rifles: Should be used by the experienced only if found, and generally used with a suppressor if possible. (As I said before these will be kind of hard to find.) But the reason it should only be used by the experienced is because an idiot using a scope is going to waste ammo and destroy position more than they will help clearing out an area. Unlike in games, a scope is not simple Aim and pull trigger, it requires patience and respect for the gun. That is all the information I can offer any hunting rifle, I recommend if your interested in using a weapon like this. Go get certified for it and learn the safety rules.

    Cross Bows/Bows: you can make the Ammunition yourself if you learn how to. These would be the most effective weapons during a zombie apocalypse. Due to the Light weight ability of the weapons and how it expresses no serious noises.

    Hand guns: They can be loud, not as recommended as a Nail gun, Cross Bow, or a .22/Automatic .22. They can be very useful though in a small area. The original use with everyone of this gun anyways is last resort. So even those last resorts need training so get out to the gun Range and Fire off 2 Mags when you can! (This might also enhance your ability to use a Nail Gun as well.)

    Pump Action Shot gun/Hunting Shot gun: These guns are generally a zombie apocalypse lovers fantasy gun. But not exactly recommended against zombies as much as other people. The CHCK CHCK of that shot gun will surely make any raiders or scavenger think twice about taking your shit. As well the Pump action to it will make your rate of fire be sustained so that you don’t waste ammo and you don’t accidentally shoot some one. This is based off the idea that pumping the gun makes you not only know the bullet is loaded but reassures you that you can kill some one right that second with out a second thought. (A very heavy Morale Booster.) Now if your on the road yet again this gun can be pretty good in close combat especially if you apply a bayonet to it like they use to do in WWII with a Trench Shot Gun. Now if you wish to recommend another form of gun please tell me! I’m always looking for Refinement. NOW ON TO THE REST OF THE PLANNING

    Some times your going to need to pull out the creative weapon making side, now when this is the point you want to resort to myths and You tube video’s for weapons. The people on this videos may seem like complete asinine idiots but they have a point. A Spray bottle with a Lighter can make for a great hand held flame thrower. But I don’t recommend like the popular game series Dead Rising, DO NOT PUT DUCT TAPE ON EVERYTHING… Duct Tape is met to bend, and will most likely not be reliable as a stable weapon maker. I instead recommend welding and other trade skills, maybe even getting creative with the random things you find around. Wrap a chain around your hand for a half decent Pair of brass knuckles, won’t keep the zombie hordes away but will make for a good few punches to get the hell out of there. I also recommend reading up on your history, this will inspire a-lot of weapons that you need to randomly craft for survival.

    For Grouping now! I will most likely be traveling with a light group of maybe 4 to six people. It all depends on the situation, and how well everyone agrees with each other. You can’t have a male full group (Well maybe you could but things could get awkward with all that testosterone.) Some people may find themselves just as happy with killing things, I don’t call taboo because it’s a natural reaction of the killer with in people. People will have relationships, so don’t be an ass, if its none of your business its none of your business don’t destroy something great because you’re jealous.

    When meeting random people as of a new… I recommend trying to find common ground between you and that person.. While you have back up watching that person and keeping recon on them. You don’t want to get killed, don’t try to seem threatening and demanding people hate being commanded (Unless your into that sort of thing.. But.. THAT’S YOUR SITUATION NOT MINE) so try to be kind, generous and understanding of the other person. Now you will easily see cannibals from a distance if your good with your eyes. They will be shaking, they will have shifty feet and eyes, That or Drug addicts which will just end up being a chain & Ball to your leg. If something goes wrong and you get the feeling that the person is a possible raider/Trapper or what have you, then you leave if they try to stop you.. Then if you got a person performing recon, another person watching from afar, and a nice good ol’ sniper up in a building.. Then Do not hesitate to dispatch them.

    Leader ship is something major, we have always lived in a controlled society when if you don’t get your way oh well if you try to fight back your dead. But in an Anarchy you will show your opinions most generally in violence. When this begins you can only hope your with friends so everything will run over smoothly. But if your with people you’ve only known for a few months then you better prove your leader ship there and soon, Don’t recommend using fear tactics. Now I’m not sure all the people reading this are American so I apologize for my heavy talk as if you all were. Instead I recommend using reason and intelligence you reason with some one that wants something, and you try to help them understand. Make sure they know just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean you’re the only one with an opinion over the operations happening. Because not only will you most likely make some irrational decisions at least once in awhile, maybe your decisions are not always best and always well informed. Democracy has shown itself as one of the most stable civilizations of history and will continue to show it. (Hopefully)

    Traveling will require a routine drive schedule, do not recommend one person constantly driving unless you want to crash. With the 4 – 6 Person group this schedule could be kept up pretty good and sleep can be well maintained. Certain people eat at certain times, you will always need two people awake at a time one as a spotter, the other as the driver (Clearly). You will want some people awake at times to refill magazines with ammunition while you drive as well so you can always be ready.

    PROCRASTIATION is a no no, and is frowned upon by life so you most likely will be caught with empty mags.

    RUDENESS Society has looked down upon it for a very long time, and most likely will continue to do so (This includes being an over all ass, certain words such as racist terms, and bigot like ideals should be kept with in your normal group of friends.)

    SELF CONTROLL Gets it, keeps it, and loves it

    COMMON SENSE Some of us have it, a-lot of us don’t any more… Try to find yours. (If you lack it.. That is.)

    REASONING you all need your own plans, so make them. Don’t just grab one plan and hope that it will go awesome for you. You need a schedule that will fit you, its almost like a diet or your daily routine.. Just more awesome and more death 😀

    This is as much as I could possibly write down at the moment as I forgot a few things as I wrote it.. I’ll edit it as I remember them. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS EVERYONE!

    • I edited your comment to add more line breaks. I figured it’d be easier for everyone to read that way.

      Haven’t read it yet, on my agenda for later this morning.

    • Finally had time to circle back and read it. Lots of information here.

      I have to question the use of a nail gun as a weapon. Typically speaking they’re either electrical or pneumatic, so when that battery runs out of juice or when the compressed air is gone, you’re out of luck.

      Most nailers I’ve used have a safety catch so they don’t shoot nails out on trigger pull. You could certainly disengage this, but even then the range wouldn’t be great.

      I wouldn’t recommend them as weapons.

    • well yeah for the bow that is the advantages, but i know how to make a bow out of a stick, a knife, fire, and intestense (not truly mattering where from as long they’re from a animal larger than a rodent). if you want to know, tell me underneath this message.

      by the way, if you think im a phyco, im not, im being realistic, because in a world surronded by the cold, unending stares of the “living dead”, you need to put physical needs before emotions and such things.

  3. I recommend them as weapons to the people that are not very good at swinging a weapon to cause that great trauma force I recommend. So more of a, place against skull, pull and kill run away. Instead of having to cause a-lot of noise with a pistol per-see I haven’t done much work with nail guns I’ve always been a hammer and Nail kind of guy. And I saw up above what I was missing and its First aid I’ll add all my knowledge about that when I can!

    • Nails don’t travel in a straight line like bullets; there’s no rifling. If you un-safety a nailgun and fire it, it spins off randomly in a cone area-of-effect. The accurracy you will achieve is similar to throwing rocks.

      • he is saying put it up against a head and put the nail through there skull.

  4. Or actually there are a few Strategic spots to apply the forced nail in-order for it to kill said target.

    • I imagine this is quite important.

      • It probably is

  5. My survival plan is a very long one. Since I live in Mercer County, NJ; I have big ol’ Philly to my left. And what’s in Philly? Eastern State Penitentary! Walls as high as a plane on it’s nose, and inpenetrable rock and concrete. One way in, one way out. There’s about enough cells for roughly 1000 people, maybe 2000 to a room. It wouldn’t be a jail just re-opened though. It would be a whole city inside it! Who else finds this a good plan?

    • I had to look that up on Wikipedia. Quite impressive!

    • I’ve read your plans and have updated mine. Original:get the hatchet on the bookshelf, get the machete from the shed get a back pack, fill it with food, walk to main building(its a warhouse), barricade, make sign for survivors to know I’m here(it will say”survivors welcome,looters will be shot.), raid corner store, get spare wood from house, make better barricade, kill zombies, eat, asign night watch,and then sleep. Updated plan:get hatchet from living room, get food in side back pack, leave to main building, makr barricade, make wepons,make sign,raid store,get wood,eat,look for survivors,asign night watch,sleep, wake up on my watch,make daily routine,follow daily routine, wait out zombie outbreak. If you have any suggestions than please tell me. Note:I have no guns only a slingshot.

    • except that the city will be full of criminals

      • I know I’m a bit late here, but ESP was closed in the 18th Century and was used as a tourist spot from then on.

  6. Just a few tips to survive the apocalypse…
    Always carry a long range and close range weapon,
    Find a secure shelter and know your escape routes,
    personally I beleive getting a secure shelter up high in an apartment or something,
    Knock on doors first before entering,
    and always double tap or whatever.

    • Sounds like good general advice.

      I wonder whether the high-up apartment is a good idea though. Without electricity, you’re going to burn a ton of precious calories getting up there. If something happens, you don’t have an escape route. What if there’s a fire?

      • After seeing this I understand that more detail is needed!
        Take your time up the stairs if you run quickly you’ll use up to much energy as Dave pointed out, plus all that ruckus is sure to get the wrong attention,
        A shelter shook have barcades … something heavy like a couch,
        Silence is golden in these situations,
        As for Daves Topic starter I’d resort to cannibalism last … or not
        If you don’t have escape routes dont make a shelter there,
        Always have peoples watchin’ your back,
        Never leave a human behind … notice how I said HUMAN,
        Well if there is a fire hope that Murphy is around! (episode 89)
        There Dave how was that?

      • No offense Mr. Bloxz, but if you plan on being a Cannibal. PREPARE TO BE IN MY SIGHTS! 😀 Cannibalism makes you just as good as a Zombie, another head shot waiting to happen.

      • Very nice, Mr. Bloxz.

        I love how people are ready to resort to cannibalism after a missed meal or two. That’s hardcore!

      • Yeah, it shows how weak human society is mentally. I always found it best if your running low on food (As once upon a time I’ve had the misfortune) is to occupy your time with a hobby, or business. I’ve once got so into playing this one game I forgot to eat for 2 and a half days… When I was younger I went to a vegetarian Church camp.. And I’m not a Vegetarian, what so ever. But Sense I didn’t eat anything at all I just kept myself busy for that whole week and it was all ok.

      • Calicade i agree with you, but i won’t waste a bulet on them, instead i’d break his/her legs, letting the zombies feed on them so that before they die, they know the felling of fear thier victims felt.

        Fucking deep isn’t it?

        • fuck sadistic. I like it

    • I would suggest having buckets of water for a fire, and maybe, in spare time, you could construct some sort of pull elevator that goes to the next building, if you tap the apartment’s supplies loose. Make sure you can pull it back, so as not to risk infected crossing it.

  7. Here’s a topic starter question: where does your food come from? Canned good are an obvious choice, but they are a finite resource. Do you have other kinds of food procurement plans (agriculture, hunting, foraging, etc.)?

    • Hunting, and foraging. I’ve grown up with a very country sided like family persee, my grandmother raised me and my sister up as well as my mother… Up on using what grew in the wild more than one would think, Certain veggies would grow and a very beneficial thing all of us that live out on the country side of Oklahoma know about are. Wild Onions, they can be used for many beneficial things. And most of my buddies I plan on taking with me and grouping up with have either been hunting or can cook, We’ll actually all of us can cook. The major focus will be getting Canned Fruits and Beans, why is that? Because the rest will be a waste of room, when you can hunt and get your Meats, as well you can find a-lot of your veggies in the wild. I’ve always thought of food as something as major as where to get water and how to purify it which I tend to look into when I get free Time. I also am on a constant thinker tinker on how might one possibly make their food taste better? And we can all take a second and realize, our Herbs came from the earth in the First place, Love the earth, and it shall feed you. Hate Earth and Nature, then your gunna love eatin’ some gravel. (Is not a Tree Hugger, just loves himself some Nature.. MMmm Mmm Good.) Herbs you might find in Nature!
      Marijuana: This has been used as a herb to make things taste better for a very long time
      Cinnamon: Commonly found in the southern more states if you can identify it then you have something valuable there
      Wild Onion: These look like Weeds, but as you walk by them give off the strong scent of onion and are good for cooking with.
      Mushrooms: Cook ’em right you can have yourself a tasty meal (Or a trippy day)

      When it comes to hunting it all depends on the area, clearly. Venison is an obvious one around America, as well there are Frog legs, you can possibly fry those up in an Oil extracted from the Onions or maybe some kind of American nut, maybe even Corn oils. Crawdads, Fishing, And some one is going to have to control the wild animal population such as Wolves, Bears, Bobcats, Wild Lions, Ect. Can be great for clothing, and food. (Get over it, just because they look like good pets, they won’t… My little Wolf/German Shepard is crazy enough as it is)
      If you want to start a small portable farm or if you plan on staying in one area for quite some time then that is also a possibility. Small portable farms are actually quite easy if you’ve been around plants/Gardens all your life. Might get a few simple veggies here and there, but a few Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and what have you would be much better than repeated Canned foods.
      AND THAT IS ALL I KNOW ON THAT SUBJECT… If you don’t know how to fish, pick up a fishing pole find some one that knows how to on a general basis and go fishing, its very relaxing.

      • I was never a hunter, but it’s always something I have a vague interest of getting into. I suppose if I’m serious about outlasting the zombies it’s a skill I should invest some time into.

    • My food comes from fishing and supply raids on small towns.

    • Since the ESP would be a town in itself, we would have to keep our food supply high enough to last us… a long time. Food would come from anything and everything. We would scavenge from food marts, convenience stores, and hunt the occasional wildlife. Once we have a proper amout of rations to last us a while, we would take it to the home hall, inspect all of it for mold, infection, etc., and then we would lock it all up in one of those big ol’ ice boxes, until breakfast meal and dinner meal.

    • I think I would farm. I live in a town called the pecan city since the town is covered in pecan trees. We could live on them and some berries that grow on a tree in my backyard. There are some wild onions in my yard and I can’t find them but my uncle can. And we are thinking of starting a fruit/herb/veggie garden. I don’t when to plant them but it says on the packet. We don’t have a lot of garden equipment.we just have the flower set(spade and claw). That’s my long term survival.

  8. -Will come up with his Medical Plans Soon enough-

  9. -Demands another Random Subject starter-

    • Sorry for the delay on this; it got flagged by my spam filter for some reason.

      Conversation Stater 2
      When recruiting other people into your group, what are you most important suplimentary schools they could bring to the table (e.g. medical, food production, carpentry, military, etc.)?

      • They would have to be Female, and of a certain age! I know this is very discriminatory but a group of only males is not my ideal Apocalypse. The female will have to be a None Cannibalistic person first thing. Will have to have some kind of commonsense because No commonsense means your Dead anyways, or good with following orders. Must be good with some kind of weapon (Which is most likely expected out of people that have survived anyways.) Must be willing to read some medical books, Must learn from me, or my main man Isiah how to cook. If she knows her Military tactics she must be able to handle herself in a high stress situation, be able to lead and be able to teach the rest of my friends on what a good strategic way to get out or handle something with. Doesn’t matter to much if she doesn’t because I will be attempting to teach everyone as it is. Any survival skills must be told and all medical issues must be touched on, and must not be an idiot enough if bit to run away from a bullet.

        Might sound harsh but its needed.. AS WELL.. CANNOT BE A HOLY ROLLER… a Religious fanatic will get us killed, Must have a lower than average Sympathy. Cannot have a problem with Marijuana, and be a good sport when it comes to board games. Must not be offended by certain Dirty jokes, Or the inactment of putting a gag on a zombie (Or Putting something over their head) for L-O-L’z.

      • Women would definitely be nice, but I don’t think I’d want too unbalanced a group in either direction. That’s a good way to engender jealousy and infighting.

      • Exactly my whole problem i got on my hands at the moment… All a very hard decision.

      • 1. “Holy Rollers” are necessary to a society to some extent. Even in the zombie apocalypse (which we all know is completely fake, but something similar could come):
        a. Religion can be a strong bond and something that brings people together, as well as preventing suicidal/fatalistic tendencies, etc, etc. Inventing your own religion could work, but a more well-known one (IE, Christianity, Judiasm, etc, etc,) might work.
        b. Religion gives people motivation and morals. They tend to be the people with better faith and mental strength (not always, depending on how religious they really are).
        c. Christians have done some pretty amazing things and gone through intense trials, similar or even worse than a zombie apocalypse (first-second century persecution comes to mind), and God answers prayer. Sorry, but He does often.
        d. Similar to A, religion calms people down, helps relax them, similar to board games, but it makes them feel GOOD. As opposed to awesome, they feel human, an emotion which will not come up often in the apocalypse. Like that feeling when you hold open the door for someone. It’s just good.
        e. Why would you need dirty humor? Dark humor, sure. You need to make fun of death when you could die easily. That I don’t object to, but the idea of sex humor, etc, and having “fun” with an zed by beating it up doesn’t make sense. Have fun by shooting one, give it a chivalrous chance. A gag, sure. So you don’t die. But let it fight you. They are nearly human, and used to be fully, remember.
        f. Having talked about Holy Rollers, I finish this section.
        2. Your plan.
        a. Very good, liked the setup, the size. Here, I must recommend a few more weapons.
        a1. The M4, M16, AR15, and all variants. Medium stopping power, smaller noise than an AK. FAR less reliable, but definitely more quiet and LIGHT. And CHEAP. And easy to find, to boot. You can get a four-pound semi-auto MP22 (Smith n Wesson’s version of the Armalite AR15) for about 400$ at your local Academy Sports and Outdoors.
        a2. .22 caliber pistols. Small, more quiet than a normal pistol, and containing more rounds, more accessable. Decent backup with less volume.
        b. That’s all for your plan, which I really like. Best I’ve seen that could apply to everyone (as opposed to, I’d go to x location which only a few people have available, etc.).

        3. My plan for the apocalypse:
        a. Not to care about myself, but get together with a bunch of scientists, along the following idea: we would devote ourselves to learning about zeds, how they work, what they do, what their weaknesses are, and distribute that information (in exchange for minor foodstuffs for our survival) to everyone we can by pamphlet, radio, and whatever else would work.
        b. We’d have as many scientists as we could locked up in some sort of Wal-Mart like thing (which has very few windows except for the front. In the front would be the guard houses for people with weapons to use). The plant department has loads of sand-bag type sacks, and we could barricade almost anything relatively efficiently, especially with the mega shelves. We’d run a pipe from the underground gas tanks, insulate it with concrete, and pump whatever we needed, being careful to vent all the carbon monoxide, etc, out. Wash everything comin in Alchohol (rubbing, not beer).
        c. And yes, every week, on Sunday, there would be a service. It would give people something to look forward to, hope, etc, as covered above. Also, I’ve found that believing (I’m not bigoted, just pointing out a few religion-related things) that God created everything with an order would help buoy my belief in myself and the Awesome Power of Science.
        d. As an alternate, we could hide out on a military base like Fort Hood. Nuff said about its defenses etc.
        e. Going back to the Wal-Mart Contingency, the idea is that we also set up networks around the US and eventually the world to distribute information about the zeds. Three people (probably with a cat or something) would take over a convenience store, board it up, and ration the gas that is there to the populace, as well as keep order in the general vicinity. One man would be the radio operator, would be good with Audio Visual stuff and broadcasting. Another would be the fighter, another would be the gatherer, who could also fight.
        f. The main Wal-Mart would be set up in this fashion: 6 fighters per area that needed to be guarded, preferably ex-service or current service (IE, police, SWAT, military). They would go in two shifts, with a leader (given binocs as a spotter), fighter, and radio op, who could also fight or has special knowledge like sniping or demolitions. The parking lot of the Wal-Mart would be riddled with land mines except near the concrete pipeline.
        g. Gas Station. Would have two men, one a mechanic/radio op, one a fighter. They would also be responsible for giving warning about oncoming zeds and helping to keep the parking lot clear. An aerial means of rescuing them would be necessary. Probably along the lines of a zipline off of a tall pole or something like that.
        h. Hospital. Work on an efficient cure for the disease ASAP. When possible, scatter the remedy and give it to zeds, but more importantly, people who have been infected but are not zombies yet, and especially scientists or anyone with knowledge.
        i. All relationships would be forbidden, except where necessary to reproduce. If everyone could get past the “squick” factor, you could set up a nursery next to the hospital. Each man “marries” a nurse, but never sees her except for an hour or so at night. During the day she tends to the sick, cooks, or does anything else she’s good at (IE, schedules, radio, or even science. But in a seperate area). There would be a “relationship police” to make sure that even among the men everyone is equinanimous.
        j. Court. International court of law to keep things under order. Jury of eight peers, people who know the person but aren’t FRIENDS with them. A judge appointed who does not know anyone.
        k. If I am missing anything, I reserve the right to add it later.
        l. Sorry about this being so long.

        • What if they’re toxic zombies or another different kind of zombie? They could be Chinese vampires and what education will we get? What if you’re atheist?

        • To legoadicct’s reply:
          A person’s mind can be affected in many ways. Religon can help in stressful situations. For example, if a loved one is zombified, and the relative is reluctant to kill him, the situation of cristianity can help. the idea that a zombified person is sent to Heaven or will go to heaven if the zombie is killed can soothe the relative a least a little so he of she would feel better after the loved one’s death. Also, Do Not let someone else kill the zombified loved one, otherwise the relative can develop rage against that person and may do somthing… reckless.

        • Hi 🙂 this is my first comment so please be gentle with me.

          I really like your priorities, as your steps seem to involve building resources to reach an ultimate more complicated goal. Referencing Maslow here: food, water, and shelter (i.e. the physical needs) are addressed, but also security (which I would argue is the most important in Zombieland). You’ve also addressed emotional needs to some degree, but I disagree wholeheartedly with your ideas on controlling relationships (romantic/sexual or otherwise). While I can see the logic behind ‘relationship police’ I see very practical arguments against them: people simply do not like to be controlled. I honestly believe you’d have an uprising. That’s ignoring the fact that I find the idea of having my love life monitored quite abhorrent and restrictive. As sex is one of our most natural instincts, I believe that trying to control it is not only wrong, but also a recipe for disaster. What’s your take?

          Also, would mass be optional or compulsory? I myself am agnostic, and while I am very tolerant in most things, I feel very threatened and angry if beliefs (e.g. religious/moral beliefs) are forced on me. I think that having shared faith is a beautiful idea, but also dislike the idea of compulsory religious practice. My idea to create unity and hope is to play music together, work together, tell stories, celebrate achievements and perhaps (with the right person) motivational speeches. I’ll post another comment on this as it’s one of my favourite topics (I study psych).

          Thanks very much for reading everyone <3 I think you're all awesome and amazingly creative.

          Em xx

      • Calicade i agree, but i won’t really waste a bullet on him, instead i’d break his legs, and let the zombies comsume him/her, so that as they die, they known the feeling of fear of being eating.

        true fucking irony, huh?

      • oops wrong place too put this

  10. Just recently I decided in my freetime over weekends I was going to try out a little research on myself it is for my sleep -drive- rotation.
    Now what I’m basically doing is trying all 4 different hours of sleep.
    Most of us know the 12 to 6 sleeping hours, I’ve already experienced the 6 to 12 (AM), just now I tried the 6-12 PM. HERE ARE MY RESULTS WITH THE 6-12 Sleeping range.
    Person that sleeps from 6 – 12 Will most likely feel more energy than if they slept from 12 to 6 even. A normal sleeping pattern might be recommended but! 6-12 pm makes me feel so awake and so (in?)groggy its impressive.

    • Just adding a bit of something to this! Unlike in the morning… I don’t have the urge for maybe Coffe, or maybe milk/Orange juice. Instead I have this heavy and etreme feeling for maybe more watery drinks? Such as water itself, Those little pack things you buy from wal-mart in water, And tea. I don’t drink any sort of Alcohole, so if any of you would like to try that or have! From 6- 12 O’clock. Please tell me! This is very much needed resources.

  11. Coming with the Skull information this might not always be possible but an attack on the Very top of the head would definitely cause the most trauma. (As you are born with that section of your head not quite put together just yet)
    As well there is a nice spot right underneath the skull where it come’s to connect to the spine and what have you, that a well placed anything can destroy the brain stem and so with that it will destroy all the bodies functions. Not the ability to think, but the ability to act.(Making it a great place to hit a Zed Dead)
    People might think the temples are a great place to hit, and for most -Alive- people it is. But that area is triggered around the Frontal lobe which controls most of your social interaction (It controls other things as well but social interaction/Personality is the most common)
    I also recommend not wasting to much energy on attempting always for a nice strong head shot, instead what I’ve always thought useful would be disabling them. Aiming for the Knee’s Lower Mid Back on the spin, or something that inhibits their ability to bite (If biting spreads infection). If it doesn’t spread infection then we may all be in luck and in a dis-luck. If its Air borne or water borne you will have to take more precautions with everything than if it was an On contact. Why is that!?
    Airborne = Different forms of gas-mask are needed, most obtainable are the masks that protect against spores/What have ya, when your mowing or cleaning out a dirty house. But that won’t protect all the needed areas. (The eyes are a major part of the body that need protection) The military at any time can fail, this might be a Cliche but I can see where it could fail. The military is not trained to face situations like this they are met to face people with a mind with sensibility. But when you have to sit there and kill thousands upon thousands of people your hearts going to sink into your stomach, and the stomach acid will destroy it and the soldier. That’s why a select amount of people will survive more than a Military based hold out group. Some of us have been desensitized to the fact of death or killing, maybe some of us accept it before hand and know some day you will just have to kill.(These people might have a harder time than Desensitized folks)
    Or there are the people that have a sense of duty to let these zombies off. There will always be a different opinion on the situation going about, maybe out of anger, revenge, or pure insanity.

    As it was another random input of opinion, I’m not completely sure about all of this but I’ve grown up around enough personalities and insanities. (As well as Therapist, Nurses, Doctors, and been in enough conversations. That I believe I have a general know how on the mind of people. Could possibly call me crazy that I can generally call on what a person is about to say. Such as certain predictions <3 Perception.)

    • Very interesting thoughts, Calicade. The frontal lobe is definitely a non-starter with zeds.

  12. Random thought: This might be able to teach you who exactly is smart enough to last in a Zombie Apocalypse, this does include all ages.
    Start a game of L4D or L4D2, and make sure they have some one on a regular basis Texting them, if they go out of their way to read the text and let you get beat on by a tank, a Hunter, and Jesus’s step brother from Accounting. Then you cannot trust these kind of people. I say this because Not to long ago I was playing a session with a friend and they kept on reading text on the last battle and let me die.. 3 Times. Once I got thrown off the top of the building the other two I was horribly mauled to death.

    • Hah, good thinking. An easily distracted person would not be an ideal companion.

      • I agree, however, if your basing anything off that game, your as intellegent as the text distracted moron.

        also any one wanting to know the reson for my name is that my main melle weapon will be a sogfari machete ( which i already own) that is, you guessed it, the color black.

        • the post above is now as useful to u as elvis with a rubber chicken

  13. well heres my idea of a kit for when i have to tackle the infection.
    when you have weapons you need to know your guns so heres some things
    tier 1 (weakest) : somthing perferable like a 9mm uzi
    now you will all wonder why an uzi as it is just a short barreled rifle (SMG to others) but there is a few thing that make it the perfect tier 1 gun
    its compact and easy
    reloading is easy in the dark
    maximum ammo capcity is 20 for micro uzi 32 for full sized uzi and 40 for mini uzi
    making it a very powerful tier 1 gun
    also smaller variants can be ambiko styled.
    now if your not an uzi person you could be intrested in the pump action shotgun but thats another story.

    now for the arguement of tier 2
    M16 or AK47
    for starters im on the m16 side as accuracy is needed to kill zombies as in my term zombies are sick people so a shot in the heart would kill and also the M16 has multiple fire selections like 3 round and semi and full auto this makes it a gun for amatures.
    also the m16 has more ammo in it magazine it hold 36-40 bullets while the AK47 holds a tad less.

    now for you AK addicts
    in terms the AK47 is a cheap rifle its more durable and stuff like that and in commen ways people say the AK is better. well there part wrong part right. as you see there are things that make it better and things that don’t make it better
    the AK47 is a very powerful rifle but has recoil (to you people who don’t know there guns its when the gun jumps up and down) and thus this makes the AK47 fairly inaccurate.
    however when the M16 jams it does not work however though when the AK jams it still works but not as durable and like all guns it needs cleaning.

    but heres the trick question: where in the hell are you going to get an AK47 well heres the anwer you cannot so get real not even in a shooting range. HOWEVER M16s are gathered all over the place so make use of them.

    now for sidearms:
    a suggested pistol is an easy one you can use like the basic M1911 however people take advantage for it and say DESERT EAGLE
    well guess what how many of those people used a desert eagle.
    none? i thought so beacuse the desert eagle is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY strong handgun and trust me its better just to take a berretta for M1911.
    now for melee weapons.
    chainsaws seem do be dissed as people say there to heavy and run out of gas.
    well there part right and as always part wrong.
    it really depends on the chainsaw you use at home we have a small chainsaw that even i can handle and im 13 im ok and i havent hurt myself. however others argues like city slickers because the never used one so make sure you get the facts straight before you think about it. also if it runs out of gas the are millions of things to use as my personal favorite. a crowbar with the signiture G. FREEMAN. so basically im not gonna discuss about weapons anymore beause im starting to get lazy.

    finally ide have a backpack with the essentals and i would have what 3-5 allies and i fleet of motor cycles as there easy to navigate through the post apoc world there im done typeing so bye

    • M16’s are actually harder to come by than AK-47’s.
      Another thing, I don’t exactly thing a Motor cycle will be all to safe in a Zom-Apoc.
      And city-slickers? Not a very good idea to bring up biased opinion (Especially upon area/district of where some one originates from) I’m personally from the country, and I know at that age, one might think they know everything about anything. Just might wanna take everything into account. Food, Ammunition, Fuel, Sound, Entertainment, every day life, and so on.
      Now a SMG, is stronger than one might think, spraying more bullets in a minute than any AR possibly could, it also has great accuracy, maybe not as great as an Assault rifle but pretty good.
      Motor cycles wouldn’t be recommended in such a world as when winter comes you will most likely get frozen off of them. As well they can easily be tipped over if attacked, causing major injuries that will needed to be tended upon for at least 2 weeks.
      Now as for the Chainsaw, they would be lovely to have! But a waste of fuel for any situation. Fuel, Water, and Food are the most important things in this kind of world and waste one on something you could avoid would more than likely be a mistake. As well one must consider the noise of the tool, it might be frightening to some, but people as myself or others with half a mind will realize, hey your going to be going slower to me. So the person or people could just.. Let loose the rain of lead as it is upon you. Now with a smaller tool of some sort, like that crowbar you speak of.
      One its light, you can carry it around pretty fast and get out of the way of any oncoming bullets (If you know how to do so) as well its silent, you won’t draw attention to yourself if your smashing in the head of an innocent stand by zombie.
      Good luck on future planning, did not mean to offended in any way if I did.

      • acctually didnt i say that motercycles can navigate through a post apocalypse world beacuse you could just think that a car would be stuck in those situations and have you ever heard of a side car?

        also i was very lasy typing and i just could not give enough thought and detail into it.
        even though you do prove a point i make my statments fairly true. and i always put alot of thought into it.

        also if you think the m16 and ak-47s are a disatvantage then what gun would YOU pefer?
        you certianly also didn’t metion about pistols …

        and plus i the world we produce millions of food fuel water and all that crap so there is no need to panic. + some people say panicing can leave you alive. pffftttt be cool about this. zombies inasions require alot of mental strength to get though and in your case i think if this was to happen you would panic.
        sure anybody could get goosebump but most people have to practise staying cool like you for exsample.

        i think im just gonna post another thread anyways.

        P.S ur pervious statement did offend me as i was thinking typically however i got over that.

        P.P.S sorry if this DID offend you.

      • actullay the M-16(or the civilian AR-15) is the most commonally found assualt rifle in Ameria. Its true look up the ATF and see. And AK-47s are only none accrute because you dont know site adjustment. Bigger round goes father and 7.62 is bigger than 5.56. But i would in the zombie apoc carry a Glock 9mm pistol,a AR-15 and a baton stick. I would also take me a machete and maybe a colt .45 but i dont want too much. At home base a M1-garand and .44 Magnum for accuracy and stopping power. Do not discount most rifles made from 1913 to 1956. Most were hardcore combat rifles made to kill in dirty close or long range combat. My whole plan would be to hunke down in my cabin in the country and always be ready to leave at a moments notice. I would bring my parents my GF and my Grandpa cause he was in the army and is a crack shot. Hes also a novice prepper and a ex farmer, And we are all hunters.

    • Mark, I cannot be offended. (Its a silly thing to be/or become offended) But what I can be is slightly disappointed. I will not explain as why because I do not know what kind of parenting you are growing up with and I do not wish to interfere with that. So I will reply to you as if you were on the same level as me, Equally.

      One cannot produce water nor can they produce Fuel, Water can be reused and fuel is a very valuable resource that billions upon billions use every day. In the post apocalyptic world there won’t be anyone around to harvest that Fuel from the ground every day to supply those Truck drivers with the Fuel they plan on delivering to the gas stations that your parents so kindly stop by pay the person (Or not, who am I to know your life?) and get their vehicles filled up.

      On to the subject of water, do you know how to purify water? Do you know what water is safe to drink and what isn’t? This requires more thought than one might assume. Water might be in a mass around the area but water can become distilled and filled with bacteria that will very well give you an infection, and this infection Will kill you. Unless you have a good amount of medical Knowledge to figure out how to clean out your system.(I guess one might not be in that situation if they did in the first place have this knowledge) So that a little food for thought.

      Now for food, one cannot just say, Oh look a hot dog, and then eat it. That would be a mistake if anything during a zombie apocalypse, there is this thing called mold/Fungi it grows on uneaten exposed food in warm/Moist conditions. Something you might of heard about, Botulism, Food poisoning? Its all an awful thing that could kill you if not treated with Anti-Bodies correctly.

      And what about long term? Did you think about over time? Just give that a little thought.

      On the subject of motorcycles they will still easily be tipped over, do you really think a Zeds are going to push over a Ford Explorer with ease? Or maybe any other sort of heavy vehicle? Can even think about smaller cars, might not weigh as much but I’m sure zeds won’t be smart enough to reach down to grab the bottom of the car all together and pull up. While as you have a motorcycle, when going through a city, or even on the highway, being unbalanced for a moment might just get you killed. But if that’s your preference, then I recommend figure out a way to avoid society as much as possible and still find water/Canned foods/Fuel. (Because gas stations with in a few months will most likely be drained)

      My preference on a weapon? I would love a Cross bow with a scope. Why? Its silent, precise, and deadly. Now if it has to be a gun, I would rather have a Fully automatic .22 (Using .22 LR that is, a normal 22 bullet not as recommended) with a Drum mag. Why? Fast, silent, and ammo is easy to find. Now if I could find a (Two preferably) Silencer, and find one itself. l would love a pair of Machine pistols, for their multi-functionality preferably 9mm as the ammunition is easier to find, Or maybe even an H&K MP5 because of the availability of .22 LR’s, the quickness and portability of the weapon, and the damage it can do.

      As well, with the Panic. You don’t know me at all so it brings me to wonder how would you know anything about my reactions to any situation. Till the age of twelve I was a scared little guy and I would panic over nothing. Experience has changed that reaction, Now a days I think, and act with perception. I don’t panic… But either way I don’t know where you got that Maybe from out of no where? Either way it happens I guess.

      Good luck with future planning, I hope your mind expands past what society puts up as an average every day Joe Box. Good Day Sir.

      • well my tactics are different to yours i prefer to find different routes around city’s not through them and also there are millions of gas stations around.
        im not just gonna be look though gas stations.I mean ever heard of supermarkets.

        also i read your previous posts and think that a hunting rifle is garbage. its low ammo capacity makes it bad and also what in bad situations worst case scenario example your melee weapon is damaged badly your sidearms is out of ammo etc. and you are left with your rifle crossbow whatever. against a horde of what 20 zeds your possibility of survival won’t last long.
        and also your unkind or competitive attitude make me think what you would be in a Z-invasion i certainly wouldn’t join you and go my own way.

        also i have though over time thank you very much.
        also quoting your thing about purifying water allum would be the case as it cleans the filth particles in it and where do you find allum?
        and also allum isn’t perishable so before you come up with a comeback little did you know science was my favorite school subject and i happen to know it well from a 7-8th grades work.
        also have you ever heard of body fuel and the fuel you produce when you eat if your car truck or whatever runs out you can always walk.
        and before you say oh but about the hordes of zeds there is the option of going off the roads and walking through forests.
        I’m no boy scout but i do though know survival in the woods.
        now if you would be a little kinder and actually point out the GOOD points i wouldn’t be answering like this is the 1st place.
        good day sir a enjoy being eaten alive by sick humans.

      • I’mma just give up on trying to help you, I don’t know you I will never know you. So your life is just like any other child out there to me. I Apologize for attempting.

      • Remember, keep things respectful. We can always agree to disagree.

  14. Me thinks this whole thread needs more publication, it seems like I’m replying to myself at times.

    • I’ll mention it around and see if I can’t drum up some more comments.

      • hello every one, this is the first time i’ve truely been on a fourm so DON’t MOCK ME!!!!
        first of all i want to say Dvae, your awsome and im a big fan, and i wondered if you got those weapons you use with ur figs from Brickarms.

        second, about the comment on religious freaks (or as i call them etxremists), i toatally got your back calicade, and yet the other guy is right, religon can be important, as long as it is keeped at a moderaton

      • Thanks blackmachete. The weapons my characters have are either from Brickarms or Brickforge, except for Shannon who uses a regular old LEGO ax.

        • brick forge? ill have to look it up

    • When this happens I won’t loot cuz that’s stealing and in my religion its a sin to steal. I would leave any money I have and find in the street. Call me crazy but I would feel awful if I stole. And I will take no offense for your future comment calicade.I think money will be easier to come by because since eveyone is dead(undead technicaly) and their value will geatly drop since there’s no one to spend it. If you think I’m crazy I understand,but keep that to yourself. I would hate to see you being chased by zombies and remember that comment and then yell to you “WHO’S CRAZY NOW?! HUH?! WHO?!” Thank you reply again!

  15. Plans for a zombie apocalypse…just find a well-fortified place, or find a decent place and fortify it, some people, and work from there.

    *Insert 30000 word plan for survival here*


    • Simplicity. That’s the way to do it.

    • Needs a fortified place? Sand Castle.. ALL THE WAY…Think about it, they’ll never see it coming.

      • That would be awesome, at least until the tide came in.

      • O…K……:-/

  16. One of the things I always found silly was that whenever a group finds canned foods, they always stab it open with their knives. That’s a bad idea because you can break or dull your weapon! So one of my plans–bring common sense essentials…like a can opener 🙂

    • Or just eat the can and the food inside of it.. ITS A CONTRADICTION!…
      Mmmm Tin, great for a well balanced diet.

    • A great reason to carry a swiss army knife or leatherman-style multi-tool (I keep one in my pack and one in my car).

    • Got me a handy dandy Can opener as well, nice n’ small good to fit in the pocket.. If only I could find my SAK…

  17. well it is a good idea to get can food and dry food and a car(think most of them have first aid kit’s) and sporting and hunting stores for most of the other items armor guns and mele.

    • Absolutely, mani. A well stocked first aid kit, and the knowledge to use to correctly, is a huge plus.

  18. My plan is to go out on the road, using and eating what I can. I will search for survivors, and when (or if) I have a large enough group, we’ll find a good place with food (even if it’s a little bit) and water. I probably would fortify a mall or mini-mall. It would have some food and water left in restaurants, and would have supplies we could make into makeshift armor or weapons. Their would probably be some first aid kits in a pharmacy and a pharmacy has medicine! People often forget that even when zombies are shambling around, viruses, bacteria, and diseases will still be there. Some of the little emergency exits will be barricaded in a way that it is easy to remove from the inside. Every time we grow short on food and water, some of us will go out and find food and water. We will also keep a quiet pet. It will keep us sane. That’s my plan, hope it’s good!

    • Ahh yes, the mall. That’s a classic. I see a couple problems with the mall idea:

      1. Everyone is going to think of going to the mall/walmart/other big store. That means you’re going to be competing with a ton of people for very limited resources.

      2. I don’t know that the location is as secure as most people think. A lot of modern malls have a lot of windows and glass walls. No thank you.

      3. With the wonders of modern supply chain management, I don’t think malls would stock that much in the way of foodstuffs. Also, once the power goes out, anything perishable is going to go from tasty food to putrescence in a damn hurry.

      • Well, I’ll just send the weakest out to get food every time until I have strong group left. Then, if necessary, I’ll just abandon the ones I don’t like in the outside on a food mission. It’s cruel, but hey, I have to survive.

        “Why do we have to go? Why don’t you send the stronger ones?” says Weakling.

        I say, “Natural selection, b****.”

        Also, I live in a small town with this really old mall that has very small windows and not many glass walls. It has its own generator, too.

      • Ah yes, the eugenics tactic.

        The thing about weak people is they might have other skills. It’s always good to know your people well.

  19. My plan would be first to make sure that none of the dead are outside my house, so when i open the door i don’t get eaten. Then i would get my dads keys and drive to the RCMP station(i live in canada, i live in a small town and i’m only 14 years old.) i’d break in the station and find all the weapons and put them in the trunk, probably find some handguns, combat shotguns, maybe a rifle or a riot grenade. Then i would head over to a friend of mines house, apparantly, his dad and his granddad all fought in some kind of war and kept all the weapons, so i would pick him up and put all the weapons in thier. Then I would go around looking for more people.
    If i find a few more people i’ll drive back to my house and drop them off, then let one of them take the other car and drive around. If i’ve learned anything form the T.V. show “the Walking Dead”, is never go into the city, so i would stay in town. I’d head over to the grocery store and camp out there with the rest of the people. the have those automatic doors there so we would have to turn off the doors to be safe. We would only survive their for a month, but the fruits would go bad and start to emit fumes that may be toxic, so well have to burn them. I’d try to lead all the survivors to some where we might be safe, like a research lab, or a military fort. If that fails, wed have to go to the city. From then on, it will just be how the wind blows.

    • Sounds like you’ve got a good plan, but this reminds me of another rule I need to put into place:

      Keep the discussion legal. No talk about looting, assault, or other illegal activities.

    • that sounds good.

      the good thing is that canada has alot of mountans, and zombies don’t have good hand-eye cordnation, let alone the skills to climb them well. another thing you should remember is that zombies don’t have body heat, and since your in canada (which is alot of the time very cold), you could end up with slower zombies, and possibly ones frozen so bad, they just have limbs and other bit falling of. heck i’ve heard cases where the become frozen solid, which makes for a rare opputunity to either knock its head in/ off without trobles, or, if your like me, do something to it so epic, under normal circumstances it wold never happen (like for instance bob sledding on the zombies back down a hill that leads to a cliff or place of total smashing, and RIGHT before you go off the edge/ have impact, jump off, and laugh as you watch him fall endlesslly/ crash and get squished like a tomato thrown aganst a wall.

  20. …How to survive?
    All you do is Keep Moving.
    Aslong as The Place you are in is Secured and Youve used everything you can use then Move on Finding Food, Weapons and medical things in places like hospitals.
    Also if you cant see a way out on the street Try to get onto blaconys or roofs.
    If there is Absolutly no way out, Barricade yourself in the nearest police Station and After clearing it of weapons and Food And Possibly medical supplys Go to the top floor, And look for Roof acess.
    Also, Carry a Radio and phone wit you at all times.
    The radio is so You can see If anyone is still alive and the phone is to call people that respond.
    Also If you find a Fire axe and a Police Baton i recommend taking the axe off the stick and puting it on the polivce batton if possible, Giving you more Grip While swinging the axe.
    If you are backed up in one corner with zombies infront of you….Just Run.
    It will take them A few moments to realise youve run through them, Givving you enough time to Get away.
    If you Run out off food,weapons and Medical supplys, Find a Fishing store, a Boat and get to the sea seeing as zombies cant swim making you safe.
    If you can get from the country you vwere in to Somewhere a Good distance away (Like if youre in america, Consider britain) As it Probrably hasnt spread that far yet.

    Surviving the Zomvie apocolypse 101.
    Homework is.
    Construct a Weapon out of common house hold items.
    For example, a Kitchen Knife and a Broom.

    • Good call on the radio. That’s something I wouldn’t normally think to do.

    • What if the infection is class 4? (whole world)

      • Like “Start a new world” class 4? Hot damn! I would keep my spurs a-jingling, and rifle shots a-ringin’!

      • then i will be very busy indeed >:-)

  21. My plan is as typed:

    Me and a few close friends will meet at my house. We will get in a car and drive out to a 19-acre land i have. It has a camper, not a cabin, which i realize is a problem. We will do Calicade’s strategy of 2 scavengers, or in this case fishers, and 2 guards. Guards will alternate sleep scheduals and so will fishers. The land has a giant oak on top of a big hill for guards to shoot off of and an overstocked lake. We will have unlimited food, but a fisher can always go searching. Deep in missouri, the land is near no urban areas.

    • Wow, that’s quite a nice setup Connor. With a bit of work creating a more permanent/fortified shelter, you’d be in good shape.

      • Thanks!

  22. Conversation Starter:
    How would you deal with someone in your group who had a disability, or needed regular medication to stay healthy (insulin-dependent diabetic, for instance)? Let’s say that this person is important to the group, as he/she has some sort of unique skill. Maybe they’re a doctor or something like that.

    • Hmmmm….. thats a tough one Dave. I guess it depends on the disability, and how bad it is. For example, someone with a broken leg. If i was on the move, well sorry buddy. If i had a fort i would keep them. Diabetics will be a problem, because of the medicine. Id say keep them until they cause a lot of problems. (making noise, etc.)
      If they were important, such as a doctor with a broken leg when we were on the move, i would try to get some sort of armored car and put them in the back with a gun while i drive. If it is a diabetic that has a skill, i would keep them, as i said, until they cause a major problem.

      • I have to think that getting medication is going to be difficult. Drug stores are going to get looted pretty quickly. This would be a pretty major challenge.

    • Yeah does all depend on the disability, as most drugs come from nature you do not always have to consider using a pill formed drug to fix it. When it comes to Diabetics, tough luck I know it sounds mean and rude but doctors in general are usually stuck up anyways. (And only know how to assign certain medications/Tells you whats wrong, where as Nurses/NA’s do all the work) But other than that, there are few professional Behind-The-Desk or anything like that, that could really help.
      One thing that would help in the defensive system would be a Mason, Carpenter, or anyone that is experienced in building. Could have a Back problem or Heart problems. (Clearly doesn’t limit though)
      I’m going to admit most people don’t know how to do Reinforcements these days, including me. I know how to get to strategic points on the spots. (Hell I even had a dream just last night that no one listened to me about the apocalypse but I didn’t want to be alone during it so on a last second it happened like idiots they all ran for a large cellar (That come out of NOOOWHERE.. Crazy dreams)) And hid in there I told them all 8 strategic points. One was a long narrow hallway that could be used as a chocking point, stairs leading up to an area above the main rooms that you could look down and see whats below. There were two exits, one in the back that I remembered led to an area behind a tree through a very small wooden door (I only knew it because of a dream I had A long time ago when I was around 7 I always thought there was a trap door in the back that lead into the ground to revel awesome room.
      I had remembered as we were running through we closed 3 different doors meaning three different levels of defense depending on how smart they were. And there were a crap load of fake alien manikins for no reason. They were ready to resort to cannibalism.. That’s when I bailed on them, there were preservatives in that place and those could keep the body working for a few weeks if eaten properly. Dream stopped there with me down south coming out of a large building seeing a-lot of school children in gas-mask.

    • If it was someone with a broken leg, get them a wheelcair and a bipod. If it’s a broken hand, hope he can shot with his other hand! If he has diabetes… I dunno.

    • I would have them teach someone else the skill. After that ask him/her if he/she would like suicide,zombies,or one to the head(the last one will only be if we get a gun cuz shooting some one with a sling shot till they die is too cruel). Then I would strap bombs to their dead body an fling it the zombies. If we had no bombs than we would bury them and make a grave marker etc. We woulf then move on cuz would still need to survive. Staying emotionaly detatched is good cuz that way you won’t grieve as much if/when they die. I would also ask him/her to teach me so that I can preform that skill myself. I feel sad typing this. I don’t even know this made-up person. I would not be some one who would get over a partner’s death real fast. Oh well.

      • i get your point,it is important to not let your empotions control you.
        however, that does not mean you shouldn’t mourn the loss of a fellow survivor (unless he had it coming). once again it’s all about moderation.

        trust me, it WILL be hard.

    • Hey! i have adhd! and yet im still able to handle a situation like that.

      however, if you meant more serios (like being a total phyco at times) i apoligize.

  23. Decided sense this Area went a bit dry to pump it up just a bit, on what weapon you would prefer the most in a Zombie Apocalypse. I know weapons arn’t the main concern but they are a heavy aspect of survival.
    I’mma have to go with Crossbow because of its Silence, Reusable ‘ammunition’. As well how precise it can be with the very minimum to none what so ever Kick. Might not be the Fastest but I’m a precision guy.

    • That’s a pretty good conversation starter. I think I’d go for something durable that also has other uses, like an ax or a crowbar. Guns and bows would be extremely useful, but resupplying ammo would be a constant need.

      • Dave has a good mind set.
        me: i’ll iuse my Machete (of couarse), a dagger which can’t slice but would go thru their eyes pretty well, and my commen sense and mankinds inventiveness.

        for guns, i’d get one of my dad’s 9mm’s, and if i can, keep it with me, and if not, Find another one! you may say “9mm isn’t a particuly powerful round” but i’d use it because of low recoil, normal noise, and, above all, the massive amout of it in the world. it would be the semi auto rifles that i take a long range fancy to, because they fire a shot for every trigger pull, no more, no less. orf these i’d love a m1 Carbine or a AR-15. however, im not too picky on rifles ( exept when they’re full auto).

    • I would say a .22 rifle, with a scope but not necessary scope. I would also like a pump-shotgun. I know it has bad accuracy, but can at least throw the zombie back/cripple it in a pinch. I would like a 1-handed axe or hatchet. Crowbars are easily the best melee weapon in supply raids for heavy lifting and dispatching zombies. I suck with a bow and arrow, so i might work on that. A silenced M9 would be nice, but all i really need is a .22 rifle and a 1 hand hatchet.

      • 22. wont peirce skull !!!

        • pardon while i dope slap my past self. *thwak*

        • 22. is a great round because it will pirce the first layer but npot the second, causing it to bounce around in the skull. but it does require you to be claser than with more powerful rounds.

    • I think I would have a spear with a large blade,a .22 pistol,and an crowbar. That’s what I would prefer! What I would most likely have is a machete and a few rocks. Maybe a sturdy branch.

      • I would use a broomstick with a knife attached to one end and a ball (Spiked?) on the other.

  24. Sense I’m feeling even more interested with getting peoples opinions on certain things. As well feeling the hope more people will see these topics and Write in on them. I also thought, what about religion in a world like this? Cults will be the largest kind of religious group if any and they can be a threat to the survival of the human Race. Now pushing major religions aside because in such a world Survival and companionship (Sticking with other survivors) is your focus.
    SO.. My topic starter is, when you come across a group of people doing sacrificial stuff, say… Sacrificing people to the zombies hoping to appease their gods, what do you do? Or in other words. What would you do?
    (I apologize if I offend anyone out there reading this that in their free time sacrifices random people to a possible cannibalistic like people and or Rabid dogs.)

    • Pretty interesting question. I guess if I saw something like that my reaction would depend a lot of whether I could actually accomplish something. Could I realistically stop them, or would I just foolishly get myself killed in the process?

      • Which simply implies… This is a question that is deeper than skin.How much insight does one actually have in themselves. Kinda a question to show ones attributes or their ability to progress in such a world.

      • Precisely. I think we all have this idea of how we’d act in such a circumstance. How close to the truth that is… now that’s another story.

    • “i didn’t see anything…. ” my first reaction is run! i don’t want to be their next sacrifice!

    • EASY! kill them, then the zombies, save the hostages, loot the now dead cultists (they won’t need it, they’re dead), and if their any women amonst the hosteges, make sweet love to them.

      ah, it’s good to be the hero. 😀

  25. hey everyone, I’ve been following this site for a while, but I’ve rarely commented. I’m currently beginning production of a zombie forum RPG, and thought this would be a good place for me to ask this.

    How well stocked is your house? I need lists of tools, supplies, weapons, vehicles, fuel, anything that could potentially be useful. I’ve already written one out for my house,but I need to know what the average house contains.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, I’ll post the link to the new forum I’ve set up for this:

    • Sorry for the delay, Thade. This got picked up by the spam filter.

      We keep out hour pretty well stocked. I’d estimate a good month’s worth of food. Water would be tougher to come by though, which is a problem since I’m in the burbs and have city water.

      Good luck with your RPG.

    • Sorry, I would say but I’m not the average person… But we kept decently stocked with a-lot of canned food as well as a large amount of perishables we go through every other weeks… We get our water from our own little Font under neath us. And we are filled with Tools that could be used as weapons as well as weapons themselves.. SO.. If you want to know about a Country folks home down south, there ya go.

    • average house where im the only one prepared, but actuclly we got some good stuff.

  26. i would take my old six shooter of the wall and a few of my rifles (im a collector) id ttake all the food from my house and fit it in my pack and shoot my way to the safe zone

    • Situations like this would make me wish I was a gun collector.

  27. 1. “Holy Rollers” are necessary to a society to some extent. Even in the zombie apocalypse (which we all know is completely fake, but something similar could come):
    a. Religion can be a strong bond and something that brings people together, as well as preventing suicidal/fatalistic tendencies, etc, etc. Inventing your own religion could work, but a more well-known one (IE, Christianity, Judiasm, etc, etc,) might work.
    b. Religion gives people motivation and morals. They tend to be the people with better faith and mental strength (not always, depending on how religious they really are).
    c. Christians have done some pretty amazing things and gone through intense trials, similar or even worse than a zombie apocalypse (first-second century persecution comes to mind), and God answers prayer. Sorry, but He does often.
    d. Similar to A, religion calms people down, helps relax them, similar to board games, but it makes them feel GOOD. As opposed to awesome, they feel human, an emotion which will not come up often in the apocalypse. Like that feeling when you hold open the door for someone. It’s just good.
    e. Why would you need dirty humor? Dark humor, sure. You need to make fun of death when you could die easily. That I don’t object to, but the idea of sex humor, etc, and having “fun” with an zed by beating it up doesn’t make sense. Have fun by shooting one, give it a chivalrous chance. A gag, sure. So you don’t die. But let it fight you. They are nearly human, and used to be fully, remember.
    f. Having talked about Holy Rollers, I finish this section.
    2. Your plan.
    a. Very good, liked the setup, the size. Here, I must recommend a few more weapons.
    a1. The M4, M16, AR15, and all variants. Medium stopping power, smaller noise than an AK. FAR less reliable, but definitely more quiet and LIGHT. And CHEAP. And easy to find, to boot. You can get a four-pound semi-auto MP22 (Smith n Wesson’s version of the Armalite AR15) for about 400$ at your local Academy Sports and Outdoors.
    a2. .22 caliber pistols. Small, more quiet than a normal pistol, and containing more rounds, more accessable. Decent backup with less volume.
    b. That’s all for your plan, which I really like. Best I’ve seen that could apply to everyone (as opposed to, I’d go to x location which only a few people have available, etc.).
    3. My plan for the apocalypse:
    a. Not to care about myself, but get together with a bunch of scientists, along the following idea: we would devote ourselves to learning about zeds, how they work, what they do, what their weaknesses are, and distribute that information (in exchange for minor foodstuffs for our survival) to everyone we can by pamphlet, radio, and whatever else would work.
    b. We’d have as many scientists as we could locked up in some sort of Wal-Mart like thing (which has very few windows except for the front. In the front would be the guard houses for people with weapons to use). The plant department has loads of sand-bag type sacks, and we could barricade almost anything relatively efficiently, especially with the mega shelves. We’d run a pipe from the underground gas tanks, insulate it with concrete, and pump whatever we needed, being careful to vent all the carbon monoxide, etc, out. Wash everything comin in Alchohol (rubbing, not beer).
    c. And yes, every week, on Sunday, there would be a service. It would give people something to look forward to, hope, etc, as covered above. Also, I’ve found that believing (I’m not bigoted, just pointing out a few religion-related things) that God created everything with an order would help buoy my belief in myself and the Awesome Power of Science.
    d. As an alternate, we could hide out on a military base like Fort Hood. Nuff said about its defenses etc.
    e. Going back to the Wal-Mart Contingency, the idea is that we also set up networks around the US and eventually the world to distribute information about the zeds. Three people (probably with a cat or something) would take over a convenience store, board it up, and ration the gas that is there to the populace, as well as keep order in the general vicinity. One man would be the radio operator, would be good with Audio Visual stuff and broadcasting. Another would be the fighter, another would be the gatherer, who could also fight.
    f. The main Wal-Mart would be set up in this fashion: 6 fighters per area that needed to be guarded, preferably ex-service or current service (IE, police, SWAT, military). They would go in two shifts, with a leader (given binocs as a spotter), fighter, and radio op, who could also fight or has special knowledge like sniping or demolitions. The parking lot of the Wal-Mart would be riddled with land mines except near the concrete pipeline.
    g. Gas Station. Would have two men, one a mechanic/radio op, one a fighter. They would also be responsible for giving warning about oncoming zeds and helping to keep the parking lot clear. An aerial means of rescuing them would be necessary. Probably along the lines of a zipline off of a tall pole or something like that.
    h. Hospital. Work on an efficient cure for the disease ASAP. When possible, scatter the remedy and give it to zeds, but more importantly, people who have been infected but are not zombies yet, and especially scientists or anyone with knowledge.
    i. All relationships would be forbidden, except where necessary to reproduce. If everyone could get past the “squick” factor, you could set up a nursery next to the hospital. Each man “marries” a nurse, but never sees her except for an hour or so at night. During the day she tends to the sick, cooks, or does anything else she’s good at (IE, schedules, radio, or even science. But in a seperate area). There would be a “relationship police” to make sure that even among the men everyone is equinanimous.
    j. Court. International court of law to keep things under order. Jury of eight peers, people who know the person but aren’t FRIENDS with them. A judge appointed who does not know anyone.
    k. If I am missing anything, I reserve the right to add it later.
    l. Sorry about this being so long.

    • Wow, very thorough!

    • i accept your apolegy

  28. Clarification:
    1a. An older religion would work better than your own.

    2. I was referring to Calicade’s plan, post #2.

    3a/e. The Radio stations would also answer calls (see later for information about phones) and talk about medical emergencies, live-saving, emergency skills, guns, etc, etc. There might even be some fun stuff, like radio versions of Hamlet!!! With the Polish being Zombies, of course.

    3g. I would put more like 2 or 3 fighters in the forward gas station, maybe as many as 5. They would be replaced every day.

    3h. Those in the hospital would be kept in a state of sleep unless they need to be tested, whereupon, they will be given blindfolds. This is to prevent the Florence Nightingale Effect.

    3i. Sorry about this sounding 1984, but everything is better if you just get along in the pursuit of the Awesome Power of Science.

    You’d need a foraging party, obviously. They’d be in fast cars with good sized cargo room, probably trucks or military vehicles.

    This is meant to gradually form itself into a government, with the various radio locations being assessed for their attention to justice, to make sure that they aren’t abusing their powers, etc.

    Now, to respond to the questions above my uber-long post.
    How would you deal with someone who is a diabetic/injured?
    Taken care of above, 3h. See also my note on 3h. If they are useless to anyone, ask them to listen to the radio, which will also offer medical advice for those who call in. (think about it: those satellites are still gonna be up there, and as long as your phone works, which you can recharge on hand-crank-power -and such devices are common and relatively easy to find- you’ll be able to call).

    If you saw someone getting offered up by the zombies to their “gods” what would you do?
    This is what

  29. To finish the last question:

    If you saw someone getting offered up by the zombies to their “gods”, what would you do?
    4. This is how I interpret the question, tell me if it is otherwise. I would: a. Load my weapon, b., use a flash-bang type weapon (Making a loud noise and flash, as you can tell from the name) c., scatter fire and shoot the nearest guys. d., take him back with me. If I can, I’ll call other people before a., if not, I’ll try and save this guy. This what I mean by my statements in 1. and 3c.

    • FINALLY.. Some one I can talk Reason planning with, I’ll post something up in response to your good ol’ ideas there, once I get the time.

      • I have to say, you guys are way more willing to jump into a fight than I would be.

      • Any-who, Read that the Holy Rollers would be needed, that is indeed for some groups. But My own personal? We know our religion and we keep it to a minimum for any sort of conversation, problem with religion is it leads to wars faster than anything and I want to keep it something taboo to talk about to random strangers or people I don’t know.

        When ever it comes to jokes? Some people like dark jokes, some like Sex jokes or Dirty which ever name you prefer over others. My group of Friends that I plan on are exactly the kind of people that would find it funny to make a gun that shot such things in our free time, maybe a waste of Resources no doubt but it still a possibility.

        The whole thing about them having been or still humans, as long as your not trying to stop me from having to kill one we cool on that. I wouldn’t care or think a second thought to any Zed-Head that came up to me though they will die or… Become the subject of a cruel joke. I’ve looked around with the whole Zombie Apoc thing, yeah I know it doesn’t look possible… But one can hope right? I know it sounds awful but I have my reasons.

        AND TO YOU DAVE… Yeah I have strong feelings against killing still living innocent people.

  30. Hey, Calicade, good to talk with you. Glad to see such a similar person (guns, libertarian, history, etc) who’s open to reason.

    1g, Addenum I. Of course, I understand “don’t talk religion with a stranger.” That makes sense. I’m just pointing out that things might be easier or better in such ways as pointed out above, 1., that’s all.

    As to your jokes, I’m fine with violent jokes. I’m fine the inevitable violence that will come with a Zombie Apocalypse. However, torturing the guy down the street who used to work as a drugstore clerk… I think it would be traumatizing to many people, doing quite the opposite of a good joke, in that it puts their minds more directly on the subject instead of “lampshading” it. (IE, pointing it out so they forget it or ignore it, more or less).

    To Dave: I have strong feelings about a person, as pointed out above. If there was no chance of saving them, ABSOLUTELY NONE, and I couldn’t call in reinforcements etc, I mind consider not saving them. But only as a last resort.

    Can’t wait to talk to you, Calicade (btw, I joined the Zombie RPG group, as above,! It’ll be fun to debate smaller details such as weapons. I am writing a piece now about the average armament of my standardized police/resistance fighters.

    • and im not?

  31. Lovely! I shall talk to you when ever, if I could even possible connect up on Skype? I enjoy quicker response times, but that’s just me. Would love to talk defense with you, as I’ve been studying up on great ideas.

  32. My skype name is “” (four i’s, yes, I know, I am messing with Roman Numerals). Just make sure to tell me who you are or else I might not respond. We can also talk on the Mythos Forums or whatever.

  33. For those of you argueing over the Colt assault rifles VS the AK assault rifle: Both rifle are fairly easy to come by. In the east coast, where I live, M4s, M16s, and AR15s are all much more common then the AK. In terms of power, almost anything works. All you are trying to do is penetrate the skull. as long as some sort of connection to the rest of the body is interrupted, the zombie with drop to the ground, regardless of wether it is still alive or not. It this point you will be able to toss it into a fire with out fear of it grabbing you. he only thing you have to be concerned about is ammo!

  34. i woulder if a mini pick axe would work well against a zed horde ever since the gardening tools came i wondered incase if it would be good please respond.

    also wold the longslide pistol be a good choice

    • Maybe for one at a time, but a pick-axe would never go into the head then make an exit on the other side. Also, Longslides are about as likely as a GUA-15.

  35. Pick-axe: Mini would work, it might be better if it was longer. If you sharpened it, that would actually be one of the most effective weapons against zeds, although it’s a bit heavy.

    Longslide pistol: You’re asking for it, aren’t you? It’s loud, big, has a gigantic recoil, and is hard to find bullets for. Of course, it’s hard to find itself.

    I like the pickaxe idea, though.

  36. I dunno. Pickaxe seems dangerous, but too unwiedly. Now a baseball bat…that’s iconic in a post-apoclyptic enviroment. It’s easy to bash in a zed’s skull, it’s easy to carry, and they’re much easier to find than a pick axe.

    Government and religon are…important, but fall apart quickly in the first stages of apocalypse. It’d take a while for people to think about this, they’d think it impractical and unimportant at the moment. They’re right, but after you’re well-supplied, it’s important to think how differences will be settled besides killing each other. Religon? Same deal.


      • *twack*

  37. Here’s a topic. Entertainment. Seems trivial, but I’d go completely insane without something to do off my shift of crackin’ skulls. Technology is pretty much gone, that halves the list. I’d garner some books (hopefully on the subject of camping/cooking/getting water), or something else related to the current situation. If I run out, I start writing a guide to surviving, a bit like a congealed copy of this conversation, for others to use.

    What would you do for entertainment?

    • lets see, card games, board games, books, and of course, sex.

  38. I already touched upon this, so.. Yeah, there’s mah answer.

  39. 1. The pickaxe has a sharp edge, making the penetration easier. This means that the person wielding it burns fewer calories than with a bat per zombie killed. Thus, it is a better weapon: faster killing, easier killing, less calories burnt. A gun would be better, but for close combat a pickaxe is the best.

    2. RPGs, obviously! What else would you do at the end of the world?

  40. I would get board games, books, other quiet activities to do and stuff like that. Plus getting creative with kills will be fun.

    • thumbs up to that!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Just gonna say if your near a zed with no weapons you can grab it’s neck so it won’t bite you. This is proven but they may work their way free with their wildly flailing arms. On a side note mark’s plan seemed good. Btw Cali that was kinda harsh

    • quite true. this site is for agreeing and disagreeing but me and calicade… uh nope i really can’t explain my plans without sombody argreeing.

    • Nay, it wasn’t harsh I was simply stating.
      That I have already answered this so if my opinion matters in any such way to your feeling on a zed head poca then you should read my plan. I don’t like retyping things when they can be easily read on an above remark.
      As for Mark, I was only trying to explain the whole time how that would all possibly hurt you. Not at all in any way shape form or manner possible that I was telling you everything was WRONG WRONG WONG (Hehe) I use to think the same way I’m just trying to help out if anything ask Lego Addict hes a pretty neat fella.

  42. back again im here to cause a discusssion what is a better gun
    M16A2 with grenade launcher or extended magazine. no stock or with masterkey attached. or a use of ACOG scope.
    hechler and koch MP5K with stock or a flashlight. or with dual magazine or ACOG scope.
    finally for the guns
    FAMAS with extended magazine or flashlight. or with a grenade launcher (M203 countes with the m16) and red dot laser.

    now for melee weapons
    mini pickaxe
    additional bayonet to ant guy whatsoever
    or a crowbar

    so post your opinions and go ahead
    my opinion would be M16A2 with grenade launcher with abyonet with an ACOG scope.
    reason. use for snipeing or for defense.
    and for a melee weapon i would pick a minipickaxe as it is fast small and can be easeily embedded into a zeds skull.

    • IF I could obtain and Famas with Extended Mag, Suppressor, and a nicely done Master-key I would LOOOVEEE To own it, but in the mean time I plan on buying an AR-15 when ever I get the money together too and then customizing the hell out of it and maybe even go for an illegal one. (Sorry I know no illegal talk but realistically I would rather have an illegal gun.) I think I may know where your getting most of your weapon ideas from though. And I love Black ops too, But you might wanna look into all the other possible weapons at your buying reach

      PS. Not recommended to put a Bayonet and a G-Launcher on one gun, could end up with a very nasty mess fire, but if you know a way I would love to hear it, as well it adds a-lot of weight to the front decreasing accuracy.

      • to be truthful, illegal weapons are hard to get and very expensive, so you should just go get legal stuff.

      • Not all my inspiration is from black ops. And the famas from black ops is not what im talking about.

  43. Not the M16, until they fix the obvious problems (IE, its 4x chance of jamming, around once every two magazines on ARMY-GRADE bullets). Famas is good, but I’ve never actually seen one, so I think the MP5 is the easiest to get, and the easiest to get accessories for. A bayonet might not work on an SMG, though…

  44. Stop arguing! You both make good points but as has pointed out you guys are more willing to fight each other. Calicide I don’t mean to be rude but I agree with mark. Please point out the good stuff in people’s plans.we’re not perfect but at least we’re preparing. I strongly beleve that this will eventualy happen. But mark I agree with calicide on your plan faults. But I like your idea of going around towns instead of through them. Whrn this happens I hope I meet up with you calicide,dave,mr.blox,and all the rest of you. See you on the other side.

    • Yeah, at some point agreeing to disagree is the prudent way to go.

    • I personally think its all about where I come from and how I present information. Everyone has always taken the information I put out there in being a recommendation or so on as being very Critical, Harsh, or Rude. I’m not attempting to appear that way it just happens I guess; Why I don’t point out the positives is because its another way I’m use to Why fix something that’s not broken?

    • Edit:
      This also goes with In life situations as well, I’m a very large threatening guy which in truth I’m what one would consider the Gentle Giant. So I apologize to anyone that I seem to have offended and I never felt like an argument was going on just opinions being set up.

  45. What’s your plan dave? I don’t think you said.

    • My plan would be pretty simple. Gather up my family; throw our stuff in the car, and bug out to the country. I grew up in Northern Michigan in a town with a population of just a couple hundred people. That’s where I’d head. Nice and isolated, and I know the area.

      As far as weapons go, well, I don’t have much. No guns in our home, so we’d be stuck using baseball bats and whatnot. At my parents house I have my old 12 gauge and my folks have some other guns. Nothing fancy though. I would have my wife and child with me anyway, so evasion would be the name of the game.

      As far as food goes, we’d have a good starting stock. My parents have a sizable garden, and there are deer, rabbits, etc. around. That said, I’m not a hunter nor is another in my family, so that’d be a skill we’d need to acquire with a quickness.

      • Good plan. Since you might not find good ranged weapons try to find/make mid-ranged weapons(spears staffs etc.). Try to find survivors of the opposite gender for your kids. Population will need to be repleneshed. Good plan. I wish I lived up north. I live in tx. The land of hot summer,spring,fall and warm winters. Up north would probably freeze zombies since they don’t produce body heat.

      • I always thought it would be harder for a family man or family anything really to get up and going with something like this. I would assume being single would be great in a world of constant survival, sense I will be able to plan for it and buy things for it with few penalties to the people around me. (And sense I could care less about Charity organizations, Homeless people, and begging friends.) I SHALL HAVE ALL I NEED, if I get this job over the summer.

      • Oh well. We’re probably in different parts of the country anyways.what about clothing? What will be good armor against zombies but won’t slow you down?

      • Clothing is a hard subject because we all have our preferences, I’ll most likely keep 3 – 4 different changes of clothing so I don’t take to much room up as well not have to little clothing. 1 Pair of High Water South Pole Jean Shorts, good for mobility and picking up extra stuff and not weighting yourself down, also nice and refreshing in the summer time. With my High water South Pole Jean shorts I would wear a White under shirt, Tenis Shoes, Neutral colored shirt, a belt, and that would be my first set this set is based soley on mobility and relaxation. (if needed in special situations then hell yeah)
        For my second pair I like to consider it armor, but its not fully armor here is the list.
        Pair of Work Boots (Steel Toes)
        White Cotton socks
        Nice and loose very free denim jeans (My dark ones)
        Knee pads over Denim jeans
        Leather belt (With Holster, might keep holster on it at all times)
        UnderArmor Shirt
        Long sleeved (Or medium) Shirt
        Long denim like coat if not long then anything denim nice and tough to bite through with long arms (Preferred color Green, or Dark blue.)
        Leather gloves with Kevlar knuckles
        If I can find one I would love to have a gas mask maybe with a Balaclava, but would be hard to find a decent working gas mask. (I wouldn’t really know actually)

        Winter time, WELL THERES A-LOT OF CLOTHES INVOLVED, mainly using denim as a source of protect from being bitten as its a durable and strong material if a person doesn’t act like an idiot and pick at the holes. (And instead patches them up.)

      • Me? id where jeans and a denim jacket, because their durability makes them hard to bite thru.

  46. What do you think I should do if my barricade is destroyed and my only option is to escape? I live 15 min from town. That’s driving. Walking would probably be 25-45 min walk. We have toddlers with us. They like to walk. I think we can barricade the corner store. We would have to get wood from my house though.

  47. Ok. So I have been to and several people on there say that they are in an outbreak. Do you think thid is true? Sorry off-topic.

    • I doubt its happening at this moment, I don’t feel it yet and I got me some of that good ol’ creek Indian blood so I can feel it when it does come xD. And for the putting the names on clothes, I wouldn’t necessarily be able to or would like to do that. I think I would confuse people because I go by two different names (I know doesn’t make sense but I find it necessary) One being Calicade Otis Schneider, the other being unknown for the moment.

      • Yeah, that seems unlikely.

      • I have aztec,mayan,and incan blood and the only thing I can feel is if my mom is hiding food or she’s going to make me clean. And the ominous feeling you get when you don’t do your homework.

  48. When this happens let’s pain our clothes with our names from this site so that we can identify each other if we meet up.

  49. This site is as quiet as the world would be in a class 4 invasion. What about travel? When would you travel?

  50. I find it highly unlikely, “zombies :-)” that there has been an outbreak without the press getting to it. Considering how much they love to talk about death, they’d find out about that and televise it pretty quick.

    • You have to visit the site to understand why I talked baout it. Its you might have trouble finding it though. In the search bar put in…I actually forgot. But find it and read it. The firstr one has an 8-year-old saying that it started two houses away!

    • Ok calicde I have a weird fact: did you know that denim jeans remain as dirty in a year as they are at 15 days? Its true! It was on the mrning news. But I think that your clothing choices are good. I would choose the same since that’s basicly what my all clothes are. Except the denim high waters. And the steel-toes. I have some good work boots that I use for church. They don’t have steel-toe. But what about travel? When,where,and how?

      • I know where I travel when it happens for sure, but for now I’mma keep my mind open. I want to be on the road for as long as possible until old age keeps me from continuously doing as so. I’ll travel by any sort of Jeep like vehicle so I can go off road when ever and if that’s not available to me then I don’t know about vehicle I’m not much of a car guy.

  51. Yes, clothing is important. I’d go for heavier clothing, eg denim jeans, jacket, gloves…might be a bit of a problem in Florida, though…

  52. Well I guess. But if your in florida(or new jersey) your main priority is to get out of there! I think your best armor there would be a bullet-proof vest and a scarf since they usually go for the neck. Nope sratch the scarf. since you can’t wear too much or else you’ll be too warm or be weighted down you should get a large piece of lumber and I mean one of those slabs of wood,to make it into a shield. Get a door handel(the hooped one not the knob) then get some leather and bolt or screw it the wood so that you could bash zombies.unless you can’t get this then you are dead or lucky to get out. That’s my opinion.


  54. Good stuff, Calicade.

  55. Calicade, if we could have stuff from that game, just give me some power armor. 😛 It’ll be hard to wear heavy armor down here in the south, but I guess it’s heatstroke or zombiism.

    • I actually Just recently used Heromachine to make my more realistic clothing set. (As well Power armor is self supporting and the Recon armor that is technically under it keeps you cool)

  56. I’ll try that link calicade. Wait is it a site where you have to join?

  57. That is some cool clothes calicade! 🙂

  58. Did I already say my plan?

  59. If you did, I’d like to hear it again.

  60. Well I’d get our machete,hatchet,saw,two crutches,cane,and baseball batand give the blades the strong ones in our family and give the rest to every one else while giving my self our rifle bb gun. We woyld then get our food and water and go to the warehouse and make a small barricade. Then one bladed adult and one or two able children will go to get wood and any other supplies from our house. Then go to the corner store and either buy food or make a deal with the person there. Then we would send one bladed adult and one/two able children will go to get the shelves and gas from the store. Then make a sign that says “survivors welcome. Looters will be injured to the fullest extent of our religion.” After that assign watch and daily schedule then sleep and follow schedule until we are either rescued or the zombies “die” of natural causes. Or we die. Any one of those will do.we live right next to a farm so that’s a good thing. If we can make a deal so thatb we can farm in his field than that’s our long term survival food wise. Weapon wise get any tools or pieces of wood. Metal if we could find it. That’s for weapons. Morale will be moderate so I think we’ll be okay. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Plans to meet up?

  61. What’s your EST (estimated survival time), do you think? Just food-wise. Would you have vehicles? What kind? Also, is that gun a real or BB gun?

    • I think two days. If we get the deal with the farmer than about 2-5 weeks.we would have a van that used to be our neighbor’s(its good for scout ing not zombie slaying) and the rifle is a bb gun but its an older one so it packs enough punch to penetrate skin. That’s regular human skin. Zombie skin is softer. And we can put more than one round in the barrel with some good finger work so that’s a good spread shot. You?

  62. I think 3-5 days. If we make the deal with the farmer and the corner store guy than about 3-4 weeks. We would have our neighbor’s van(it would only be used as a scouting van though). And its a bb gun. Its an old one so it should have more power.

    • Looks like you had a double post, so I removed the one with less stuff in it.

  63. Hey, Dave, do you think you could open up the previous 130ish comments (I can only see the most recent 20 or so)? I didn’t save my plan to a document, and so now i can’t remember everything.

    I think my ETA is somewhere around several months. Taking over a Costco, say, would give me huge bales of rice and flour. Rice, combined with basic bread and maybe a few comfort foods can be a universal every-meal diet that still keeps people function relatively well.

    Besides, there’s enough olive oil and other fine cooking items to give people small-portioned but rich foods, such as you’d get on the continent. (In France, say, they give you extremely rich foods in very small portions. You end up with the same nutrients, but with less food used. And it’s debatably tastier, so better all around, except cooking time).

    Thus, the ETA could be significantly larger. The one problem with a Costco is the extreme lack of weaponry: no guns, not even garden tools. Also, it might not have a connected gas station, and certainly would not have the closed off entry way design the way Wal-Marts do. Still, it’s a tossup: more food, or more definsibility?

    • Huh, I didn’t even notice that. Let me take a look.

      Okay, how’s that?

  64. You’re probably right about cosco. I would go to the academy that’s behind my dad’s house if it happend there. There is a wal*mart and an H-E-B plus close by(3-5 min walk between all three stores). I am pretty much set if it happens there. I would basicly stick with my original plan and to save time and people we would only take 1 change of clothes and our tooth brush. With food and water of course. The only downside is that in both places we have toddlers. At my mom’s house we have two that are somewhat well behaved and at my dad’s house we have one who’s as spoiled as 2 day-old milk that hasn’t been in the fridge. If it happened any where else I’m pretty much screwed. Sorry for my foul language.

  65. Oh ya and legoaddict you put ETA instead of EST.

  66. Come up with a whole new Gear system and where what I have decided. Now due to the awesomeness of me finding great deals and people over all generally loving my presence I found that getting this stuff will be easier than I thought.
    Pair of Tan Combat Boots for strength, reliability, and kickability.
    Fatigues for Strength, Durability, over all how light and loose they are.
    My Normal over all black belt because its strong, Its lasted through been chewed on by a wolf, It could be good for a tourniquet, to strangle, etc.
    White Undershirt -Comfy
    Button up Shirt, light wool mostly cotton – Easy to take off fast if need be for wound tending or if I need to be tended too.
    Fatigue Jacket- Light, Warm(Can be very nice even in hot weather), Multiple Pockets, Durable, Strong.
    Forgot to mention some knee pads of any kind as long as they don’t inhibit movement.
    Gloves, fingerless preferred so I can feel what the tip of my finger actually feels. (Also hope for Kevlar if I can find some)
    Dog Tags, for over all self moral.
    Gas-Mask Wide-Sight, Facial protection, Keep out blood and other fluids, Kick ass looking, May come across as Threatening.
    Duffel bag (NRA Standard) Can hold a-lot of supplies in mutiple pockets, can hold a-lot of weight, easy to carry, Hard to run with if not applied right, Adjustable straps, Can be used as shield, Durable.
    NRA-Spec-Ops Black Back pack: Has a-lot of pockets light for the back, can hold a-lot, Very strong (Military Grade), Durable, Will have ammo split up between Back Pack and Duffel bag so if I lose one I’ll still have the other.
    Hope of weapons
    Surpressed AR-15 with Red Dot sight – 1.5k in all
    .357 Magnum – Don’t know at this moment. ^ By the way that will indeed be an illegal gun Hehe.
    UCP HK .45 Pistol – Easy to find ammo but still strong, might be able to get surpressor doudt it though.
    SOG Tomahawk: Some of the strongest gear in existence is SOG, it is as well cheaper than some others, I don’t know why but its all awesome to have, love the Tomahawk. (SOG = Special Ops Group, they sell Gear)
    SOG Tactical Kit – (Safari)Machete, MultiTool, Entrenching tool, Revolver Knife, and thats about that for the Tactical Kit.
    UnGunned Bayonet for stabbing.
    For things such as water Both of my bags will Carry at least 2 Canteens. Might buy a Camel Satchel for carrying water in that.
    Food is generally going to be canned, Picked (From Fields/Meadows/Overgrowing Gardens), Hunted (Beef Jerky <3), Or bought through trade. (Because lets be honest civilization will thrive some how even in such a world.)
    Solar Powered Watch/Self Automating (They exist I would give you the link if I remembered it, I'll just have to look it up again)
    Water Purifying tool. (Very small tool, I found this watching a you tube video its pretty cool.)
    There is so much going to my survival kit listing it all would be just crazy. SO I STOP HERE.. Hope y'all like my ideas.. I know I didn't list things such as the Radio.. Basically because I don't want one. I've lived this long with out a Cell Phone, I'll continue to live with out distant communication devices.

  67. I can’t get to any of that stuff so I would get my sister’s backpack (cuz its kinda like one of those packs with the big pocket on the top)and put as many water bottles of water that I can find in there and have someone else carry it. I would then get my backpack and put some non-perishables and any small blunt weapons with some pocket knives. And I actually think that wal*mart will be kinda full on supplies since most people won’t know what to do in a zombie apocalypse. And if it’s nearly empty, when our scout van gets to that area we will just get whatevers left. If/when we get enough gas for the trip and we find all possible survivors we would travel to my dads house so that we could get to acadamy. Then we would wait it out. I think that my cell phone would be quite useless since people have to operate the stuff that makes cellphones text and talk. I think a small broadcasting radio like on those small bush planes.

    • Deleted another duplicate.

  68. Sorry about that. Anyways the only other way I think is communicating is making VERY large signs. @dave Is episode 108 coming out on monday?

    • Nope, Episode 2 of Scrimshaw’s Scurvy Scalawags.

  69. If you look closely at the previus comments than you can find that we all talk about raid,looting,etc. Anyways I think we need another random conversation starter. How about traveling. And I mean destinations and means of getting there.

    • I would do what I have said priviously. I would stay in my town untill. I get all survivors and supplies I would then travel to san antoinio to get to the academy that I. Mentioned.

    • Scotland. high mountans, up north, and would probaly not have many because of the fact that the plae is on an island. by boat.

      now thatim getting here, if anyione wants to hear my plan, tell me.

  70. Transport? Hm… Bikes would be a basic vehicle for making you faster, but you’d want something enclosed. Everyone has access to a car, and it they’re completely full, you can get something like a week’s driving out of them, even if you’re running around town like a chicken with its head cut off. You’d find a gas station, too, which would give you several months’ supply for one car, or at least a week’s supply for an entire fleet.

  71. Thats a good converstion starter! Well, a Zombie apocalypse in Canada would suck, We have no well fortified Military camps, or anything that i’ve heard of, so in canada we’d have to keep moving, the zombies would follow us, kill the closest ones, then bail.

    I never really talked about the weapons that i would use before so i’ll do it now.

    For starters i’d always have a sidearm. Better for presision shots up close. Maybe a Magnum Revolver or something.

    You can’t have an Apocalypse without a shotgun! 😀 I’d use my favourite type of shotgun. 12 gauge Double Barreled Remington Shotgun. (Extra Points to people who know what this specific shotgun is from)

    I would not use a Rifle for a zombie apocalypse, to slow to reload.

    Sniper Rifle would be a no-no. To loud. Would attract the Zombies.

    I would actually want a weapon that hasn’t really been used since the Medival ages…THE SWORD! naw i’m just kinding. THE CROSSBOW! It’s silent, so you can take out the odd zombie that got to your camp without alerting the diner bell.

    The odd weapon, that i’d only use once, would be a frag grenade. When my base is under attack, i’m cornered, everyone is dead, out of ammo, wait for them to come at me, and just as they bite my flesh, i pull the pin, making sure i don’t become a clueless daft waste of flesh Zombie.

    I’ve seen some topics on people eating each other, and that may or may not be a choice, you may choose to kill your friend, eat his/her flesh and cry about it, or, in this apocalyptic world, our minds become twisted enough to become insane enough to kill your friend and not make you care about it. Kinda like a Zombie, but still human enough to shoot you.
    Now i would accept anyone into a group, at least if they are willing to work, if they are those people that want thier world handed to them on a silver plater, go die with the zombies. Military people may be

    • Hey! never pout down the big slashing weapons! they are as useful as any other melee weapon.( in fact some times more useful)

  72. Sorry I cut off on my last comment.


    Military people may be killed first in the apocalypse since they are trained to go for the Torso. Zombies that i know require at least 3 times as many shot to the chest as a human to kill them.

    Medical will be needed, but we may only get a nurse.

    Carpentry is not needed alot, the world is free in an apocalyptic world so grab literally any thing.

    I would value scientists the most out of all the people in the world. they may be able to cure the virus or something. If they don’t they can wash clothes

    To survive an apocalypse, you need to know how the infection started.

    POSSIBILITY A: It may have come from space, the first sign of life and it exterminates us.
    EX: Marvel Zombies

    POSSIBILITY B: It may be the Occult, only cutting off all the limbs can stop those ones.
    EX: Evil Dead Trillogy

    POSSIBILITY C: It may be Religious, like God punishing us for what we did to the world, or maybe even simple as the devil got bored. Is completly killed with Holy water. The Zombies can be from the previusly living and the already buried in a coffin.
    EX: Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare.

    POSSIBILITY D: The Government could have caused it, with all its secrets and stuff who know what they created?
    EX: The Walking Dead.

    The only hop for Canadian Survivors is to find a boat and live thier.

  73. If i was ever in a bed room, a zombie came in, had no weapons, i would grab it’s neck, grab a lamp and beat it open John Marston Style.

    • >:-D

  74. I think my sidearm would be a standerd 9mm. Just because its weak doesn’t mean its useless. Main arm: machete or wooden baseball bat. Or possibly both. I think that if you find a car there’s gonna be more nearby. So that’s why I,sorry for suggesting this, suggest siphoning gas from other cars. If you know how anyways.

    • Good thoughts on weapons. Let’s try to keep discussion of looting off of this site though. Remember, you guys are planning ahead, you shouldn’t plan so that you need to loot, right?

    • I like this guy 😀

    • serioulsy awsome guy right here ^

  75. I think if you get enough cars you can make a good fort. But make sure that they are in square shape instead of a circle shape. That way there aren’t as many weak spots in your fort. After you get the cars in place make sure on has full gas and make it so that you can make a clean getaway. Then get some pieces of wood to put in front of the gaps. Then you make sure there is a gate-like stucture that can only be opened from the inside. Then get some of the seats to make a watchtower on top of the truck that’s in your fort. Then get some seats to make a bed. After that do whatever the heck you want. I would look for survivors,food,water,misc. supplies,etc.,etc.

    • I recommend watching Mad Max 2

    • I get mixed results with this in Fallout 3. Of course there aren’t quite as many nuclear powered cars in the real world.

    • Didn’t know you were a player, lovely to hear. (Like the Zombie Nerd fan I am I play on comp and modded it for zombies… A-lot of them) Anywho, Nuclear powered cars wouldn’t be as explosive as gas powered actually. Nuclear power is cleaner, safer, more manageable, and abundant. People only fear it because those people don’t wanna do their job and do that little bit of Managing -.^.
      But mad max has great inspiration for a car fort because of how they fixed it up, but the problem with that is your going to be improvising a-lot when you wanna fill in the open holes of the windows/Doors/Tires more than you would cars from Mad Max Movie times. Because more cars are made of weaker material I forget the name every time, but you won’t catch me driving one of them in a post-apoca even if Gasoline is low. I want to be in a strong vehicle that can get through crowds, but that’s me most likely I’ll have to have a Fiber Glass Car some day, but you know that it sure as hell ain’t gunna be some little bitty blue bunny preiss? I don’t know how you spell it but what ever. If you plan on building a fort I recommend if you can, have the time to and the know how… To make a Freight train Cart town, They can provide cover, rooms, Watch towers… You can get really creative with anything if you put your mind to it and as humans we always have to be creative to survive. If this all goes down in the future! All those that remain stationary I hope to see your homested for some good ol’ barter and trade.

  76. We have no trains here. But if you ever pass by Seguin texas then I’ll be glad to trade goods. Some supplies or maybe some food would probably be all we need at the time. You will find me at either wal*marth-e-b or on a road about 15 min from Its a trailer park. With the sign that says I am here. . If you don’t find me than I am in san antonio at the acadamy on potranco. If I am no ttheere I am a zeither a zombie or at the wal*mart or h-e-b that’s near the that’s near the acadamy.sorry if I misspelled anything I can’t see any of the words.

    • Don’t worry man, if you become a Zombie I’ll make sure to kill that shambling corpse just in-case you’re in-cased inside of it in pain. And I notice a-lot of people live in Texas when it comes to zombie survivalist, I’m an Okie.

      • wow, Ididn’t know people used that term anymore.

  77. I think if both places run out of supplies than I’ll try to find you. That’s if I’m not dead anyways. If I am a zombie than when you kill me please cut off my head and bury me with my head as close to my body as you can get it. I don’t want to be anothere zombie just left there on the ground for survivors to search for supplies. Anyways. If/when I leave than I think I’ll go somewhere north with lots of snow.The snow could help slow the zombies down. That and some rocks that are in the way.

  78. You know? I’d go to my friend (Hes a hunter), ask for some weapons cause i’ll need protection, and hopefully he’ll give me some, and shoot the crap out of them! Clear the town so it’ll be more safer, and just wait for all the zombies to come here and try to get me, cause to stop the extingtion of man is to stop it from the source, and that’s what i’ll plan to do

  79. also north is a really bad idea, because all the power will be off, and to tell you the truth, it can go to about -45 celcius some days in winter, or -50 farinhieght. Don’t judge me on my spelling.

    • trust me i won’t, mines not great either.

    • Also, don’t go to the north. You want somewhere warm and humid. Here is why; wildlife would kick a zombies ass. Vultures, Coyotes, Bears, Insects, Bacteria are all great at tearing up carcasses. And all that humidity speeds up the process of the breakdown of the human body.

  80. I don’t judge people. Unless they are those rude wanna-be-gangsters who think that rules don’t apply to them. I’m gonna enjoy killing them when they are zombies. I won’t kill them right away but I’ll have some fun with them. First I’ll tie their arms behind their backs and them put a bucket over their heads. Then beat them with a stick until I get bored then just cut off their head.

    • me too

  81. I think another random topic needs to be discussed. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiike…the survivors to take with you,the stuff for scouting missions(if your staying somewhere),and improv weapons.

  82. topic
    what would you have in your backpack feel free to REPLY back.
    if your wondering what i would have here you go

    backpack would include
    some clothing (spare underwear, jumper socks shoes etc.
    batteries a lighter and a flashlight.
    something to remind me of something (small photo frame with picture)
    first aid kit.
    Swiss army knife.
    water bottle.
    and finally if i get the munchies 1 pack of pringles and a can of mother energy drink.

    • I would have a t-shirt,some underwear,socks,canned food,can opener,all of my family’s knives,some granola bars,a book or two,and if it fits some water. Also on my side pack I would have a first aid kit,and some extra rounds for my 9mm.

    • (That’s not me) That will be my Bug out bag
      My Duffle will be a-lot like a scavenging bag, so there ya go 😀

      • You look pretty well prepared, but maybe you should consider carrying less knives and more cans of deodorant, soap and toilet paper. Survivor girls will still have a sense of smell.

      • As I said, that’s not me and I’ll most likely put some more personals in my Duffle. Either way I know some natural Deodorants, soaps. Toilet paper though produced will not be hard to make.

    • my stuff is pretty much pre-packed actually.

  83. What about snacks? We haven’t talked about that. I didn’t see the video so I’m not sure if it had those. I think granola bars or maybe some dried herbs or something. I think you can never have too many knives. Extra weight ya,but what if one breaks?

    • I plan on it being a long term survival thing, so snacks aren’t much of a deal… Deer Jerky, Maybe some Herbs… And The Extra Weight isn’t to much of a deal for me, I’m a bit guy, big strong build so I got weight covered.

    • I’d say jerky, almonds, maybe a butter finger everyonce and a while.

  84. I think the alamo would be a moderate base. Good walls. Good gift shop. Good furniture and large rooms. That and the nearby buildings. Which might actually be bad. I like the prison idea though. Maybe warehouse.

  85. The Alamo as a holdout base…that’s a fantastic idea. 😛

  86. Except for the buildings near it. But its very good as a temp base. Your namesounds very threatning now. I doubt it will scare the zeds though

  87. Seriously, any one want to hear or what?

  88. Say it already, then. I can’t wait.

  89. Yes please. I don’t even have a clue as to what you are talking about.

  90. i do too my computer froze up bad while i was typing it and i had to wait a whole day.

    any way my plan its wait out the period of chaos in the streets at my home, then when things settle down, get my weapons, equipment, and some food, and drive to this high school that is near by. i mean yeah it’s a far drive, but compared to the stuff nearest to me, its alot better.

    after I’ve secured the place, I’ll find near by surviors, bring them to safety, and establish a refugee camp there. from there i will use cinder blocks to bulds some walls, maybe a few towers, and turn the place from a high school to a modern castle.
    whenthe badits come, I’ll take their stuff (for the bettering of my people) such as veihicles that they’ve turn into battle ready verson, weapons, artillery, pretty much watever they got (assuming their dead, or thats wat they leave behind when they retreat.

    once again, my weapons for this would be my sogfari machete, 9mm pistol, a 30-06 lever action (till i find something better, but I’ll keep it around still), and a cqc crow bar (very tiny crow bar, just the size for a grappling situation).

    to answer the question of the guy who metioned the class 4 out break, i’d gather up the school buses (the garage is near the school), and get all those still alivein them and take a (seriously) long road trip to the east coast, jack a ship, perferably one that either acruse ship or battleship, and sail all the way to scotland.

    from their i will build a town in the highlands, with walkways, buildings on hills and platforms, pretty much like the style of the house from Tarzan, only a whole town and not in trees. from their is the same as at the high school, rebuild society, survive, etc. and then i will conquer land from both bandits and zombies alike, to expand my reach and the reach of my people. any other society who stands in my way may be forfeted as well.

    • Wanna give ya a little helpful information… I like your plan Its the generic find a place and sit. Though I recommend a Train Yard over an already placed building.. And using the Train Carts to build around yourself, this could only possibly be done if the Crane lifts are there and the fuel supply as well.. So there are multiples.. Dock yard, Prison System, Anything with possible walls that aren’t the building itself. Having a premade wall will help a-lot and with prison systems you will have Towers, Farm land, A Kitchen, An armory of some Nonlethal/Lethal weapons.. That’s of course its evacuated. Of course in our day n’ age it will be. The government seems to care about child molesting, wife beating, murdering jerks before citizens.. I guess with very slight good clause. Any place works though! As long as your close to a forest, Water source, and bare ground. Why bare ground? Farming! Potatoes to be more concerned. With potatoes not only can you have a steady food stream you can also have Vodka, vodka makes molotoves, molotoves mean burning Raiders/Zombies. As well as Corn for possible fuel, And finally any particular Vegi for the Area. Now why by a Forest? Hunting, Wild Fruits, And the higher accountability that you won’t be attacked by a large force of zombies. Why do I think they won’t be such a large force? Look at old world battle tactics, they avoided whole forests that they could of walked through with in a day just because they only knew one thing. Follow the leader, just like horses, Cows, Wolves, And most likely zombies. Final thing! If you want some good weapons to defend you’ll want. Bows, Cross Bows, and Pole arms. They all speak for themselves.. Maybe not the Pole Arm so much… You need a good sturdy melee medium to long ranged weapon. So you can stab them about 8- 10 feet away from you.

      • duh! thats why!! the open spaces of the high land will be great for farming, and i plan to buld a wall on my scotish fort, a savaged junk wall, but a wall never the less.

        and you are NOT supposed to drink (much) andi dont know how to make vodka.

      • I know you think in means of keeping one self alive, and to absolutely forget personal cares. But in truth humans just can’t do that, I know you shouldn’t drink much but Vodka can come in use more than one thinks… I recommend you look up how to make certain things. Never a bad thing to admit you don’t know something. As well I’ve been wanting to buy myself an SOG Safari Machete.

        • no you are right there is no problom in not knowing something, in fact i think that is why some of us are here. to learn.

          i’m also glad that you are trying to get your hands on one of those machete’s, i’ve used it not too long ago, and it might of actually saved my life. is got a great handle too.

          besides i do know how to make things, like the bow out of intestense.

          i’ve even come upo with designs in my head for stuff i call scrap.

    • *UPDATE*: i am going to try to get my hands on a Bretta 92 9mm handgun.

  91. For anyone that would like to contact me for Zombie Advice/Opinions. You Can find me most preferably in Skype as Ben.E.B, Or email me at [email protected]. IF you send me spam mail I will crush your soul.

  92. calicade, croos bows are slow to load and you’d probally have to aim for the eye. speaking of that, doesn’t anyone know how to make a bow with intensinse?

    • Crossbows are generally stronger than bows. Why would a bolt not penetrate the skull? An Arrow by itself can easily if shot correctly. I have a story I can’t put out in public about an arrow that penetrated an animals skull.. And Animals have harder skulls than humans.. Specially this kind of animal.

      • point, but crossbows are still too slow reloading.

  93. I’m guessing it was a wild pig or hog. But I love you’re plan Black Machete. Too bad I can’t do that. I live in the middle of texas and I can’t sail. I can fly one those small two-seater bush planes. At least I have the general idea. The school idea is awsome though! Gym=infirmary,cafeteria=mess hall,track=training field,etc. Is the alamo a good place? Maybe not because of the surrounding buildings. Weapon update! ranged: .22 rifle or handgun melee: machete holy $&!* I’m gonna die!: iron pipe(about 15 inches long)

    • well if you can manage to get to ofallon, you might be picked up by one of my scouting groups, then well meet face to face.

      and then you can be a part of it

    • also ty for ur support, i hope you survive, because we’d need ALOT of open minded people after it all calms down, and eventally, the dead return to hell.

  94. Where’s ofallon?

    • some where in the st.charles region of st.louis,MO

  95. Hey calicade! in know just as much if not possiblly more, unless your talking from the movies, then yeah you may know more, but ur getting it from entertanment purposes.


    • I have no clue what your talking about.

  96. im surpruised no one asked why i’d be conquering terrotory.

    well, it’s because my theory is that after world goes out about the zombies, countries will create clean zones, and because they’d be cleaning land from the undead, they will try to take claim of that land. eventually they’ll be fight in a war agaist man AND zombies.

  97. no really they’d probally try to use survivors as conscripts (solders who are elected/forced to fight) or mercs.

    and after they dwindal down, i think i’ll recature land for mankind, not ina evil dictator way, but more along the lines of the medivel countries.

    • Ahh, so It looks like if this does happen I will end up being a Merc for ya? I can see it now.. Calicade a very High Priced Merc that gets shit done. If ya ever need any political help I’m a natural leader, and for the most of my life have studied politics.

      • that is nice to know, but i know politics pretty well to.

      • but if i do need HELP, ill get in contact with you.

  98. After the fall(more like plunge) of civilization, I think humans would start over from a renisance-type way of like. So places of interest:the beach,the alamo,another country. I know that the first 2 won’t be good for a zombie attack but it would be nice to visit them. As if nothing happened. Too bad if/when it happens,women will still act they have for the last decade or so. My point is that repopulating would be hard. Because they will(maybe) still be very picky about their “mate.”

  99. After the fall(more like plunge) of civilization, I think humans would start over from a renisance-type way of life. So places of interest:the beach,the alamo,another country. I know that the first 2 won’t be good for a zombie attack but it would be nice to visit them. As if nothing happened.RANDOM TOPIC!!! Too bad if/when it happens,women will still act they have for the last decade or so. My point is that repopulating would be hard. Because they will(maybe) still be very picky about their “mate.”

  100. Not necessarily, you know. It’s quite possible that they would trade for survival.

  101. 1) Still.
    2) Sorry for the double post.
    3) If you could choose one of these scenerios which would it be? On an island(about as big as Easter Island) by yourself,or in a densly populated city(new york,chicago,etc.) with some one of the opposite gender?

    • Would mind being on an island with a member of the Opposite gender.. Just depends on who. If its a Liberal then no. They’ll want me to do all the work while they set around waiting for the food. If that would be the case they would be dead with in 3 days.. or the first hour or so. But if its that one Female I’ve been looking for then heckshyeah anywhere is good. I can make due in all situations. But the poor fact is you are right, women will not change their ways of finding a fellow of opposite gender to be with. Why? Women have always been this way and it will never change. Unless your a good strong hard working man, or even possibly all kinds of other things… You won’t get a person. Point is were still humans never animals and we must remain that way. So even in hell you need to be able to Court a Woman respectively and with love.

      • umm… why is their a ww near your name?

  102. 1)The scenerios were on an island by yourself or in a densly populated city with someone from the opposite gender. The scenerios actually kinda say something about yourself 2) I’m glad you agree 3) I would choose the second scenerio as long as its with the person I’m thinking of

    • has anyone really put down the one with the chick?

      • In that scenario I’d no longer be married. The prospect of dating again is more horrifying the zombies.

        • oh really?

          for me, since im single, it be great, because any woman you find, you have a great chance of getting some if you’ve made it that far. ;-D

        • Yessir, happily married for over five years now.

  103. that is is im saying it: calicade, your like the brother I never had!

    you are awsome and any one who denies it is a lieing peice of shit.

    sya hell yeah if you agree!!!

    • Oh I know, and the WW stands for Waste Walker. I had accidentally typed out my e-mail as the name. So I just deleted what was really needed to be deleted. And Hell yeah! I’ve been told I’m quiet an awesome friend to have and I try to be. Even though I can be an asshole at times its not met for any serious hatred it all for teh lolz. As well I don’t want to post on every little comment things. Yeah I’ve watched survivor man, I take a few notes but not all the time. I’d rather read up on it from non-tv stars, as well I like to go out in the wilderness. I go into more reasonable terrain to do so, and that’s how I work out my Calf Muscles, Triceps, and Thighs.

      As well I don’t mean to sound rude on anything I post. I just making sure people are safe and everything. I’m scared of not knowing how to make certain things when it comes around if it does. As well knowing how to do some things that people call Feminine is very helpful as well. Sowing is quiet soothing to the mind and body, though it can get agitating when they don’t stay together. Its not fully my thing, but I have different skills I bring to the Table… That’s an Interesting Topic! Make a list and post it up of your Skills everyone! Be realistic about it and accept your own flaws, because in the end knowing your flaws will make them strengths.

      • Skills:
        1) Good accuracy
        2) Basic first aid skills
        3) Good at making improvised
        4) Can stay awake and without
        Food for 2 days(as long as
        I have water) without food:
        4 days. Without sleep: 2
        5) Good at following orders
        6) Good planner
        7) Good at reasoning
        8) Pays attention to
        9) Good short term(and long
        Term) memory
        10) Good at foraging
        11) Good at spotting stuff

        These are my skills. I would have more but I’m 12 so I don’t learn much except what they teach at public school *shudders at the thought*

  104. anyonem here seen any survivor man episodes?

  105. What’s survivor man?

  106. its this cool show that eiter is or was on discovery channel.
    awsome show look up on utube

  107. I’ll try. Wait is it about this guy that visits extreme places like canadian forest,deserts,etc.? I think I saw that once. Back to zombies. Say a zombie is running at you do you A)run away, B)hit it then run away, C)engage it in an RPG battle, or D) shoot it with your 12 gauge?

    • MORON!!! ZOMBIES CAN’T RUN!!!!!!

      • We don ‘t know that exactly.. That was kind of rude.. Most people say my stuff is rude.. I point out different facts and what not.. But yeah.. We don’t know how such an infection will take place, or how it will even work.

        • seriously? the body would begin to lock up, and the zombie won’t have even the moter skills of a 2 year old, let alone the amount required to run.

        • It depends on how the Virus would work. I’m taking all medical possibilities into hand.

  108. I’d pick choice C if it was possible. Go all turn based battles on him! Ya! But I agree with calicade an the virus type. They could run. They can’t climb though(whew!).

    • no they can’t!

  109. 1. I believe you are getting close to what is called being a troll, blackmachete.

    2. 28 Days Later, a very popular zombie flick, had running zombies.

    3. No one has witnessed a zombie attack, and almost certainly never will. However, again, there are many different ways a zombie can be interpreted. Non-running is merely the most popular.

    • I think you guys have a good discussion going here, so let’s make sure we keep it civil.

      There are many ways to do zombies. While I prefer the classic slow, dumb zombie, others might like the fast zombies. When you’re discussing hypothetical survival scenarios like this, keep an open mind.

      If you’re vehemently exposed to, say, fast zombies, simply don’t get involved in that aspect of the discussion.

      Sound good?

      • I look at the whole situation as nearly impossible to fore tell. A zombie is classified as the Reanimated Dead. Yet the term Zombie has been used loosely since the beginning of the use of the word. The things with in 28 days later is simply a rabies. They cannot be classified as zombies as which its only insanity. Humans have had this kind of rabies before and dreadfully its not realistically passable to other humans.
        The second believe all around is a bacteria/Virus taking over the Cerebellum/Spinal cord (Slow Zombie). This is oddly more realistic than a mass spreading of a Rabies infection. (Even though Rabies.. Has happened…) Mainly because bacteria is carried constantly around in our blood, Mucus, and on us. It could all start with a cough, a simple B-slap across the face, or even the most inconvenient thing of it all.. Vomit. Though vomit might seem controllable a-lot of people have to handle it. Bacteria floats about as well before it is scrubbed down. The smell you smell in vomit? That’s not only stumach acid but the bacterias of the body.. SO YEAH! Stay away from people that vomit. (This one also has to die before said happens in theory)
        But what am I to know how this whole thing goes down if it does? I’m only versed in the medical field due to my family and my extreme attentiveness. I personally hope they would be slow…

    • i am not like that, im just pointing out that 1. 28 days later was a bad movie to base anything off of. 2. due to the stiffining of the body after death,and lack of moter skills, they couldn’t run. and 3. ever heard of ronenoke? what about the eygitian method of mumifacation containing the removal of the brain via turning it to mush? that is proof that it’s happened, and that you guys should get real or you’ll get eaten!

  110. getting past that SUPERBIG error in the senario, i’d chose d. how ever i’d just use any gun i had at the moment.

    hey, by the way, are you still not evolved enugh to know zombies dont eat brains, or raise from the grave?

  111. Hey! Read the rules! Keep it civil. 1. I don’t believe in evolution 2. I would really like to avoid an argument so let’s drop it. I never said zombies could run. I said IF a zombie was running at you. Besides what if the,let’s say its a virus,virus instead of killing its host it takes control of it to feed it and maintain a healthy host to stay alive.

    • thats is not a zombie it’s a brain controling parisite, and parisites are dsifferent because they are 1. keeping host alive. 2. does not completelly control but make brain open to it’s sugggestion 3. NOT A ZOMBIE!!!

      then again, i might. idk….. maybe… but really it’s a virus that actually doesn’t truely kill, but in fact disables the cardio, digestive, etc sysrtems, and controlls the musles via brain. or somthing along those lines. in short: can’t supply enough blood to run, zombies cant run!

  112. but still you do have a point

  113. As I said before IF a zombie was running at you. I never said it could. It might have been implied,not purposely but implied none the less. Let’s just drop it and move on with the conversation.

  114. agreed

  115. Where would you find ammunition for your guns though? I mean if you’re lucky you’ll find some but I doubt there’s gonna be a lot in one place though.

    • Fire only Semi Automatic weapons, scavenge everywhere possible, hope that small societies dot the Ravaged America and hope some one with in the little town does ammunition creation. If they don’t, I’mma go with pump action Cross bow.

  116. pump action crossbow? oh well. anythings possible. i’s say the same but thats if i get a gun. I’d probably have a bow of some sort so ammunition would be easy to make/get. and if i had the choice i would pick a semi-auto sniper. but only if i can put it on a stand. if i cant than i would get a small handgun of some sort. either 9mm or M1911. ammo would be somewhat easy to find since it is a common gun. i can easily make arrows for my bow though.

    • There are Pump Action Crossbows silly fella.

      • Well I never heard of them. I live in the middle of texas so I never heard of them. Not a lot of woods. Compound bow, army knife,pipe,quiver of 20 arrows,and a baseball bat. My weapons. In case I find no guns anyways.

  117. This is a question of style and designated feel. I don’t necessarily know how many of you that have fired a B-F Firearm, F-A Firearm, or a S-A Firearm. But which one would you rather have? I was told not to long ago that a B-F rate isn’t as helpful as most people would think far more uncontrollable than F-A. I would though still yet want a S-A (Semi Automatic) Rifle. I don’t want a low Caliber .22 unlike most of you. Due to the fact that I want something that will take out a limb if need be. Won’t only be facing the Undead out there if this whole thing does happen. But that’s okay if you like to do such things as use a low caliber. Its perfectly rocksum just not my style.
    I would choose a 7.62 NATO Caliber gun. The Semi automatic fire will make it easy to control meaning 1 shot 1 kill.
    And for any of you that don’t get the acronyms because I just recently put them together. (Birst Fire, Fully Automatic, and Semi Automatic. Cross bows will work under semi Automatic.. I should of put bolt action but I think the Category of S-A will work for that.

  118. If there was a zombie attack I probably would not be at home. Say if I was in a school science lesson, I would probably arm myself with the large metal clamp-stands at the back. I’d then fight my way to the sports shed, where there’s cricket bats, rounders bats, shot puts, javelins, you name it, it’s there. Either that or the caretaker’s cupboard,which is closer.Lots of gardening tools. Flammable stuff too. Then I’d get home where I could get everything I need.

    • awsome plan

    • if it happened when i was at school i would go to the cafeteria and put the tables next to the windows. then so to other buildings and tell every one to go to the cafeteria. after that i would go to the police station and “scavenge” for supplies. at least if no one is there. if people are there than i would ask for supplies. they would obviously say no so i would wait till all the cops are dead and scavenge for supplies. weapons would go to trustworthy people and supplies would be evenly divided. at least if everyone cooperated. if not than i”m gonna miss those sorry son of a guns. not really. mmmmmmmmm…bacon.

  119. need help!!! can you guys try to help me kind a good CQC weapon?

  120. 15″ iron pipe,12″ crowbar,and a wooden plank.

  121. I’ll stay at Bill Murray’s house.

    I win the Apocalypse!

    • Just don’t shoot him.

      • *kicks dirt*

  122. @zombiemutts: “who you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!”

    • hah

  123. Hmm…I think that now travel destinations and temp bases to get there should be discussed. My destination is the middle of i-10(in texas) and make a barricade there. Temp bases would be other high ways and deserted farms. High way idea is because cars provide a lot of cover and survivors would travel down the high way so they could pick me up. I know it might(70% of a chance) that my high way idea will not work.

  124. Before my 2 comments this page had 300 comments. Yay! 300. In 5-6 years this page will have:

    OVER 9000!!!!

  125. hey guys srry i haven’t been on in a long time.
    the news report is that my machete was a peice of shit, so now i am black machete minus machete.

  126. ouch. why was it a piece of doo-doo?

  127. yes yes it wasa piece of shit

  128. when ever entertainment came into mind i would carry my laptop with 5 spare batteries or a wooden train set. it would last a fair while.

  129. 12hi it’s black machete (now the name above) due to my sogfarii breaking i had to searh for a replacment,and alas, i have found one!!

    its a stanily 2 foot (24 inches, or 61 cm if your canadian) wreaking bar!!!!!!! look it up at it’s great!!!

  130. nice. i still prefer the crutches. they’re good if you can handle them properly

  131. thank you!!!

    and rthat is probally true, i’d haveto take your word for it
    i’m so glad that i am accepted by you alll =-)

  132. All are accepted (except for those…)*voice gets so low that none can hear it* anyways, that’s a funny name. Man crowbar. Hee-hee. I would do crowbar man but man crowbar sounds…like some buff guy who can’t speak right. Like the way he talks. Anyways,have you noticed that no one else has been on here for a while?

  133. yes i have.
    by the way the name is actully after a band i listin to called manowar, and, well since i have a crow bar…. Manocrowbar

    i suggest you hear their misic , it’s ****ing great

  134. where is evrybody?

    • I dunno. Seems like this page kind of died out. I’m not sure why.

  135. Ran out of topics?

  136. Ran out of topics?
    No new commenters?

    WAIT! I got one! If you know left 4 dead (1&2) and the resident evil series,which would you rather be stuck in? Left for dead apocalypse or resident evil apocalypse?

    • Dun worry zombies!.. When I can finish it you shall see a nice span of beautiful thought in the blog section.

      • Cool. (I pick the resident evil one)

  137. Heres Mine:
    Japanese Katana Rack (Every good secondhand store has one for about 50-200$) That has a Katana, Mid Length, and a short sword. Also a silenced sniper rifle and silenced makarov. Sound is a beacon to all zombies saying here I am and I taste good! So knifes and silenced weapons are key.

    • Sorry.. But I’m a gun nut.. Suppressed*

    • well if u can’t silence a gun a is pretty qiuet except fopr the imediete area (a couple yards or so)

  138. I am reading a book called “The Gathering Dead” right now and in it a group of special forces soldiers decide the best place to bunker down while they figure out how to deal with the zombie outbreak is an office building. Interesting idea and I agree with them. People will gravitate towards homes, hospitals and police stations but nobody wants to stay in an office building so they will evacuate those first. Assuming you can control the stair wells and figure out your food supply it really does seem like the prime place. Especially if you can get to two or three story building. Not too tall where you couldn’t have an emergency way to get down but high enough to give you a decent view of the immediate area.

    • I’m not one much for holding up in a spot.. But I do know quiet a bit of what one can do if its long term survival.. I say find a train yard (If you are in the southern, or mid part of the country) Use what you can (Carts and what have you) To build up a wall. After you have this wall start farms that grow mostly wheat or potato’s. If you can grow potato’s and wheat you can use them both for very useful sustenance, and as well you can turn them into whiskey/Vodka. These both can be used for molotovs if made right and strong enough.
      Also want a sturdy leader, and strict rules until everything is set up.

      • A train yard…..

        You know that’s interesting. Getting cornered would be a worry but so is everywhere else. It would be safe hopping from roof to roof to escape. Assuming you could get to the top.

      • I remember you saying that earlier.but what if you were also at the docks? you could build around the coast and if they are too overwhelming, then you can boat away. (assuming you have a boat there of course)

        • Ahh yes, docks of any sort/ports. You have the ocean where you can go back to the old school where you live determines what you eat. So say hello to fish every day. I don’t know a-lot about ports and stuff when it comes going up north or by the ocean.. But I’m assuming a-lot of the time by large water masses there are going to be containers.. So using those as quick homes, and as walls for protection.

        • those storage containers are good for temp. homes. if you can operate the crane you can stack them to make a stronger base fill them with junk and they will have a harder time moving them. too bad they sink like stones. even with air inside. hee-hee! “sand castle! all the way!”

  139. Hello? anybody here? *moan**grumble* Stay back! Leave me alone! *gunshots* Aaaaahhhh! *fades lower quickly*


      • uhh…no. *walks out of graveyard* I was actually inside the website building. i was looking at scrimshaw’s dead body when he tried to eat me and my friends. they left but i can get them back. I know where they live. especially since I built their house.


          (got 30 dollars or about 27 euros? go buy it)

  140. If i was in a Z-apoc i would stay with FPS Russia. He as experience like how to kill a zombie and a bloody APC.


    • whaa?

      • Yeah, I’m completely puzzled by this too.

        • FPS Russia = An American male whom is on youtube that speaks like he is Russian. he owns a-lot of guns or perhaps rents them out to preform youtube videos with them. Rather neat what he shows on there considering he has fully automatic rifles, a-lot of land, and explosives. Most people think that they would be best in safety with him.. Possibly.. But does he know how to maintain a farm, and medical?

        • did not know that. thanks calicade.

  141. Hmm this place seems rather dead, and dead in the sense that it’s not going to reanimate into a zombie dead.. Perhaps we should try a Frankenstein approach huh?

    We must shock it back alive with dubstep that is directly powered by lightening.

  142. Hi all / anyone,

    We’re currently putting together the first issue of Undead Zine, a digital magazine dedicated to zombies. If you have any ideas for articles, reviews, interviews etc… just drop us a line!

    The magazine is shaping up to be a brilliant resource for zombie fans!


  143. hi every one again, lets talk the value of travaling with a hachet as a melee weapon!

  144. oh and by the way i and the giuy who was formally known as manocrowbar, be cause i gave up my crow bar to lil bro.

  145. Time for Ben to revitalize this section of the website to hopefully continue to keep on this lengthy conversation area.

    Now most people won’t see this in awhile, but the question is this.

    What kind of clothing will you be wearing during survival in/after the fall of civilization.
    This can include zombie, famine, virus, or nuclear. Please clarify which one for each set of clothing if you make a compramised list.

    • As well, please be as honest, and as realistic as possible. This is a self examination question.

  146. I personally would wear my heavy duty work jeans(they have a loop for holding a hammer that would also be good for a holster) leather work gloves, my trench coat, may hat, my boots, knee and elbow pads, and a gas mask. This is very realistic because I have easy access to all of those things, also, during the winter and fall time I would wear my overcoat (same style as the ones they wore in WW1 that were very protective from daggers and other blades).

    BTW the overcoat would go over my trenchcoat.

    • this wouldn’t be very effective against zombie teeth or radiation.

      • Ahh, work jeans and leather work gloves. Might I ask what you do even though I feel that might be a little silly?

        • I am a 9th grader, but during the summers I have helped my grandfather do some “remodeling” AKA rebuild a bathroom and a front porch and tearing down a shed(I pretty much did that part be myself though), so I have some experience with building things and putting things together(would come in handy for barricades)

  147. Oh, I know it doesn’t go along with calicade’s question, but, If I were going to choose somewhere to stay, I would find a small plateau, preferably somewhere near the area that I know.

    • Why yes, another good question/conversational piece. Places to stay or more so needed.. Natural places to stay. What kind of plateau? One out into the water or over a land mass?

      • If it is in the water, it is probably not going to be very easy to get away from quickly in case of emergency, such as zombies(who are mostly intact) float, or storm, or some sort of tsunami, so I would definitely go with land, and preferably one with several ways to escape(but if not I could make some).

  148. Thought this would be a cool place for this (Seattle is my backyard):

    Here’s an article about the Survivalist Bunker. The bunker itself was a work of art; tragically, the guy that built it was a loon.

    • Seems like the crazies always seem to be the people that build the best..
      Hitler had designed a car that would of been nearly impervious to wreck damage.

    • As well that guy makes Individualist, Anti Authoritarian, Survivalist look bad.
      I have a reputation to keep up!

  149. I’ve been in this conversation plenty of times before, attempting to figure out the economy of the future. What, in your own theory, would substitute our economy into a z-conomy?

    • Shiny things or carved stones(tools and other supplies are obvious). Maybe a new coin?

  150. I don’t know if you are familiar with Prezi Presenations (an alternative to Power Point), anyway, here are some presentations on Zombies. Like anything else, some are awesome, some are crud. Also, given the creative madness of you all, you can make your own presentations as well!

    Dave, one posibility would be to do your whole comic as a Prezi! Copy and Paste for one seemless experience.

    Any questions about how to start a Prezi account, or navigating a presentation, let me know.

    • What I really hate is how people have taken “The Zombie Survival Guide” to heart.. With things like.
      “Where skin tight sports clothing” an actual survivalist either laughs or face palms at this.

      • (yes yet again i change my name, but this on should stick!)



    This is actually my plan to survive the apocalypse. Just kidding, but I would like to see both Sith and Jedi fighting both each other and zombies at the same time, maybe even throw in some dinosaurs.

    • That would be rather cool, especially with the different aliens that they have, and would the aliens be able to get the virus as well? There’s plenty to consider in it.. Might also consider all of the clones that exist.. If the initial specimen gets infected with the virus then any new clone produced would be a zambie… And in a rush to make more clones to fight off the zombies.. They would most likely produce zombie clone troopers..

      • They don’t just clone from a person, they took a whole bunch of samples of DNA from jango fett, then stored it all in seperate storage containers in a massive room, and then, it would just be that one facility on kamino, but, that is an interesting concept there what with the clone zombies, I wonder, if one clone gets infected, do the others try to help, or do they just shoot him on the spot…. But that is a question for another place, this is about zombie survival plans… Sorry that I may have distracted you people with my link up above.

        • Thank you for that.. I may actually like to learn a lot more of star wars from you, I’m about to start playing SWOTR.. And I don’t want to seem like an idiot that just plays the game because I can. I’m joining a good friend of mine on it.

        • That sounds, nice, if you should ever wish to know something, you may ask me, and if I can’t answer you, I shall point you in the right direction, I personally haven’t played SWTOR yet because paying monthly for both it and WoW would be quite difficult as that would add up to about $30 dollars and I am barely able to afford WoW.

  152. Ive already survived camping with nothing but my baseball bat, and 3 days worth of food and water. of course i was starving by the time i got home

    • still, that is food and water already provided, not stuff that you had to get yourself, maybe you should try it again but have a pocket knife, and 2 days of food and water

  153. I would have my own little farm in my house, 2 chickens, 2 cows, 2 pigs, and maybe even 2 dogs. ill also plant a little garden, you can never run out of food that way, and if you have enough weapeons you can kill any zombie in your house, thats how im going to survive the zombie appocolipse

    • Sweet! Kinda like a Noah’s Ark does the zeepoc, AC. Does put the Apocalypse in Apocalyptic. 😀

  154. i’ve got an axe and a cat.

    by your logic, im ready to.

    you see, you need a BOB and a plan of escapse!

  155. BOB? what the hell is that?

    • Bug out Bag

  156. ok this is my thought,first when the apocalypse starts i will go to my local outdoor store instead of going to the police safe zone and pick up a lever action shotgun,2 m1911 and get 4 mags for the m1911 and 6 for the lever action,and if they have the silencers and also pick up beef jerky some canned food,water canteens,gas masks and then head out to get my father and mother and friends then i intend to find one of the castle-houses that people built and just pull up the drawbridge,then i can grow food,keep the canned goods,get water from the well and maybe if i can find some,raise livestock,are there any flaws?

    • nope i like it….

  157. your plans not to bad, but will the cops give you all those wepeons? you might get a m1911

    • after i get an m1911 i will head to my outdoor store,which sells alot of weapons including ak’s and other assault rifles,and if i needed 2,go to baton rouge,Louisiana and go to red jacket firearms,which sells military grade weapons and supressors

  158. I am getting sick and tired of people saying that zombies are coming you don’t if zombies are coming or not

    • We don’t know, but it can’t hurt to have a detailed, over-the-top plan, can it?

    • also, a good zombie survival plan is a good plan for any disaster or apocalypse.

      • That’s mostly my point. FEMA and the Red Cross want you ready for a weekend blizzard; but what happens on the fourth day when you’ve only prepared for three days? It will be like a zombie apocalypse. When folks get really hungry, because they ate the last of their Cap’n Crunch, and there’s no more milk, and even the beer is running low, there will be a disaster.

        Don’t prepare for a three-day disaster. Prepare for the bloody end of the world. You’ll be more ready then.

  159. Been thinking of/about this thread for quite some time and came to the conclusion that perhaps Douglas Adams was on to something; so the first item on my Zeepoc Survival Kit will be . . . a Towel!

    “A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (such a mind-bogglingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.

    More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag (strag: non-hitch hiker) discovers that a hitchhiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitch hiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitch hiker might accidentally have “lost.” What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.”

    • Yeah.. Already carry a towel on my BOB actually..

  160. My Z.S.P. is to first head out to my friend’s farm (he owns a mosin nagant) and we would wait about a week or two on his farm. He lives on a hill with a shit load of fences to slow zombies down with the help of his bear traps. Also there is a room at the very top of his barn so we can destroy the stairs and us a ladder on the opposite side of the room (will try to make walk way to ladder bigger). after about a week or two we will head out to the highschool to meet up with more of my survival buddies (already have alternate plan at this point if anyone wants to know just ask). We will work our way into the basement with the work of melee combat (im planing for special infected to it is in the alternate plan) and reach the shooting range and we will gather up all the guns possible and ammo. We will then get rid of the rest of the zombies in the school (not very hard its got about 4 floors and 3 separate buildings) we will then use the cars as barricades and syphon the gas from the cars (may use buses instead but will have one for transportation). After that we will then open all the vending machines for food and water. We will then head over to a grade school near by and clean that out of zombies and then scavenge the kitchen for food and water. Then we will also barricade the grade school (again it has buses) then there is a country club across from the school we will then go there clear out all zombies and make that our home base we will then head over to two apartment complexes and clean that of zombies and we will then move the buses to block all areas not covered by a fence and we will then look for survivors (even if we have already found some) and bring them back to the apartments. We will then establish dominance and will place leaders for kids teens and adults, but the people who found and cleared the area will have the final say. After that i will send out search parties for supplies and survivors. I will be on the look out for an engineer, a mechanic, a pilot, and a welder to make a vehicle out of a set of monkey bars (it already has the body of a medium SUV) so we can go out looking for survivors in a wider area and set up more safe zones. we will start to make fences and replace the buses for parts but have enough for everyone to get in and escape. we will also walk along the fences and lure zombies over and stab them in the head with a knife to thin them out. if anyone has ideas or corections please make them. i live in Richmond KY 40475 if you all want to see what im talking about the school is Madison Central High School.

    • Once I get home.. I’mma critique this.

  161. I think the best survival plan is to be flexible. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. To say “I will do this” or “I will do that” is an invitation for Murphy to take a piss in the lock of your musket. Better to say “I hope to do this; or “I would like to do that.”

    In an emergency I will likely have my 2-meter radio for extended communications (up to about ninety miles under most conditions), unless there is strong electromagnetic interference (sunspots, EMP, etc.). I have about three-days worth of batteries charged for it. I can also easily run it on car batteries or a running car’s 12-volt system. Communication is vital. Eventually I want to add a SSB CB and a large antenna, maybe get into 11-meter radio, and eventually HF, so I can really get out there and talk.

    Communication is vital during and in the aftermath of a disaster; and a zombie apocalypse is no exception. There are networks of amateur radio operators across the country and the world prepared to keep communication running in the event of a disaster.

    I guess that makes the zombie apocalypse a little less romantic for everyone.

  162. wow this coversation is still going wow man imma big fan 🙂

    • this conversation should go on forever. if were all good survivalists and live for the next 10 million years, until our sun explodes. man were all nerds here, huh?

      • You got that right

  163. my zombie plan i have discussed with my mates and this is pretty much it.

    first i would grab my stepdads katana anad 2 hunting knives along with my planned survival kit which is:
    2 lighters
    some old biking gloves my first stepdad left behind
    my tough rucksack which has survived my numerous times of being hit by a car :3
    my laptop for any info that gets released over the first couple of weeks aftwerwards the internet would definetely go
    a pack of the most sugary snacks i can find for quick energy boosts
    a couple of graphic novels
    as much bottled water as i can get
    and my compass and flashlight

    Now one of the main things people have forgotten in surviving the apocalypse is that theres probably been a build up of chaos so there will most likely be random cars stripped down in the middle of roads completely destroyed buildings and mostly empty places to loot this will make it much harder to survive, however i have considered this factor.

    so after i had all my supplies i would alert machiej and tye rae the two kids i have mainly discussed this with and head off to get jess and george when we had all metup i would share my supplies round and as they are probably the only ones without weapons i would give jess and george the hunting knives then if it was relatively early enough after day 1 of the apoc we would head onto the industrial estate behind where i live where we plan to pick up a freezer fan as they are so heavily armoured for what they are its ridiculous and disable the freezer now as your probably thinking right now, “why do that? thats ridiculous” well there is a reason as these vans do not have enough room for all of us we are going to lock 3 people in the back :3

    damnit i have to go i will write the next part soon.
    bye now bros :3

  164. Wow, I somehow stumbled onto this website and it is amazing! After reading a few of the posts I thought about it and here is what my plan would be:

    Location is very important to surviving the apocalypse. If you live in a city it will most likely get over run by zombies and if you live in the country it will be harder to find supplies. But for my plan it won’t matter where you live, you will be safe anywhere! Well anywhere on the island. I live on an island in eastern Canada called Newfoundland. This plan mainly depends on 3 things:

    1. The virus doesn’t start in Newfoundland and Labrador.
    2. The virus is only spread through direct contact with the infected.
    3. The news of the virus spreads fast so we can act right away.

    Newfoundland is an ideal location because it has no connection to the mainland so no zombies will just roam in. It is surrounded by an ocean and if a zombie decided to get smart and try to walk under the water to the island it would be crushed by the pressure of the ocean and never make it. The closest it gets to another land mass is at the north of the island so this area would be heavily guarded.

    Many survivors would think an island would be the safest place so many people would come to Newfoundland. Although it would be nice to increase the population it wouldn’t be worth the risk of the virus spreading onto the island so because of this anyone who approached the island should be killed without hesitation. It may seem harsh but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We could possibly save the whole population of Newfoundland (around 500’000) by killing a few survivors.

    Because of the weakest point being the north (Burin peninsula) we would move everyone south (Avalon peninsula). In case something ever did happen to cross from the main land to Newfoundland we would all be nice and safe on the other side of the island. We have plenty of free space for farms and there is lots of water and fish. Gas would be reserved for the patrol that would be around the coast and since everyone would be living in one area there wouldn’t be much need for it anyway.

    As for weapons, all the weapons would be taken from the citizens and given to the patrol. Anything left over would be given to the police force who would watch over the citizens. If things ever got really bad and the island became over run we could move as many people as we could to the islands of St.Pierre and Miquelon. Once there we would assess the situation and then try to take back Newfoundland if we thought it would be possible. If not we would start over and use the same plan there.

    • shit dont kill survivors quarintene. that is best way id be quite pissed i survied all that carp just for u to shoot me when i friggin get there -.-

    • yea, at least make sure they’re infected before you blow their brains out!

  165. I plan on supply raids on small stores, Bass Pro, Walmart, Home depot and so on. i have several weapons and survival gear at my house to survive and fight for supplies and stuff. I wuold call all of my family members and freinds, tell them the way to my current location. from there i would have an able fighting group of at about maybe one hundred. My group and i would make our way to a wooded area were ther are some small towns( for town raids) the group would hunt, fish, trap, and survive from a building that we could take a hold of, still near this area. I suggest a home depot with a flat roof, this is because you can set snipers on the roof. also the have those tall orange structures, whch you can easily make in to sheltors and storage to supply our selves.
    Then we split in to groups of specialties, one group finds a cure, one group gathers supplies from other stores, one group hunts, fish, traps for food. Another group will contact others, specifing our location and organozing extraction teams to get them. The last group (my group) attacks zombies, sets up escape routes, gates surounding the area, and killin/ gathering zombies for reaserch.
    I feal that with my survival, knolledge/ skill/ physicall strengths i could carry out this plan relativitly easily.

    • i would significantly decrease the size of your group because larger group= more supplies consumed= staying on the move alot more= certain death for larger groups. i also would’nt worry about finding a cure when you can use the manpower to better defend your area.

  166. my weapons and tools( starting out) consist of
    -sog multi tool
    – becker bk2
    -glock 9mm
    -12 guage shot gun
    -30 cal rifle ( 30 at 06)
    -Crossbow. always important to have one incase of EMP
    -grappling hook
    -.22 rifle
    – and grenade

    this is my personal choice and the guns would change, depending on the situation. i would have the glock on my vest and a aussult rifle in my hands. .22 would be for hunting.

    • regarding your comment about cross bows and EMP’s: Emp’s wont affect most guns so you don’t have to worry about that

  167. For my survival kit I would have the following:

    1. Any 9mm hand gun with a high magazine capacity. It doesn’t have to be a high powered gun. As long as it can get through the skull and destroy the brain it should work. It would be kind of stupid to give up magazine capacity for power in my opinion.

    2. Loads of ammo.

    3. A powerful but small flashlight and a few packs of batteries. You never know when you will be in the dark fighting zombies or looting and a good flashlight could be very useful.

    4. Some basic medical supplies.

    5. As much food and water as I can carry.

    6. A good multi-tool.

    7. An AK-47 in case I run into a large group of zombies that I have to take care of. I also chose the AK-47 because it is a very reliable and durable gun.

    8. A machete.

    9. If I could find them, suppressors for my guns.

    10. Some personal hygiene items such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, etc.

    11. A handful of lighters.

    12. A bullet proof vest in case I run into hostile humans and also it could protect against bites.

    13. Winter clothing like a coat, gloves, a hat.

    14. Heavy work boots.

    15. The biggest back pack I could find to carry all of my stuff.

    16. Some paper and pencils so I could draw or write to occupy myself.

    17. A few good books.

    18. And last but not least, some kind of helmet with something to guard my face such as a gas mask. Wouldn’t want to swallow any zombie guts now would I?

    I may be missing a few things but oh well, one of you lovely people will point it out for me. Enjoy and keep this conversation going!

    Oh and here is a decent conversation starter:

    Who would you rather be on a team with, the type of person that will do ANYTHING to survive and doesn’t hesitate or the type of person that will take time to make their decisions and will possibly risk his/her life to save another?

    Think about the pros and cons of each personality.

  168. those were just a few wweapons that i would carry. i chose them for versitility, commonly used ammo, and effectiveness. 12 gauge and .22 cal ammo is the most common for hunting, the 30 aut 06 following closely behind

  169. i would risk my live to save others. exspeccially a family member or freind.
    i would not risk it if there was no way i could save them. Then id beat the crap out of the F***ing zombie who did it.

  170. id also have my :

    Breaching tool

    sog seal team elite

    my combat boots

    ballistic helmet

    bullet/ stab proof armour (Maybe kevlar w/ shock pads) legs and body

    my fishing and hunting gear

    sleeping bag with liner

    water filter

    fire kit

    550 True para cord. true para cord has a strong hard nylon cord inbetween the strands and the outer layer


    survival and combat books( to train others and they are a good read)

    a week worth of MRE’s

    calorie bars enough for a month

    4 quart pot

    tactical floating device( they work as backpack straps but also float uf to 300 ilbs.)

    cleaning kit

    UPS truck ( i can just hijack one but they got good armour and are spacoius for around 10 ppl and their gear.)

    fenix flashlight(highlumen)

    garmin GPS/Walky talky

    batteries varrying

    my dog and his gear + food

    what ever my EDC is

    • add

      Gas mask

      Bio suit

      Bio mask

      gun cleaning kit

      baseball bat


      folding saw

      • and a first aid kit( custom made by me

  171. please add comments

  172. I already Know What I would do. I live a 10 minute walk from a small department store with a gas station and a Trucker’s stop. That’s Food, Gas, Trucks and burly guys for recruits. I also have a fenced off storage district with hangar sized kilns relatively close to a hunting and fishing store and a small lake a 5 min drive. So, all in all, I have Food, Gas, Trucks, Burly Guys, a space for a small community, weapons and assorted hunting/fishing gear and a place to catch fish. I wouldn’t exactly be worried. Also, I live about 5 kilometres from the nearest city or suburb, so no fresh supply of Zeds to constantly be giving me grey hairs. Ooh, I forgot there is a Barnes and Nobles store literally right next to the hunting and fishing store, so there is no shortage of comfy top of the line furniture and beds!

    I got it covered as long as I don’t get bitten on the school bus or in the trucker’s stop.

  173. I live in a 7k habitant town hugging chic-choc mountains (canada), i would simply not go by city’s or habited places except my little town. The population here are old grannys so they are way more limited than normal zombies. Id gatter every people i could and barricade in moutains (waiting for winter). Here its pretty cold in winter so zombies would easily freeze or get burried in snow(or move extremely slow or die depending on witch zombi we talk about). Normal houses here have guns, hunting guns, shotguns, since everyone hunts or already did. We are at 2 hours by car from the closest city (70 000 pop)so no one will come loot this town exept locals survivers(enough ressources to last winter).Id Keep myself far from the army or the gouvernment cause they are, to me, a treath cause you cant know what will be the situation, will they help you? i dont think so. After winter we could easily serves ourselves directly at town, since zombie population “died” or fled to find food. Creating a “base” in town would be a good retreat point(for food we got st-laurent ). And not moving until Zombies activity grows meaning they are quitting citys to wonder over forests and plains searching for food. We have a quay and the town is built beside it. So the ultimate retreat plan would be to charge up a fishing boat and sail on an island no so far.

  174.           My Zombie Plans

    My Theory For Zombies

    The first thing, is the original virus- toxoplasmos gondii. This original strain infects the minds of dead rats, and causes them to commit suicide. Thy do this, by taking control of three skills the rat had in its life, motor, sight and smell. It then makes the rat sexually attracted to the scent of cat urine. It goes to where the scent is strongest(naturally, near a cat), and it’s eaten. It does this, because in order for T.G. to reproduce, they need to be inside of the stomach acids of a cat. This may seem illogical as to how it may start zombies, but OVER 50% OF THE HUMAN RACE IS INFECTED WITH TOXOPLASMOS GONDII. 90% of the 50 have no idea they have it. In my theory, a doctor somewhere wants to improve the virus to create a treatment for it(because they have some pretty serious side effects on humans; dangerous mood swings, depression, even premature death are some examples.), and it instead becomes worse. For instance, it takes out the middle man, and makes it simply take over a dead human, and make it bite a live one, kill it, and continue the cycle rapidly. A good estimation, is that about an hour or so after bite, you would die, then reanimate about another hour later. This would result in early zombies(we’ll call them Walkers) having crunchy, decomposing skin, and shuffling and moaning like in the movies. T.G. would probably allow a partial of verbal skill, as to alert other infected when food is nearby. In order to kill this type of zombie, a clean headshot is needed, because that’s where the action’s happening. You could shoot it in the heart, I wouldn’t die, because it isn’t focusing on the maintaining of its body; it’s focusing on the survival if the strain. This would also mean they feel no pain, and would have slight increases in strength, speed, stamina and endurance because of this(because humans are restricted to use only 70% of our full strength, because pain is telling us that it’s damaging our body. Then, there would be a second generation of zombie, that are easier to kill- Runners. I say easier to kill, because the moisture still in the skin would allow less resistance to higher caliber weapons(hunting rifles and such). This also means that they are susceptible to flames, so long as it burns the head. Decapitation could work, if the brain is destroyed after. Then, there’s also mutated infected; they are somehow changed to have extra abilities. For example, one might grow claws and learn how to climb(Hunter), while another might swell and explode when shot(Boomers). However, thankfully, zombie dogs PROBABLY(though still possible) won’t happen.

        Step 1. Invite all family. Tell all to bring non parishable foods, clothes, barricading supplies, meds, ammo, and guns. Bring in a rooster and six hens, and two of each garden plant. Put dogs in area behind my desk.
        Step 2. Put two walls of plywood boards behind the fence, and cover whole mess in plaster. Put sandbags behind and barbed wire on top.
       Step 3. Lock and board up all of the windows and the front/sliding glass door. Have a ladder leading up to the roof, which is surrounded by sandbags. This area is going to be used by a daily-elected sniping.
       Step 4. Put a radio in the living room. Take all doors out of bedrooms and bathrooms. Put all mattresses in the living room(sleeping in one room makes it difficult for zombies, if any are able to get through, to get to one of us. Store all munitions and weapons in the living room.
       Step 5. Line all cars in front of the house, by about seven yards. Put gasoline tanks and bear traps spread out between the cars and the house. Paint SOS signs and such on the sides, as well as setting up picket signs on the roads. If any survivors come our way, direct them to the garage, where they’ll be subjected to a strip search for bites. If there are any signs of infection, send them in their way. Allow them to stay for a maximum of four days, without using our resources.
       Step 6. Raid when needed. We already have a well, firewood all around us, a food supply, a half a dozen nurses, and a holy-crap-load of ammo, but should we need something, send a group of 6-8 armed men between the ages of 40 and 16 to go for whatever reason.
       Step 7. Teach future generations things like math, history, reading, biology and health, weapon handling, how to survive, steal gas, cook, kill, etc. Also, start a community by holding up a stand, selling surplus goods. Gain access to a broadcast radio, sending messages to those who might just be listening. Continue as necessary.

       Step 1. Fill bug out bag. Pack with the following;
    Canned foods
    Bottled water
    Med kit
    Close range weapon
    Short range weapon
    Mid range weapon
    Long range weapon
    Radial weapon
    Extra clothes
    Walkie talkie/radio/cell phone
    Lock pick
    Car alarm
       Step 2. Get a UPS truck. Lots of storage, hard to break in, very few windows, not a lot of doors, and doesn’t break down easy, and when it does, it’s easy to repair. Add snow plow to the front, and a mattress in the back. I now have a home-on the go.
       Step 3. Check in on family. If they’re still alive, get them to come with you. Make them bring the same packed bug out bag. Also bring the pets and the chickens.
       Step 4. Travel, raid, reproduce w/ survivors, repeat.

        Step 1. Gather family and gather them into a truck. Pack essentials, as well as semi-auto weapons(I never liked machine guns in a zombie plan, because the entire point of a machine gun is to get as many slugs into the air as possible. This not only is difficult for ammo conservation, but also since you’re going to be aiming at the head, and not center mass, you’ll never get a kill shot.).
        Step 2. The entire basis of this plan is to get to designated military E.Z.s across the nation, the closest being in Washington DC. With this in mind, we’ll set up camp along the way every day, starting camp at 8:00 pm, and packing up at 8:00 am. Over night, we take shifts on night watch, shifting every hour. We eat three meals a day, no exceptions. If we run out of gas in transit, we steal gas from the local gas stations along the way. We also get food and water in said gas stations.
       Step 3. Once in DC, we immediately search for any survivors. These survivors will probably know where the E.Z.s are at, and take us there.

       Step 1. Grab family and dogs.
       Step 2. Pack car with food and water.
       Step 3. Travel to Alaska.
       Step 4. Make a boat.
       Step 5. Sail to Russia, wait it out.

    Step 1. Grab a pistol.
    Step 2. Say “Goodbye”.
    Step 3. Blast my brains out.

    My weapons of choice(dual weapons just make sense to me);
    Dual Ninja Machetes
    Akimbo Glock.40s
    Twin 1887s
    Hunting Rifle w/ zoom scope
    Tin Grenades
    M.S.E.(Micro Sonic Emitters)
    Knuckle Dusters
    Two Tomahawks

    • 1) Your theory is VERY intelligent, I’ve heard of it and it makes logical sense
      2) Gas stations probably won’t be usable. The pumps will be either dried out or not operable.

      • your theory on gas stations will only be applicable if you’re not the first one to get to them. if you stock up on everything else before the outbreak you’ll significanly increase your chances of getting to the pumps first.

    • btw it may just be me but i think you’ll be carrying way too many weapons. the spartans had fighting down to a deadly science: a javelin for distance, a spear for mid range, a sword for close range, and a shield for cracking skulls. if i were you i would consider doing the same. maybe keep the glock, one ninja machete, the hunting rifle and one 1887as for the rest i would either keep it at your base or not having it at all. i would definitely consider getting rid of the grenades because if you don’t know how to use them you’ll either do no damage or hurt someone you care about. one thing is for certain about the grenades, they will create ALOT of noise and that will attract more zombies.

  175. Btw, my name is dc because Zombieland just named characters after where they were going. I also live on a small farm, near a creek and five acres of firewood. I hope you realize I know I’m probably not right about how the zombies will show up.

  176. Ok, didn’t know where to post this PDF, and since this thread is text-heavy, here it is . . . for those who want to chew on something more ‘sides brains.

    “Common Misconceptions about Disasters: Panic, the “Disaster Syndrome,” and Looting” Heh! The title tells you where this paper is about; kudos to the author!

    Set Up: There is a great deal on info out on disasters, the impact and consequences of disasters, and recovery from disasters. The zeepoc, by definition will be a disaster; conceivably, THE Disaster of the human race. You know, Extinction Event magnitude.

    Since this group is all about preparation, some questions are:

    1. How do we prepare psychologically?
    2. How do we psychologically survive “this”?
    3. Do resources that address Large Scale Disasters help address the zeepoc?
    4. If info on, say The Holocaust, Black Plague, Cambodian Killing Fieds, et al, is not sufficient to prepare us mentally, what do we need to add to the convo?

    As for the PDF, it actually runs intuitively contrary to what many believe will be humanity’s response to the zeepoc. What do you think?

    Duty to Warn: This PDF is loong!

  177. I really think that electronic services will go sooner than anybody cares to admit, and that the the e-withdrawals will be catastrophic (see the movie “A Trigger Effect”).

    But until such time as the Internet connections go, this infographic will be useful:

  178. Well, Me and my friends all have a plan. The first one to see a zombie calls the rest of us and tells us to meet at the local hunting store. Once we have stocked up on iron, we will proceed to go down the main road to my high school.
    My high school has got tall fences with spikes on top all around it. there is a canteen and plenty of room to have people and stay alive. Also, as an added bonus there is a supermarket just down the road. We could send patrols over there to get food.
    I don’t think there with ever be a zombie attack on earth. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

    • 1) Guns are never a good idea unless there are literally TONS of Walkers. Remember how they make a loud noise?
      2) That, well, we can call it a gun shop in reality. Anyway, its gonna be a huge ordeal. It’ll be either empty, or overrun. With the living, dead…. or both…..
      3) Your high school is gonna end up being crowded or locked down. Probably locked down AND crowded. Always have a back up just in case ;D

  179. It’s like I always say, James, ‘organize before they rise’… Oke, so maybe Max Brooks said that, but I like it. Besides, if you can survive THE LIVING DEAD, you can survive anything.

  180. Well, I’ve only made the beginnings of a plan, but it should work. Probably. My family, having six people in the same household, had a lot of supplies in it. When it starts, we’ll grab our baseball bats, load the food and water into two of our three cars, and head our to… the police station or something. Maybe a friend’s house.
    Also, we would probably need to pick up survivors with combat knowledge to defend our stuff. Some kind of law enforcer, maybe? We’re not much good in combat either, because four of us are a bit young for fighting. Unless its bashing a zed’s brain in. Plus the two adults are lawyers.
    All in all, pretty useful. Right?

    • do you live in a major city? if so then i wouldn’t recommend using cars as the roads will be blocked with abandoned cars. instead consider using mountain bikes. 1 their easy to get 2 they are silent 3 you can weave in and out of clogged traffic 4 you can pick them up and carry them if need be and 5 you can still most if not all of your supplies in large military style duffle bags

  181. when shit des happen…how will you know if the guy thats coming up the street is willing to be friendly or going to want to stay the hell away? people havfe thses tendencies. i mean hell im in florida…lot of old peopleand im young odds arnt generally in my favor. yeah my dad has an arsenal but its far away from me. id propose that you get to know people before that ive near you. like someone with time creates a facebook page and you create squads of people. this will let yo get to know your people befroe hand a littel bit and work on a system. cuz im damn sure if everyone hits the same walmart at once its all going to go to shit…

  182. Here be my plan:

    a) Learn if this ia a legit outbreak, or hoax.
    b) Laugh at the people who told me zombies didn’t exist
    c) Find the nearest and best weapon, grab some seeds, soil, and as many water bottles as I can carry then high-tail it to the nearest defense, i.e. rooftop, school.
    d) Set up a renewable source of food, call my freinds and loved ones to come to my location carrying important items (food, water, weapons, other survival commodities)
    e) Ride out the outbreak and hope that the authorities make it.
    f) if e) is a failure, then fortify my defensive location, make a farm, attempt to reconnect with other (non-hostile) survivors
    g) Hurry up and wait

    • regarding c: you need to get the weapons before hand and if you don’t already have the soil and seeds don’t bother getting them because the faster you get to your defensive location, the more quickly you can secure it and get your friends and family their.

      regarding d: i wouldn’t worry so much about having a renewable source of food unless you live miles from any town. it’s much easier to just send out search parties to find larger amounts of food. besides chances are that the renewable source won’t produce enough of anything to support you group.

  183. Hey Dave, how about another converstarter? I have a plan too 😀 give me a lil bit of time to start writing it down. Ill try to post it in the next half hour?

  184. Background: I have 2 plans. Im 15 and in relatively good shape. I have easy access to smart weaponry. I know how to drive decently.

    Plan One, The smarter, safer plan:

    I) Assuming that I am either near my house, or am already at my house I will do the following:

    1) Lock doors, deadbolt, the whole shabang.
    2) Close all blinds
    3) Nail 2X4’s over the windows (With a slight amount of peaking room)
    4) Make sure nobody can get into my house from ANYWHERE
    5) make use of what I have… Turn on the news, start filling empty jugs of water with tap water (I have water coolers, so I usually have 4-8 jugs of pure water at any time. I’d be filling any empty ones and be saving that water for after I set up my base)
    6) Start grabbing all bags I have predetermined to use (A medium duffel bag, 2 book bags)
    7) Go through my coverts and medicine cabinets for everything. (Peroxide, Cold medicine Ect.) (You don’t wanna be running out in the open and be noticed cuz of a bad cough or sneeze)
    Also, I will add 5-10 knifes into the bag (Chef knifes I have for cooking….. But they can stab their way into a brain too I suppose)
    8) Fill backpack with water and first aid items
    9) Fill last bag with non perishable food. Spaghetti (Uncooked), granola bars, Ect.)
    10) Draw a sign that says “Moved onto another location, feel free to make a shelter here if you wish”
    11) Charge all electronics. Ipod, Smartphone, laptop (Music)

    Step II)
    Wait at least a week, maybe 2 for the apocalypse go into full force. Surviving is a lot easier when you know most people aren’t people and that they have turned into walkers.

    Step III) Make sure that the whole thing is still happening. (Be an embarrassing situation if it all blew over and you went out all commando and what not.
    I will grab a sledgehammer and my hunting crossbow out of my garage and then I will leave my house, I will be traveling via Smart car, or m neighbors jaguar (Depends on which has more gas as well as if either are there. If neither are there, any of my neighbors cars are ok (I live in a secluded area from people. Only 8 houses on my dead end street). I will also be ravaging a house or two for extra food considering I probably ate all my food 🙂 Then I will be off!

    Step IV) I will then travel to my moms bar (that she owns) I will (hopefully) be able to get in with the key that I have at the house. If not I will knock a few times and be left in by someone thats already there (Again, more than likely one of the two)
    In the bar, I have 3 Multi-barricade doors, through 3 levels. Each door has a HEAVY deadbolt, a double slide lock, a regular lock, a wood and two metal piece thing lock (Wood drops into the grooves to make a barrier) I will then make a note that says “Please all survivors wishing to join my group, knock twice followed with a pause then another lock. Looters will be shot by one of the people in here” I will then Go through the bars inventory, grabbing hammers and knives and adding them to my bags. I will set ground rules for all survivors I picked up on the way and set positions (Advisor of the group, Second in command, Third In command) I will make sure everyone in my group has a weapon, if not two. I will teach everyone what I know, and I will ask that each survivor teaches everyone what they know. We will all get a basic knowledge of farming, first aid, combat, and common sense 😀

    Step V) I will then set daily trips with different teams/pairs of people. Their trips will vary from getting food and water, to getting weapons, to getting accesories like backpacks, batteries and stuff like that. When the time comes to the point of needing to move on, I will set a day of going out with a few people and getting cars. (If I have 5 survivors, we will need 2 cars. If i have 10 survivors, We will get 4 cars.) We will then syphon all cars that we aren’t using for fuel. ( About 4 or 5 people will be on this trip. 2 or 3 for protection, 2 for getting what we need.) After that We will load up the cars and move towards a location that I like to call Undetermined. We will drive west until we reach a large warehouse, penitentiary, or Wal-mart. We will set our vehicles facing towards the road in the need of a quick escape, and we will knock quietly at our location. We will then go in (if no one replies) and we will set up shop. We will have stationed areas for bathrooms, we will have sleeping areas, we will have a weapon area, and we will have a leader area (Area for planning, and brainstorming… Not just for me)
    We will also barricade this place heavily, and we will start a garden in the back lot area. We will make runs for food whenever needed. We will then plan what we want to do from there on out and we will set up certain days for when we will make runs for supplies and what we will do in the case of us finding survivors.

    At that point, the ipod, phone and laptop would be used for music 😀


    Plan 2) The backup plan:

    Possibility is that I might be attending High school when the outbreak occurs. If that is the case I will do the following:

    Step I) Listen to what everyone tells you. My friends that I’ve talked to know that we just have to go with the crowd on this for a little bit. After a while when supplies have become increasingly grim, I will gather my group of friends that I have talked to this about (About 10 people I will gather up) We will go and take what we need from the melee area in the kitchen are ( In other words, 10 knifes.) We will get our 10 backpacks (empty) and we will take 3 cars from the parking lot. (I will be driving, and 2 16 year olds will be driving.) We will then drive from our individual locations to gather the stuff we need. Me my crossbow, my friends what they want from their houses. After that we will raid the gas stations, corner stores, and what else there is for the few items that are left in them. We will then go to either the bar (From plan one) or we will go to a small apartment just out of the way from a minor highway near these locations. We will clear the apartment building out, and then we will stay on the top floor of that complex for a little bit. After we figure out what we need to do, we will go out and raid for supplies (Water and food again) We will set out to the new location that we decided to go to. (We will either go to a penitentiary, walmart, lowes, the bar, warehouse, sears, or a small off brand store. We will stay there for the rest of the time. We will be able to make a fence and a garden if there isn’t already a fence where we are. We will go do runs for food and supplies when needed or really even when it isn’t needed.

    Note: I got side tracked a few times in writing this so sorry if it isn’t completely clear or make sense. When I say “Make runs for supplies” I mean go scavenge for food, water, weapons, ect.
    If anything is confusing or doesn’t make sense comment and I can clear it up for you 😀
    P.s. For Plan One, I state “Travel West” because I am on the east coast and traveling East would only make ocean water not Lake water 😉 get my drift?

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    • Oops sorry for filling this space up :p sorry (/.\)

      • No worries. I am trying to drive this sort of stuff through the forum though.

        • No problem… Which forum though :p

        • I found it lol sorry…. Dumby Moment for me there.

  186. most people will be focused on getting food on the first day so if you prepare before hand you can focus on getting stuff that you will need later, like guns and ammo .although it is probably best to get these before hand as well so you can immediately start moving. the best way to stay alive is to keep a low profile and stay on the move

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  187. My zombie apocalypse survival plan

    1. Board up the house and start gathering weapons and supplies.
    2. Since the roads will probably be blocked, grab bug out bag and hop on a mountain bike. Head for the carmike theater. (the grocery store is nearer but will probably be picked clean because that is the first thing most people think of when trying to find food for an apocalypse of any kind.)
    3. Board up all but one of the doors in the carmike and set up a base of operations (you can raid the nearby dicks sporting goods but that may already be picked clean so I recommend either doing that first or using whatever you have as a weapon for a little while longer.)
    4. Carmike has a very good location for looking for other survivors so begin searching.
    5. Once you have a group of 5 or 6 grab a vehicle of some kind and start heading west towards the mountains (raid any stores you can along the way to keep your supply levels in check)
    6. Once in the mountains (preferably somewhere near Boone) locate an abandoned neighborhood and have the group use anything they can to make barricades and makeshift walls surrounding the neighborhood.
    7. Begin searching nearby towns for more survivors and serviceable vehicles
    8. Once you have enough vehicles to transport the group and all of your supplies start heading towards the American Southwest and Zion National Park (Zion has many caves to hide in and an abundance of game and water to be able to support even larger groups. Besides that, the multitude of ranger towers will ensure that you will have enough guns and ammunition to last a good long while.)
    9. Once your group is ready to travel (that all depends on your groups individual situations) travel north to San Francisco. Once there you can find an abandoned building near the Bay area. Then you can start looking for a boat and more supplies (after you have secured the building of course)
    10. Once you have acquired a serviceable boat, send a few men over to scout out Alcatraz Island (if the island is already inhabited by other survivors you should offer to join them. If zombies roam the island the team should retreat and reassess the situation. This is highly unlikely, but if the island is uninhabited, start ferrying people and supplies across)
    11. Assuming the more likely situation of the island being inhabited by other survivors and that the diplomacy worked, move all of your people and supplies over to the island and start sending search parties out to find more survivor groups (I say groups because at this point here will be very few lone survivors left) and supplies and bring them back to the island.
    12. Once you have enough survivors you can start taking back the city a little at a time.
    13. Once the city has been fully reclaimed locate other groups outside of the city using any means still available and help them purge their areas of the virus.
    14. Follow this plan until all of America has been purged. Then society can finally start to rebuild.

  188. supplies and transportation

    Bug out Bags
    • Should contain non-perishable food items (enough to last one person one week)
    • Should contain a small side arm, a small amount of ammo, a pocket knife (for opening cans and stuff) a buck knife (for defending yourself) and a bat or some other blunt object (for when the gun runs out of bullets)
    • As for the bag itself it should be military style and should be water proof.

    • For the beginning it would be best to use a mountain bike. This is because of several reasons : requires no fuel, can weave in and out of clogged traffic, is completely silent and can be picked up and carried if necessary.
    • For transporting people: cars
    • For advance scouts: mopeds or motorcycles
    • For plowing through clogged traffic: a truck, SUV or, if possible, an armored car
    • For transporting supplies: a truck, SUV, or possibly an 18-wheeler

  189. I Have Rethought out my Z survival plan because as the wise Bo said “I think the best survival plan is to be flexible. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. To say “I will do this” or “I will do that” is an invitation for Murphy to kick you down. Better to say “I hope to do this; or “I would like to do that.”

    At least in an ideal situation, the government doesn’t tell you anything or if they do, It’s not much because they are afraid of scaring the population and riots breaking out (at least that’s my theory). Most people don’t know until there bit or pay lots of attention to the Symptoms of a zombie apocalypse, So Most do not survive.

    Starting with that, Hoping that if that day comes I’m prepared, I will Grab my shotgun w/ and interchangeable barrel (it’s a 20 gauge and .22 (link here: ), And hop in my parents grand caravan which will be able to carry up to 7-8 people and with 8 people some supplies, Then hit the advanced auto parts save any survivors there and at the Wal-Mart , hoping there’s not a lot of zombies, grab ammunition, cleaning rods ,bandages, steel toe shoes (will last longer than most shoes),knives , medical books, gunsmithing books, maps, farming books, Because if the zombie apocalypse happens there most likely won’t be someone saying “hey lets Google this”. So books will be the main source of knowledge, but most people won’t think about grabbing a book, they’ll be freaked out, grabbing food, water and weapons. Then we’ll get the heck out ‘a dodge.
    Hoping that they don’t cordon off areas, I will look at the map, and look at a route to get the most loot, I will weigh the Good and the bad. For example: Going to an airbase might give us some weapons and military vehicles like planes and helicopters,( but you would need an experienced pilot to fly them, unless you would like to die because of your unqualified pilot forgot to check the fuel meter and avionics.)And then the bad would be you might be held by the military, shot because they thought you were zombies, get stuck in the middle of a failed safe zone that now yields lots of zombies etc. The closest airbase to me is the griffis air force base(located in new York), and close to them is a store that sells air soft and real steel retailer, where I hope to grab more ammunition and a few more pistols, rifles and shotguns and hope to add the owner, his worker and his son to my group. (if all went well we’ll have 6 people and lots of supplies). Starting at that store, I may head back to griffis and hole up in a hangar or maybe camp out somewhere so that when the apocalypse has spread my group and I can go collect the military grade weaponry and flak jackets from fort drum (the reason I want military grade weapons is so that if we do get attacked by bandits, we can force them to retreat or kill them, And if you want to bargain for food you can look intimidating.) While raiding fort drum, would look for an mtvr or something similar, this vehicle would be able to push vehicles out of the highway with ease (link here: )
    On a side note, there are four other bases in new York, but I would hesitate going there because they are so close to packed cities and when there’s tightly packed houses in a tightly packed city, it isn’t worth the risk of dying to get a few extra assault rifles and some ammo.
    From fort drum In our grand caravan being towed behind the mtvr (don’t want to waste gas)And take a couple different highways, seeing the mtvr can move the vehicles out of the way, and head to Red jacket firearms in Louisiana(this is a HUGE risk, but it’s worth the risk because supressors will be invaluable, and since we have that book on gunsmithing, we can use the supplies), hoping to pick up some gunsmithing tools, weapons and ammunition and maybe the owner if he’s still alive, Then from there I could go two different ways, I could head to the red river army depot, or I could go to the, CHATEAU DE BON REVE CASTLE in sulphur,Louisiana and clear it out, to live out the rest of our days.(plus there are small cities near, great for looking for food and supplies)
    Hope someone will read this incredibly long survival theory, and have a nice day, this took me about 2 days to write, please point out any flaws or problems in his z survival plan. I would also like to talk about a few things that I think would prove fatal to any group
    FEAR: this is a huge problem because I know most civilians would hesitate before killing anyone, But as Chris Kyle said in his book “do you want to lose your own guys, or would you rather take one of them out?”
    Another topic is who’s in charge? Since I’m young ( almost 13), people might question my authority and ability to lead a competent group, as you’ve seen on the walking dead, rick seems to take all the authority because he’s a police officer. And if I get and someone walking into my group and think he’s the best suited to lead the group, I don’t want a ricktatorship, I like when someone leads a group by listening to others opinions, thoughts and problems and tries to solve them, like a democracy.

  190. My survival plan will be bugging in.I will make my house a fortress complete with traps,barbed wires,and a trap doors and some other things like that.I will board up the windows and invite some friends over at my house.For my supplies,non-perishable food that can last for weeks.For my weapons,we need a weapon with multiple functions like an axe,for example,you can bash doors when raiding and you can chop firewood with it and of course,killing zeds….when my house got taken over by zeds then our last option will be bugging out.After that we will go to someplace safe and camp there…..

    • Whats the point of barbed wire? I think 3 rows of strong fishing line will do better.
      Row close to ankles, row around waist area, row near shoulders or neck.

  191. so my plan would be this

    i live in a less populated city so first i would stay there a few days just to asses my situation and to gather supplies from stores because my bug out location is in the middle of the country so not any stores unless i go to close towns.then i would put all supplies in my bug out car (steel bumper 4×4 truck) and call my family to all go to the family farm (the bug out location) my aunt and cousins nearest to us also already have water stored and food stored so we would all go meet at my grandparents house since its the closest to the farm. we would all head to the farm in a group like on walking dead and then here is the details on the farm

    -has about 20 acres of wheat and grain
    -is about 180 acres
    -has chicken coop
    -we already have cow life stock
    -most of the family already hunts and deer like to be in feilds of crops which in our case makes them easy to hunt
    – also wild turkeys
    -we have an oil mill for gas for cars
    -have a windmill for water
    -we have a small area of forest at the front of the farm
    -have a natural pond in the forest
    -fresh water pump
    -behind the house is a big empty meadow which idk how it helps but it might
    -fenced off the entire farm

    i would say we could survive there for quite a long time and not run out of supplies we already gathered and my dad,uncle,other uncle,and grandpa,and my cousin (boy), and me (girl so don’t be stereotypical) all have gutted and butchered edible meat from deer so wwe would be able to get good meat with out getting sick.

  192. two rules for surviving a zombie apocalipse 1 plenty of supplies 2 get to high ground zombies cant climb


    Everyone try out this game, It’s kind of realistic… If text games are annoying to you, then it probably isn’t for you. Just try it out.?

  194. Not stealing food from a grocery store? what rules are we breaking again? the police is dead anyway. And I’m pretty sure the ‘law’ would approve of doing such a thing to survive. Real talk.

  195. My Plan is to gather as many supplies as can get in the car at nearest shops and also get weapons but mostly I’ll get food ,med supplies and seeds for vegies.Then I get to a fortres a really fortres that has draw bridges and pull them up and no body can get in. I get water from wells and also I hope to get a chance to make a garden to make vegies.I can get in and out without any risk.But you need a partner for this to work cause who will draw the bridge if you leave for more supplies.

  196. sidearm______________venom mp supressed

    main weapon _________M4A1

    gear_______flashlight,xl backpack,medical kit,fingerless gloves,and water drops,antibiotics,extra 5:56 and 9mm ammo,and of course a hunger games book to keep me busy

    vehicle_____________________bmx bike

    heading to__________________New Orleans,LA

    • the reason why il go to New Orleans is because they have flood walls in the event of a zombie apocalypse they will probably close those walls and New Orleans has a NAS base too

      • Hey, I think these are some great comments, but I’d really like to move this discussion to the forum what it’ll have more viability. Do you mind reposting in a new thread there?

  197. the first week of the outbreak it would be wise to stay home, avoid the transit crunch also secure your home from raiders because the first week is when robberies are at there highest and wannabe rambos will shoot everything in sight.

  198. the second week of the outbreak would be when supermarkets are completely drained of resources, and cellphone service stars going down,and when people get killed trying to evacuate major cities

  199. My zombie survival plan all starts with the type of zombie, some are slow undead brain suckers who will only stop moving if you destroy the brain (night of the living dead), others are not dead rage machines that can be killed like any human but do not feel pain(28 days/weeks later). And all sorts of others in between. I prefer to imagine the latter as they seem more likely to actually happen and are more difficult to deal with. I think transferred by bite or blood, really any body fluid will turn you into one of them. Though it might be impossible to tell off the bat what turns you and what doesn’t in the event of a real outbreak I will assume if they are running they are still alive, rage zombies if they are walking they are dead zombies. This plan is for alive rage zombies.

    I live in northwest washington on a very large island with around 30,000 residents, a large forest filled south end with lots of space and farm houses, a central farm town with water on both sides, only about 2 miles wide. And a 22k population city on the north end with a large military naval base. I live on a farm about a mile out of the central farm town. My family owns 10 acres of a well fenced in animal farm with no real neighbors. At night my friends dont like to leave or come over because its always spooky here and reminds them of zombie movies. I only own a few guns and assuming i have no warning about the outbreak im going to stick with my trusty .22 a few shotguns some knives and a very light sharp double bladed axe. I will have to get a better armory down the road. I live in a room above my parents garage. It was unfinished when we first built the house. Only used for storage until we knew how to finish it so for safety and legally my parents had to put up a fire wall and door leading into my quite large room. Around 500 square feet. I figure this room will be perfect for a fall back room as there are many many windows downstairs and no big barns to run to. There is even good exercise equipment including a treadmill and bowflex in there to block the door should I need to.

    I don’t know if my parents will be around at the time of the first zombie sighting so to make matters easier I will assume they are elsewhere. I wasnt raised to go searching for my family I was raised to survive and pray for them which is what I would do.

    Now of course everything scary happens at night and because of the very rural area I live in I would expect only one zombie to appear at first. Maybe a 3-4 at most. My guns are kept down stairs in my parents room but I keep a large knife in my room and take it with me when I get up at night in case of a night such as im describing. If all goes well there will be a zombie at the door or somewhere outside and I will be able to subdue them with either the knife or be able to stay off their radar until I can sneak down and grab my guns. Once I have the weapons and ammo I will take them upstairs and barricade my door, not grabbing food water or anything else. I keep a large light in my room and only have one window on the second story to look out over a small hill with woods on the outside of the fence about 200 feet away. In between that area, always within clear vision of my room I park my 1978 bluebird all american 38 foot school bus which my best friend and I bought in high school to convert to an RV. This bus works beautifully, I keep it fill with fuel always and as luck would have it at the moment I am remodeling it so all that is in the interior are a few bus seats in the front. A king bed in the back and empty flat middle area. There is no window large enough for a human to fit through and the doors lock very solidly. I enforced them when originally turning it into an RV in case of intruders while camping.. I feel like the luckiest guy in a zombie out break because I already have a great vehicle. The only problem is getting to it. Lets say I was only able to grab my guns and ammo and run up to my room before the horde broke into my home. I would right away block off the door which wouldn’t take more than a minute to finish and 5 seconds to move the biggest first item. The treadmill. Catching my breath my father taught me to never panic in a stressful situation. To slow down and think before acting. Easier said than done but I must be related to him because I was a quick learner.
    When I was away for college for a short time my roommate was using butane and making a pan of oil and he somehow set the whole thing on fire. His immediate reaction was to run and scream and call the police, I however stood and stared at the flame and the possibility of explosions and the fire climbing to the ceiling and lighting the gas up there catching the whole complex on fire. The nearest extinguisher was on another building across a parking lot as ours had been stolen a week prior but I remembered on the wall next to me was what appeared to be a picture of a pelican. This was however a blanket a friend had given to me at a work party. I ripped that off the wall and smothered the fire with it. Destroying the beautiful pelican whom I had named Kyle but potentially saving the lives of everyone in the apartment complex.
    The situation in a zombie apocalypse would be more intense but require the same type of logical lateral critical thinking. First I would take a light and look out the window towards my bus, seeing if there are any more zombies outside, if so I would turn on a machine, probably a vacuum near my door to draw any zombies outside into the house. I would need proper clothing. I’d put on two pairs of blue jeans. A few shirts a jacket or two and pick out two pairs of shoes. Steal toed boots and hiking shoes most likely. I would then bag everything up that I can find that’s useful. And look outside again, hopefully there will be a clear shot to the bus. Its about a 15 foot drop and without rope or a ladder I will tie some sheets together to let down the equipment I’ve gathered. A few lighters, flashlights, a small amount of food, some weed and the armory. I will then toss my bed out the window. It’s a big window and a fairly small bed but it is a temperpedic so I will have a lot of good cushion below me. I might sprain an ankle but will most likely be fine from a jump like this. Grabbing my bags I sprint for the bus. Living without neighbors and it being so loud I leave the keys in the bus at all times. Once I turn on the bus they will start coming, at a full sprint I would say I have 15 to 20 seconds until a zombie from inside my house makes it to the bus. I also have to drive towards the house to get off the property. I may run them all over or only kill a couple but there is no stopping this bus so once I get in I’ll be feeling quite safe for a while.
    Heading down my driveway away from my childhood home will be quite the ride. Dark and alone I have to quickly decide if I should try going north, past the navy base, through the large city with only a 2 lane highway bridge to get off the island. Go to the base and see if they have a defense set up. Go to the waters edge and attempt a ride from a ferry west to the peninsula where my best chance at survival would be or go south and attempt a ferry ride south. I could also attempt to fortify somewhere on the island.

    Ill finish my plan if anyone is interested to hear the rest of the idea. I wrote this on one go so sorry it’s not constructed perfectly. Let me know where you think my best option would be!

  200. I personally think my plan is pretty sound. First of all, I live in a small rural town. There is this island that has a population of about 30ish that I know the location of. It has about 900 red deer, a small herd of cows, a lot of sea birds and fish filled waters. It is a pretty big island so will have enough trees so supply us with firewood for a while. I also have a boat and so what I’d do is get just enough food to survive the initial chaos and then go to one of my friends’ house (it’s more of a mansion really with big gates and a camera that can watch out front). Once I quickly drive to other friends’ houses to pick them up we head there camp out for a few days and then get down to proper looting. We’ll try and find crossbows and bows (to hunt once we reach the island), fishing rods (obviously for fishing), seeds, a couple of axes for wood cutting and obviously food, medicine, shotguns from nearby farms and then we head out to the boat. It’s a sailing boat with a wind powered generator but unfortunately it stays a fair distance from the town we live in. I’d get some chickens from my friends’ houses (there are no chickens on the island as far as I’m aware of and they are good farm animals to have in a zombie apocalypse). Once we reach the boat I can navigate our way to the island which we will clear out by making loud noises out sound of the buildings and then waiting for them to come out before dealing with them and burning the corpses. Once the farming picks up it should be pretty easy going, hunting and fishing through the winter and farming plants and catching the many migrating sea birds during the summer. If the inhabitants of the island aren’t infected then they would probably be happy to have more hands to help with the work. If not then we’d have to earn their trust by bringing them supplies. But yeah… whaddaya think?

  201. When Z-Poc happens, and it will, there will be a short time before everything falls into chaos. At first not only will walkers be a threat but so will people. Make sure to have plenty of food and water before hand so if something goes wrong in your “scavenge for food” part of the plan, your not instantly screwed.

  202. Don’t trust people you don’t know! Stick with friends and family. You never know when a warming welcoming guy can be a people slaughterer trigger happy guy!

  203. Where the hell did fighting “zombies with a chainsaw while whereing only underwear” come from? Please tell me this is not your plan, Dave. We don’t want you to end up as zombie bits :p (I know you would never do that) As for my plan, if you have seen this new show that had recently come out, The Legend of Mick Dodge, I would probably be like him and haw a few trustable contacts that I could collaborate with when necessary, but while staying away from people and the hazards of heavily populated areas (areas swarmed with zombies when shtf).

    • I have a feeling I am missing a reference to something with chainsaws and underwear, but I don’t know what.

      • Oh, whoops, I should read the entire page next time. Sorry:P

  204. If zombies did happen it would probably start along the east or the west coast(New York, L A, SAN Fransico, Boston ) so everyone in the interior part of the country could get some warning probably leading to alot of panic and rioting. Alot of people are gooing to out looting or running for the hills i will get my group and head towards uninfected parts of of the cost line most likely the gulf of mexico and steal a commender a boat peferibly a sail boat and ancher off the case scenario is zombies to go near water worst case the go in water either swiming or walking onthe ocean floor but either way how could the pull themselves onto the boat

  205. I don’t really have a plan yet, because i’m still deciding between sitting it out, and occasional scavenging, or actively moving around and trying to find other survivors. I do however, have several pointers that I think will help.
    1. Keep your hair short, whether you’re male or female have your hair short. This way you’re not giving other survivors or zombies something else to grab on. Appearances should not be a priority in the case of a zombie apocalypse.
    2. After lugging massive textbooks around for uni, I’ve discovered that mountain climbing/hiking back packs are great. They’re really light, durable and I think some are waterproof.
    3. If you have the time and skill, think about modifying clothes. Leather or denim should be able to prevent their teeth from piercing your flesh, so if you have a comfortable shirt or pants, that’s easy to move in, consider replacing the lower sleeves about two or three inches below the joint with sturdier fabric. So they’re easy to move in and slightly decreases chance of being bitten.
    4. Understand plants, or at least ways to differentiate poisonous plants from edible ones. As it’s unlikely you’re always going to have canned food on you, and even if you did, you might not be able to open it.

  206. my plan is to get to the coast (somwhere with big boats) and use a boat to get away with lots of canned food and a water disstilor

  207. I have a very throught out plan for survival. Ill cover each point as a progress on. Sorry if my english is bad im only 14 and im not good at L.A. Transportation: yes, guzzoline will be the main fuel source people will be looking for, but Diesel is a much, much, much better choise. Say there are 50 homes withen a 1 mile radius of your own home. Say 80% have #2 oil furnaces. Most tanks are 300 gallons, and id say averaged out, they are half filled. If you do the math, thats 6000 gallons of #2 oil. Take any diesel truck made before the late 90s. No bullshit electronics, just plain old mechanical fuel injection. #2 oil is basically dyed diesel fuel with preservateves to keep it from gelling. Say given truck gets 20 mpg going 70 mph on the highway. 6000×20=120000. Yes, all the heating oil located 1 mile from your home is enough to get you and your truck 120kmiles. But you wont be going only highway and your truck isint going to be unloaded. Say 10mpg as a low estimate. 60k miles. Aweosme huh? And, no pesky gasoline vehicles will be stealing your fuel because if you try and run duesel in a gasser everything just gets confuckulated. Trabsportation covered. Weapons: .22 lr rifle. Why? .22: CHEAP, very common, reliable, and 0 recoil. Ruger 10/22. The .22 has enough power to just penetrate a human skull, but not enough to go all the way through, so it is basically turns the skull into a brain blender. Melee? Bear grylls survival hatchet. Very strong steel blade, light, and multipurpose. You can chop wood along with zombie skulls and arms. No pistol. Why? A 10/22 is very light and compact, useable in close quarters. Pistol adds weight. Base? There is a small unoccupied prison located 20 miles away from my house. Take my dads 1999 f350 7.3 diesel, takr my dads 10/22, ar15, remington 700, mossberg 500, and vintage civil war musket revolver and all our food and seeds for our garden. Get to the prision as fast as possiable. Guard the one door. One way in, one way out. Dont let anyone in. Wait a few days for the initial panic to settle, then begin barricading weakspots and planting the seeds. Find tractor trailer truck with a big ass tank on the back and fill with heating oil. Drive back to the prision and use the diesel as needed. The generators located at the prision are most likely mechanical injection diesel engines, so they should run on heating oil fine to. Proceed to look for trusty survivors and establish a chain of shifts. Some people rest, some work in the garden, a few loot, and a few guard. Driving is not a problem for me, i have driven old 1950s firetrucks before on a dirt road. I can also drive stick. That is my plan for the first week or so. Tell me what you think.

  208. Great site. Thanks for sharing. I’m obsessed by survival methods.

  209. I just have to point out that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of organization in a lot of people’s plans. not bashing on anyone, but maybe they simply haven’t thought everything through.
    First off, lets contemplate it: there is an outbreak and shit has hit the fan, zombies are on the attack and people are freaking out. Where do you go? what do you do first?… let’s say after you get your backpack loaded with energy bars and spam with some water purification tablets, you’ve maybe filled your sinks and tub with water… where do you go? think! everyone’s already swarmed the churches, airports, and raided the gun barns and ammo supplies stores and any kind of public service available. The people who live closest to these sources are bound to rush to get there before you. You want to fly out to a different country? Good luck. Everyone else has had the same idea, and there’s bound to be chaos and confusion, fear and panic and violence everywhere. People will kill to protect their own, just like you and me. We all want a safe refuge, we all think we know what’s best. Nobody would be fully prepared for this situation if it actually happened.
    Weapons : Good luck with a nail gun when you have limited power. Good luck with your guns until you run out of ammo and attract every corpse within the relative area. You make noise, you attract them. You try to go captain hard ass action hero, you end up dead. Your best bet would be melee weapons, (crow bar, sword, machete, bat).
    Group: Of course you don’t want too many people, that’s too many lives to account for and worry about. A group of 4-6 is good. Make sure it comprises people you can trust. Reliable. Strong. Each offering a different skill that is valuable to the group.
    Leadership: Who will be the leader?… This could cause problems within the group. if all parties aren’t happy with the chosen leader, discord will tear the group apart. Arguments will arise. How do you decide who is worthy enough to lead? Does everyone support the leader? Nobody likes to be bossed around. Nobody likes to take orders from someone who they may feel isn’t as experienced or as strong, or as wise, or as good. However you come to the decision as to who should lead, make sure there is peace within the group and that the leader isn’t about to be in jeopardy because of disagreeing parties who wish to overthrow their commander.
    Shelter/Camp: Where you set up camp should be a safe area… but how do you find a safe place in a world where no one is truly safe?… that is the eternal question that will never get a satisfactory answer in this case. Somewhere high up would be a good idea, somewhere fortified and a place that is easily defended by your group. The old prisons fortified by concrete walls, not chain link fences, (The Walking Dead) are ideal. Medical supplies, food, weapons, protection, library.
    Experts/Your Society: In this world, your group needs to contain strong members with diverse knowledge in many fields. In the prison, there is usually a library. Every medical book to be had should be read and studied and practiced where possible by the decided medic of the group. Basic medical skills should be learned by all for survival purposes, anyway. You need knowledgeable people who are well versed in various arts. Culinary skills would be valuable in a world where canned food and dried fruit are the main course. Of course you all should be practicing your fighting skills. hand-to-hand combat is priceless when dealing with bandits and other maniacal douchebags who wish to overtake your group or destroy your little society. You need to recreate/replicate the kind of life that the world knew before the outbreak. You’ll need doctors, teachers, military personnel, musicians, actors, magicians, etc. Entertainment must be created in a world where electronic devices would no longer do our thinking for us and creativity would have to come from the individual. Safety drills within your little community would need to be practiced in case of raiding, looting, or in case the undead overcome the defenses. Military-like tactics should be employed and tactics used. Guards, defenders, snipers. Of course it wouldn’t be easy, but living in a world where you’re surrounded by death needs rules. Otherwise, you’ll join the ranks.

    • Simple, Consice, and Understandable. I like it!

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