The Double-Down Challenge

Since it’s been a while since we’ve had a real contest here at Bricks of the Dead, I thought I’d double down and bring you guys two contests for the price of one. I present you, The Double-Down Challenge!

Bricks of the Dead Double-Down Challenge

For this challenge, you may choose to enter one or both of the categories, and I hope you will all try to enter both, because that makes things more fun. So what are the categories, you say? I pulled two of my favorite suggestions from you guys, so feast your eyes on your contest options:

Challenge 1: Anti-Zombie Vehicle

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to build a vehicle specifically designed to survive the zombie apocalypse. And when I say vehicle, anything goes. You can make a road vehicle, a plane, a boat, a spaceship, and a specially armored horse, you name it. The only requirement is that it has to have zombie defense baked right into the design.

Defense here can mean a couple of things. It might just mean sufficient armor to prevent a zombie from getting to you. On the other hand, if you like your defense with a side of offense, that vehicle might also have a ton of anti-zombie weaponry built in. The armored buses from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead are a good example to start with.

Challenge A: Zombie Kill of the Week

This challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to build a vignette showing a creative way of killing off a zombie. The more creative and ludicrous, the better. But here’s the deal: I don’t want huge creations. You need to limit your creation to a base of 16×16, although you can build tall if you’d like.

In this challenge, you need to feature a zombie getting offed. If you don’t have a zombie minifig; don’t sweat it. Just use whatever you have.

The Deadline:

You have until Midnight on September 30th (Eastern) to post your entries in the contest. That’s a lot of time, so I’m sure you’ll have some really creative stuff.

Contest Rules

  1. Third-party parts (Brickarms, et al.) allowed
  2. Photo manipulation allowed
  3. Physical modification allowed
  4. Digital entries (LDD and the like) are not allowed; physical models only
  5. One entry per category per person (you can enter both categories, but only once apiece)
  6. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age (sorry, internet rule)
  7. Entries must not have appeared online prior to August 22nd, 2014
  8. Entries must be posted in the Bricks of the Dead Contest Flickr Group
  9. Bricks of the Dead is not responsible for any loss or damage to the prizes while they are in transit. That said, prizes will be shipped in such a way to minimize any danger of loss or damage.

Contest Prizes

This time I’m absolutely ecstatic about our prize packs. GI Brick and Citizen Brick both donated a ton of really, cool stuff. So much, stuff, in fact, that I was able to divide it into three different prize packs and still keep all three completely overstuffed with awesomeness.

Citizen Brick

GI Brick

Prize Pack 1

Prize Pack 1

  • 2 weekend passes to World War Brick in 2015
  • 2 GI Brick stickers
  • 2 “Keep Portland Weird” zombie minifigs
  • 2 hazardous material crates
  • 1 medical crate
  • 1 spiked baseball bat
  • 1 spiked club
  • 1 “Bloodshed” crate with blood-stained weapons

Prize Pack A

Prize Pack A

  • 2 weekend passes to World War Brick in 2015
  • 2 GI Brick stickers
  • 2 “Keep Portland Weird” zombie minifigs
  • 2 hazardous material crates
  • 1 medical crate
  • 1 spiked baseball bat
  • 1 spiked club
  • 1 “Poison” crate with poisoned weapons

Prize Pack X

Prize Pack X

  • 3 weekend passes to World War Brick in 2015
  • 2 GI Brick stickers
  • 2 Citizen Brick zombie minifigs
  • 1 Citizen Brick zombie victim minifig
  • 2 hazardous material crates
  • 1 medical crate
  • 1 spiked baseball bat
  • 1 spiked club
  • 1 BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack

The Judges

I’m going to be the only judge for the two categories, but we’re going to do something interesting seeing as how we have an extra prize pack. After the contest deadline, I’m going to create a poll of all the entries, and let the community decide who wins the “Community Choice Prize”. Of course, as with any online poll it can potentially be games, but I sincerely hope everyone plays fair.

36 thoughts on “The Double-Down Challenge”

  1. Typo alert, Challenge 1, first paragraph, second sentence: “and specially armored horse,” and–>a 😀

    Typo alerts: “Challenge A” A–>2 😀

    Contest prizes, first sentence: backs–>packs 😀

    “Prize Pack A” A–>2 😉

    “Prize Pack X” X–>3 😉

    • Fixed the horse one and the packs/backs. The others are intentional as little jokes.

  2. I must say, I’m slightly disappointed at the fact you decided not to allow digital entries (LDD et al) but perhaps next contest you think up could be having some way for someone to win a prize for entering a digital creation?

    If it’s some odd contest entry rule that entries can’t be digital in nature, I can understand that though! 😀

    • I usually allow it. Since these will be small builds, I wanted to make photography a part of the challenge.

  3. Yay, contest time!
    One question for the second category, do you want us to show the actual kill of the zombie or can it be the moment right before.. assuming of course the situation leaves no doubt on the actual outcome of the situation.

    • Good question, Greg. It can definitely be the moment leading up, or even the moment right after.

      • Great!

  4. |Two things.
    one: Is prize pack X a grand prize?
    Two:Is there a size limit, as I am looking at contest A and building a very, VERY large vessel (space craft)?

    • Prize X is the community choice prize; I figured I’d through the Citizen Brick stuff in there just to make it cooler.

      I think you mean Contest 1, and there is no size limit there.

      • okay, thanks… cost over a grand to make…………so yes. It is very big.

  5. Prize Pack X: Now that’s a hell of a prize. I’m set on winning that one. Too bad that the judging process is more or less randomized, but the Brickarms Zombie Defence Pack looks too cool not to try and win it.

    • I really hope it’s not random, but we’ll see how it shakes out.

      • The two contests I last took part in had but a scrap of my imagination and thought put into my entries, but now I’ve stepped up the game. Organisation of the bricks is key to building a good contest entry, so I’ve set some time aside before the contest’s announcement to put some degree of that into my own collection.

        Good luck to everyone taking part! 😀

        • Nicely done! Organization is crazy important; I hope your hard work pays off for you.

  6. also, you say 1 entry, however, how many different shots of the one entry can we have?

    • As many as you think are necessary to show the creation.

      • hehehhehehehhehhehehe, okay. Thanks

  7. Looking forward to see what comes out of this. I might do up a vehicle myself just for funsies 🙂

  8. Oh yeah!
    It giving me some ideas when i see your challenges! 😀

  9. Hey everyone, I have completed my entry to the Zombie Kill of the Week contest, have a look here!
    I am also entering the Zombie Vehicle contest, and I will upload an entry when I have finished it!

  10. This contest sounds like a lot of fun.
    Do I have to be an American to take part of can guys from Europe also take part in this contest?

    • You are definitely allowed to take part, -Wat-.

  11. It’s done! Both Challenge! A pleasure to do! 😀

    • Excellent!

    • Don’t forget to add them to the flickr group!

      • Done too ^^
        I hope that “throwing a zombie” isn’t forbidden ’cause that’s the most dumber and original way i found to kill a zombie without weapon 😀

  12. I just discovered this!!!

    • Glad you saw it before it was too late.

  13. Here is my finished vignette:

    • Nice! Don’t forget to add it to the group.

  14. Just finished I like living on the edge or should that be unliving !

  15. what a great contest and what great competitors I’m up against. I wish u all the best.

  16. umm, did I miss something, or are you still judging them, Dave?

    • I’m going to announce winners on Wednesday.

  17. Which Wednesday Dave ?

    • Winners were announced on October 15 in the comic.

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