Choose Your Own Adventure

In celebration of our fiftieth episode, I created this little game. It’s stylized on the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books I remember from elementary school, complete with extremely limited choices, cheap deaths, and a narrator that doesn’t seem terribly interested in helping you out. See if you can survive in a world filled with zombies.

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  1. Heh heh heh, awesome. I actually escaped first time, so went back and re-did all the other options.

    • Thanks Louise! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      • I like the game, but can you actually beat it?

        • You can, but the ending is kind of snarky.

    • Hey louise. Werent you the one who wrote the first guest comic?

  2. Very nice! And congratulations on 50 comics, too!

    • Thanks Chris!

      • Hey Dave, ever heard of the dead fronteir? Maybe it will give you some ideas for another game.

        • Yeah, I played it a bit. That’s way beyond my skill or free time.

  3. Excellent stuff – I love the duality of the small child especially.

    And nice work on that alley set!

    • Appreciate the feedback, Lich! Thanks.

  4. Brilliant! Need I say more?

    • Hah, brilliant will cover it, thank you!

  5. Yeah. This a good little minigame. I’ve played games like this one where your choices depend on whether you live or die. Having played those, I was able to get it on the first try. The ending’s funny too.

    • Thanks Larry! I really tried to capture the cheapness of the whole thing.

  6. I find it amusing that you never show the cheerleader zombifing. Hey wait- IDEA.

    Thanks for the great ride so far, Dave. Looking forward to page 1000. ; D

    • My pleasure Ross.

      It’s hard to show the cheerleader turn into a zed since she’s showing so much healthy yellow flesh on her front side.

  7. Now that was some awesome fun (although since some of mys sisters were cheerleaders I’d have loved to see her get whacked with the club). I think it turned out very well — congrats on #50!

    • Hah, perhaps next time I can have some sort of bludgeoning-related death.

  8. Isn’t it time for you to join the BCN dropdown? Even though I’m not a fan of zombies myself, it would make it easier for me to keep up with your comic.

    • Indeed so – requested!

  9. i got to the kid and he turned ito a zombe and when i left him it said try again again im very dissopointed

    • You have to read the text. If the kid turn, you die. If you leave him you win, but you’re not a very nice person.

  10. Dave, four things. One:CONGRATULATIONS on your 50th comic. Two: I LOVE Choose Your Own Adventure. Three:I’m a big fan of your comics and your game. Four: I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! I’m looking forward to your next comic and I hope you make bricks of the dead 2.

    • Hah, thanks!

      I’ll have to come up with something great for episode 100.

      • Dave! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on your 81st comic! Only 19 to go before episode 100 (btw if you make episode 100 the ending of bricksofthedead, that would be f*ckin’ sweet.) And ReMeMbEr this: Make bricks of the dead 2! And my birthday was a few weeks ago. Now i’m ten yrs old
        (\__/) (\__(–)
        (= ‘.’ =) — OMG DIE ZOMBIE! (=’_”=)
        ( )=+- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – (——-)

      • Hah, thanks. I don’t plan on ending the strip anytime soon, but I definitely need to start thinking about another game.

      • Hey but you did come up with a great 100th comic. I think that all the episodes are great, in fact thats almost all that i think about in school. ”what will happen next?”

        • Hah, glad the story is sticking with you!

  11. Dude. Awesome, but I can’t seem to get away without getting eaten or trapped in an infected city by thousands of zombies. Then again, the apocalypse should be hopeless, shouldn’t it? LOL Nice work on the comics. How does one get so many zombie heads? Bricklink? A rather strange compulsion to buy more than one of every Star Wars set that includes Darth Vader? LOL

    • Those are pretty much the endings. You either get eaten or you temporarily escape. It’s not a fairy-tale ending. I should have made the endings a little more clear though; it seems like that confused more than a few people. Ah well, next time.

      I got most of my zombie heads from Bricklink. I just happened to find a seller who was getting rid of twenty-some of them and bought the entire lot. Since then I’ve supplemented the collection a bit, including six of the collectible zombies LEGO released a few months back. One of these days I’m going to need to do a big crowd scene with a whole army of zeds.

  12. I liked it, but you should make a longer sequel.

    • Thanks DemonMan. I definitely want to do another, longer version one of these days.

  13. im more of a brick house guy but i like this one the same pretty much

    • Wow, that’s quite a compliment. Doyle’s Brick House is an incredibly well done strip.

  14. How come I can’t do this on my phone?

    • The game is built in Flash, so I suspect your phone doesn’t support Flash.

  15. Aww-man. Oh well.

  16. hella cool
    good work dave 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it. One of these days I’ll have to make a sequel.

  17. You do realize, Dave, you have to make another one of these. It’s what we want!

    • I’m trying to pick up a bit more programing knowledge to make something a little cooler next time. It’s all about finding the time though.

      • Yeah, like add in some video instead of pictures!

      • to long, make a “WHAT CHARECTER WOULD YOU BE?” page

        • I’ve thought about that one, actually. Perhaps when I get some extra time.

  18. What did you make this with?

    • Photoshop for the image editing and everything else in Flash

  19. (I used to be called Someguy)
    I thinkI’ve been through every route now. Ever considered extending this?

    • I’ve been thinking about doing another game for a while now. I hope I get more free time soon so I can actually sit down and work on something.

  20. You should add the character of this minigame to your series xD and with the golfclub too

    • I definitely need to add the golf club. Not so sure about the cheerleader. I like that this is her own thing.

  21. The only way to really win is to fight it with the golf club in the head, the only other way to survive involves leaving a helpless child in a city full of zombies

    • You don’t survive the zombie apocalypse by being a bleeding heart, right? 🙂

  22. I wonder why only a few people read this great comic, i check out the site every day for new comics. Maybe i should tell more people about this.

    • For a small comic that only updates three days a week, I’ve got a decent following.

      • i know, but you spend so much on this great comic, and i think that more people should know about this.

        • It does seem to be picking up a fanbase, slowly but surely. Word of mouth and all that good stuff.

  23. heh the strangest thing happened, i had to my chore. i came back and the newest bricks of dead came out, what a great day

    • You do your chores around midnight? Or do you live in Europe?

      • well i count cleaning my room a chore, i get extra money for doing my chores without being told. that might explain your question

        • Ah, right on.

  24. hey ive got a good idea for a game, a simple one. i call it ”WHICH CHARACTER ARE YOU?” its basicly a bunch of questions, then it tells you what person you are from the story, i hope that this is reasonable

    • That could be fun to do if I get the time.

      • its not a CD, its a game my bro found on facebook, it tells what avenger you are after asking you a few questions, my bro turned out to be that girl from the avengers, but i was thinking about something like that for one of your games. i also thought of a CREATE YOUR OWN CHARECTER. both of the ideas are a simple game idea and i hope that you can make something like them in your free time()

        • It would be fairly simple to put together with a bit of javascript I would imagine.

  25. I’m happy that you like the idea, i just want some credit for it.

    • you know maybe just make one comic next week than work on the game

      • Hah, next week’s comic are already completed.

        Games are a hell of a lot of work. Even this simple one here took me about two days, and I already had a solid working knowledge of the (limited) programing in it. To do something more complex, I’d have to learn some serious scripting.

        • got that right, oh and i actualy started making my own comic, i call it THE TRIBE, its about this teenager who gets rescued, but he more of got kidnapped, its pretty much his background story. i just need to know how to post them onto google, along with the effects

  26. I cant wait for the new game

  27. if it comes out, hey dave im using brick arms now, great peices, now i dont have to pay $3 for stewarts machete

    • hey dave, where did the ”16×16 challenge” go? are you replacing it for a game or something?

  28. ive really ought to get a gravatar…

  29. I escape it every time I play it. Awesome game Dave. You’re awesome too.

    • Thanks

  30. i got it right first time these are the steps

    fight it find a weapon whack it in the head keep hitting run away

  31. me not like

  32. my siblings couldnt figure it out, heh heh

  33. I escaped by continuously clubbing the zombie in the head, because that’s just how I roll.

  34. But Good Lord you are an ass LMAO

  35. If you do beat it without being eaten the ending really is snarky.

  36. You should make another one of these >_> . . . there really cool

  37. Oh my God Dave, this is hilarious…I had to try out all the options! Great job! 🙂

  38. Hi I am new and wondering how the adventure thing works

  39. I died every time :/

  40. hey dave do you think once your done with the bricks of the dead comic could you make the episodes into videos on youtube???

    • That would be really cool, but I doubt I could pull that off.

  41. If you could you would get a lot of views like I’m 100% positive

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