The Roaming Bricks #9



About this episode : For a better “reading experience” (LOL) the first 6 panels should be read 1,3,5 then 2,4,6. I just didn’t know how to explain it… Any suggestion on how to display it, arrows? Numbers?

Foolish Lego

To be honest, I think they’re best read 1,2,3,4,5,6…. it adds to the chaos that is ensuing in the comic.


Agreed. Reading it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 gives the impression that both “sides” of the situation are happening at the same time, and the camera is cutting back and forth to show how each side is developing (or devolving) through the same time frame.


Usually in this case arrows and numbers work, although getting from 5 to 2 with arrows is a bit tricky, which is why I’d suggest both! 😀 How can it be both? Because neither arrows nor numbers by themselves would completely clue the reader in! 😀


It didn’t bother me, I just assumed you were cutting back-and-forth between two different shots.


Maybe it’s better this way, each reader can enjoy it the way he wants…


On the firing from the police, it seems they haven’t yet figured out to aim for the head! This could be an interesting development, we’re running out of episodes here! 😀


They indeed have no idea at where to aim (how should they anyway?). And we’re indeed running short of episodes… So we’ll not know more about this obviously.

Yet, I’m still running this comic…


BrickVoid’s last comment remind me of something I hadn’t talked about yet. Special FX.

Unlike Dave in Bricks of the Dead, I’m not using special FX for gun fire or blood. That’s a choice. I tried here to make a brick comic as I used to play LEGO when I was a little kid, at a time where, you know all this is in your head… And I wanted this comic to be not too visually violent. So… sorry no blood here gore fans. 😉

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