The Roaming Bricks #4



About this episode : this was my first try at scale difference for outside and inside views of a vehicle. The inside of the coach is actually 3 times bigger than the original. I’m quite happy with the result, I have yet to try it for smaller vehicles like cars.


How did you compress it to fit when the minifigs were visible from the outside, like in the last panel? It’s very good looking.

Also, typo in Bernard’s first word balloon in this comic: “I planed to” planed–>planned 😀

That being said I’ve not worried too much about a typo if it comes across as if you’re trying to add some kind of accent to their speech, so you could go with that if you’d like and it’s all good with me! 😀


It’s actually not “inside”… The official 8404 set is still the same as in the instructional manual (only 6 seats in total). For the inside, I’ve entirely created a coach’s insides with seat I build on my own composing a 2 rows of 2 seats + an aisle (36 seats in total!).

I’m not good enough in English to pretend I was using different accents, so… yeah that was a typo… :-D. So please, keep correct me on that. I thank you a lot! (BTW I’d love to master the Scottish accent… I’ll try to put a Scottish like character in this comic one day!)


Looks like the seats in the inside shot are doubled on each side of the aisle, while the seats in the exterior shot are singles. Also, while we only see four rows in the interior shot, we have the impression that there are many more, while from the exterior shot we see that is all there is.

This is a brilliant idea, but I don’t know that I’d have the patience to fight with LDD to get every shot and angle done. Of course, I’m probably thinking about it the wrong way, given the way I build my models. I just know that trying to get inside camera angles on the buildings I designed is such a pain.


You nailed it Ballinabricky… 2 different models that won’t fit in each other.

The building on LDD was indeed quite an amount of work. Considering building on LDD is way more annoying than building with real time bricks. That said, I fell kinda proud of the building itself and the result, so this gave me enough motivation to keep doing it. I can’t wait to try it with cars, trains…

And BTW working with camera angles with LDD is, IMHO, way easier than real time bricks shooting… Mostly because I don’t have physical constraint… I can “shoot through” bricks, I don’t need any table to put my models on, models won’t move even if not “realistically” balanced,…

Foolish Lego

I never realized how much work this program is. It almost looks like it’s harder (and takes more time) to work in this program than to just build the sets. Are the official sets and such already in the program (and can you just drag and drop them), or do you need to build them from scratch?


Build from scratches… Just like with real time bricks.

Assembling can be annoying specially bricks with shaft, holder, hinge because of special angles… Minifigs, for example, just take a few seconds to put in real life, in LDD you need to move head, arms, hands, legs, torso, with an hinge tool angle by angle, taking sometimes minutes. And I spent already hours scratching my head on how getting around physical constraints on special buildings, even the official ones!

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