The Bonus Features Episode 1

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About this Episode:
First of all, sorry about the tease. I know quite a few of you – myself included – would like to see Bricks of the Dead update thrice weekly. Well that’s not going to happen, at least right now. However, I’m going to be producing these bonus strips for a anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on how quickly I run out of material. If they go well, and I feel that I’ll be able to keep up with a three-a-week schedule, then I’ll probably start doing a Friday comic. Bear in mind, this is in no way a guarantee or promise.

Now, onto The Bonus Features. This is a series that I’m been wanting to try for months and months now, but I didn’t know if it was something that could be done well. And then I saw this, and I knew I was onto something. I just hope it comes out half as good as Zombie Genesis. Check back next Friday and find out.

74 thoughts on “The Bonus Features Episode 1”

  1. Hmm, a behind the scenes strip. I like it. Not as much as being able to get Bricks of the Dead three times a week, but it’s definitely better than not having anything Friday.

    • Well we always had the Zombie Creation of the Week.

      • Yes, but that was moved to Thursday. Now we have 4 days of content.

        • Trust me… content is expanding. When you have a blog and are growing it you have to shuffle things around to see what works with new ideas. Sometimes you spend a lot of time on something and it pays off big, sometimes it flops.

        • Like Mutts said, I’m really trying to expand and diversify content here. Right now we’re on a five day a week schedule which I hope I can continue:

          Monday – New Comic
          Tuesday – Review
          Wednesday – New Comic
          Thursday – Zombie Creation of the Week
          Friday – BotD The Bonus Features

        • That’s an awfully impressive and audacious array of content. Godspeed, hombre.

        • Thank you kindly, Lich!

  2. I remember checking out Zombie Genesis when it was creation of the week. It was pretty cool!

    This “behind the scenes” idea sounds great, especially as a fictionalized miniseries. I was actually just thinking of “behind the scenes” stuff for Zombie Outbrick during shooting a couple hours ago, but I doubt I’ll ever get around to making it…

    Anyway, it’s not the same as getting more BotD episodes, but it sounds very promising, nonetheless!

    Just be careful you don’t make this miniseries too well – or else people will start to like it better than your actual comic! Now that would be awkward… 😉

    • I don’t think I’m in danger of making the miniseries too well. The idea with it is to be humorous, which is a pretty big departure from the normal comic. I just hope I’m up for the challenge.

  3. Nice! I sincerely hope it snowballs into something really big before Dave decides he can’t keep up with it! 😀

    • Hah, we shall see.

  4. For a moment I thought we were gonna get to see Barb totally take off Jeff’s head with her shovel.

    Still, this could be fun and amusing… until you’re sick of it.

    • Doing things until you’re sick of it is the way to go.

  5. Will this ‘behind the scenes’ feature zombies sheltering from the rain in buildings, making dens from leaves and scrap, and fighting with other zombies for some of a dead guy they found? I’d like that.
    Or will it have a minaturised version of your basement studio, with characters on the set?

    • More of a characters on the set sort of thing. For example, and upcoming episode is going to be a short interview with the “actor” who plays Stewart, while another is going to show the comics writers working on an upcoming script.

      • Can’t wait to meet the writers, Dave, Dave, and Dave!

        • yeah Dave

        • Don’t forget, I said it would be fictionalized.

        • Oh I dunno about that

  6. … To be honest this is something I’ve been looking forward too.

    • Glad to hear it. I shall endeavor not to disappoint.

      • You better not disappoint me ()_()

        • I’ll do my best.

  7. I like it!

    • Thank you, sir!

  8. Cool. Can’t wait till barbs interview. I wonder if you criticize her action,she’ll blame you for making her script. I like the basement set though. Wish I could mke stuff like that. I can only make vehicals out of spare bricks. They turn out pretty good.

    • Hah, so I guess I need to write an interview for Barb.

      Also, this isn’t a new set. Dave is in the hospital waiting room.

  9. When did you get in the hospital Dave?

    • That’s the nice thing about being the creator of the comic. I can swing by whenever I want. I swiped some medical supplies while I was there, and no one could do anything about it.

      • Of course, Dave has to watch out for the zombies he accidentally left out on the set! 😀 Or he might become Zombie Dave! 😉

        Hey, a zombie’s gotta do what a zombie’s gotta do! 😀

        • Hah, I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to handle the zombies just yet. I’ve got a couple ideas kicking around in my head right now.

  10. I REFUSE to accept any official announcement unless I see Scrimshaw or Dave shirtless.

    And why must you toy with me by showing that chainsaw sitting there?!?!

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure I can cram Scrimshaw into one of the bonus features.

    • He totally did that chainsaw thing on purpose. haha

  11. Omg I can’t wait to hear what the “cast” thinks of the production. hahahahahahahaha!!

    • I’m sure they’ll all speak in the highest praise.

  12. Nice idea. Admitably the sort of thing lots of people will think of but few will do and even fewer do well but I can see you doing well with this. Nice use of the current set and I really like the logo.

    • Thank you! Here’s hoping it come across well.

  13. About the M1- Basically, I’ll have a WWII Carbine and an Apoc Carbine. The Apoc one is basically a heavily modified Carbine.

    • I have NO idea what you just typed but it sounds cool!

      • I’m working on a prototype minifig-compatible Apocalypse M1A1 Carbine!!

        • How are you working on it? In a CAD program?

        • Or are you modifying BrickArms parts?

          It sounds cool, I too have been curious to know what you’re talking about, Nikolai. Also, you mentioned that it was for MMA… what does that stand for?

        • Whoo, three questions at once.

          Dave: Google Sketchup. I might change soon.

          the dude person: Mini-Man Armory!

          I’m not sure why some of the parts don’t show up on the product image…

        • Oh man wow…I have never heard of google sketchup….that looks amazing. My gal is an architect…I need to show her this.

          I mean this isn’t some cheap beta open source program…this looks like a full blown replacement for CAD.

        • So Nikolai…why ware you going to switch from GS? I’m going through reviews and it seems pretty on par with CAD unless you are getting into anything too massive and the price difference for PRO versions is $3,000’ish less.

        • A lot of times there will be random, un-deletable lines on items, making them un-strechable. Like when I’m trying to make a Butt Stock, sometimes there will be a line that, when deleted, creates a giant hole in the stock, and it just looks really, really weird. I’m one of those people that say “Aaarr!” a lot, so I can probably get a good one for free.

        • I feel like I’m missing part of the conversation, here…

          Do you know something I don’t about Nikolai, zombiemutts? How did you know he was switching from GS to CAD?

          I do a lot of 3D work, myself. I never liked Sketchup or CAD very much, but then again most of what I do as a hobby is more geared toward graphic design and animation than prototyping.

        • I’ve tried Sketchup a time or two, but never had the discipline to actually, you know, learn how to use it. Seems like a hell of a program.

        • “A lot of times there will be random, un-deletable lines on items, making them un-strechable”

          Thats a very significant problem!

        • Yes, yes it is. I had to just scrap (or Saw-Off!) the stock idea for now. Still, the Scope and 20-Round mag make up for that!

  14. Here’s the link!

    • Yes a sneak peek!

    • whoa whoa whoa!…..wait…you’re actually designing stuff and are going to have it built for MOCS?

      • Yeah, I’m epic like that.

    • Hmm… not to be critical in a bad way at all but, m1a1s had folding stocks correct? (Looks great!)

      • Ah, disregard that post, I read the description and noticed the “sawn off stock.” Just out of curiosity though, doesn’t it seem a little unnecessary to saw off a folding stock? 😀

        • Trust me, I try to make a stock, but it was UG-LEE!

        • Yea I could see the difficulty that would come with that. Just one more question (sorry if this is annoying haha) Where would you find replacement parts for a m1a1? Or where would you get one at all? They did not make the insanely large amounts of the m1a1 as they did the m1 garand since they were mostly deployed solely in special ops missions in the Pacific. Or at least to my knowledge.

        • Black Market, bud.

  15. Dave I could help with reviews sometimes.

    • I’m always open to guest posters, so long as you’re a good writer. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss.

      And just an FYI to anyone else who’s interested. Reviews should run 500 – 900 words or so. I edit everything that goes up here, but your writing and grammar need to be solid.

      • Brace yourselves….Dave might call you in a drunken rage at 2am if your quality isn’t on par which his “Shakespearean” standards!

        • I would know haha. (In a good way) He saved me from internet-wide embarrassment on my review 😀

        • You review was just fine. My edits were pretty minor.

        • TYRANT!

        • Well, yeah.

  16. HMMMmmmmmmm…..


  17. man i cant wait this is gonna be awesome ive been waiting for this. nice suit Dave


    This is scary.

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    • LOL?

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