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Is the enemy of your enemy your friend?

Let’s just say we had two groups of humans here instead of zombies vs werewolves. One group of humans chase you into a building. Thankfully another group shows up and chaos erupts. But who knows what is happening? Are they interceding or is it just a coincidence? So do you keep looking for a way out or do you join in battle?

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I would probably do what they seem to always do in zombie movies – call a temporary truce with the rival humans just long enough to get rid of the zeds then go back to fighting each other once they’re taken care of.
That’s assuming, of course, that the other group is willing to be as accommodating. I can think of several people I know irl who would capitalize on that situation and use the confusion to take out some of the rival group either directly or by letting the zeds get them.


Reminds me of an Alaskan guide and outfitter I used to know. This professional hunter used to carry a small .22 caliber revolver in his pocket. One day I asked him why he, an Alaskan guide, carried such a mouse-sized sidearm.
“Bears” he replied.
“Bears?” I asked.
“Yep, I keep it for bears.”
“How does a .22 protect you against bears?”
“Well, I don’t rightly use it against the bears” he said.
“Go on.” I was intrigued.
“If a bear shows up, I shoot the closest person in the knee and run like hell”.

When the zombies show up, I’m throwing the other group to them, and getting me and mine the hell out of Dodge.


There was a time when I would call upon you to think about your human decency when it came to such a situation. After having played Day Z though, I must admit most do end up feeling a certain way about other people that are outside of their group. I even ended up feeling this way and rather strongly as well.

No one outside of the group matter, but for those inside of the group it’s almost unbelievably important just to be able to keep them alive. But that’s also because they would do the same in any situation.

Of course Day Z is only a game, but hell it’s one insanely great zombie apocalypse simulator.

So yeah, prep to shoot the other guy in the leg, as it goes.


I was kind of being facetious. I won’t go out of my way to hurt other people. I won’t loot or steal (but will defend my own preparations with force); but you’re right that my own family matters more to me than others. If I were surrounded by a superior force, I would likely do what is most pragmatic and expedient. If that means teaming up, I will do it. If that means splitting up, that’s ok too.


Hard to tell with you Bo. Never know if you’re joking or being serious, none the less it’s all in the sense of light hearted survivlism isn’t it (As much as that is a counter with in itself)?

Silver Fox

Okay! Gotta say, last panel, I love the use of the red tiles for blood and good use of blood splatter to cover up that you’re using a minotaur’s head and not a wolf’s head.

Even though it’s all action for this panel, there’s a lot here to enjoy, even with the technicals.


Yeah, I just noticed that the whole floor is read now, and not grey (I wasn’t really awake when I read the comic).


I did notice the strategic use of spatter to cover the minotaur head, too. Nice touch.


The GUSH made my stomach turn. Felt like I stepped on a wet sock. Good job!


Nervermind, on closer inspection, he is, in fact, sitting.


I never bought that one. It just didn’t fit with my theme. It looks like you have quite a few series minifigs. The butcher played a prominent role in this episode, too.


I’m just looking at this comic laughing now. So over the top but I just love it.

the dude person

Awesome carnage, Evan!

I like how the blood in the second-to-last panel spills over into the last one – even if it’s just to cover up the, uh… werewolf. 😉

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