Episode 35

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About this Episode:
I’m trying something a little different with the lighting, and I’m still not really happy with the result. There’s still a little too much glare for my taste, but it’s looking a bit better.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
As a society, we have grown far, far too dependent upon electricity. This is so true that, when the power fails, we’re often left confused, scared, and helpless. In zombie movies this is especially true. When there are no more electric lights to show us where the zombies are hiding, we’re at a pronounced disadvantage.

6 thoughts on “Episode 35”

  1. This is where it all goes to hell.

    Light on . . . everyone is comfy hiding inside and things can’t be so bad, right? Lights off . . . we’re really in deep, aren’t we?

    “What do you mean the toilets aren’t working?” D8

    • Exactly right Fu Shen! I remember watching a series on the Discovery Channel called The Colony. The premise was survivors rebuilding after some horrendous catastrophic event. Instead of procuring food and water, they focused all most all their energy on building generators and solar panels for electricity. It was stunning.

      • Recall, though, the old saw that any civilization is only three missed meals away from anarchy. Granted, if those meals are Pizza Pops, you’re doubly screwed.

      • I’ve always loved that maxim, Lich. Although I’ve heard different numbers of meals from different sources, the essential premise seems more than reasonable. And, as you said, if the populace isn’t really capable to producing their own food, things will get interesting in a hurry.

      • Okay, triply screwed in terms of not being able to cook the darned things – I meant more the nutritional horror of depending upon Pizza Pops 😉

      • That’s definitely another concern.

        Are Pizza Pops really a thing? Is that what you guys eat up there in BC?