Episode 17

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About this Episode:
If you pay attention to the background you’ll see some lovely drop-cloths my wife sewed together for me. Thanks honey!

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Transportation and communication are problems for horror writers. It’s hard to build and maintain tension when your protagonists can just hop in their car and drive away from the bad guys, or whip out their cell phone and call the cops to stop the serial killer. A good writer will find creative but believable ways to isolate his characters, while lazy writers will quickly hand-wave the situation and have cars fail to start and phone batteries die at the worst possible moment. While we should all strive to be good writers, sometimes being lazy is just more fun.

6 thoughts on “Episode 17”

  1. i see a custom made mushroom or two

    • Those are actually from BrickForge. I really like them and throw them into a lot of backgrounds.

  2. aw! how cute, does your wife realy help you with this?

    • Yeah, occasionally. She’s not really into LEGO or zombies though.

  3. understood dave understood

  4. And that’s why you should keep your car fairly full of fuel. You never know when you might need it.