Episode 19

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Watch out for the early alpha male. Often, the character who postures themselves as a tough guy is going to end up being the most vulnerable of the bunch… eventually. These characters can always be counted on for a while, but they will almost always fall apart at some important moment down the road. Usually that means the coward gets a chance to redeem themselves.

5 thoughts on “Episode 19”

  1. Gotta love stewart’s torso with the old school Lego space emblem on it.

    • It’s a sweet jacket for sure.

  2. yea i noticed that first time i saw it
    im so jelus of your lego’s

    • Thanks. I’ve had a lot of these since I was a kid. When I got the idea for the comic I went to my parents and found my bin of LEGO in the basement. Of course I’ve been supplementing my collection since then…

  3. i actully agree with stewart, because i walk 2 mile to library, nd it usally takes less tahn 2 hours.