Episode 832: Walk this Way

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Location Change

As I’ve pointed out a time or two before, one of the great things about the zombie as an enemy is that they are incapable of doing anything strategic. Psychological warfare is completely out-of-the-question for zombies. Naturally, human enemies know no such limitations. In fact, one thing that people are generally pretty good at is identifying and using emotional leverage to give themselves advantages in conflicts. In this case, Murphy is concerned with the safety of his friends. Instead of showing him right away that they are okay, they force him to come to another location to see what’s happened.

The implication is that he’s giving up more of his safety in order to see how his friends are doing. If he had some sort of plan, this forces him to change it suddenly. Couple that with Murphy being forced into giving up his sidearm and he’s giving up a hell of a lot for the chance of seeing his friends. There is also the question of why they need to go somewhere else to see them. Is there something wrong? Why can’t they come here? These little things are designed to gnaw at Murphy’s resolve.

About this Episode:

My original draft of the fourth frame looked a lot like a three-person version of the famous Abbey Road album cover from the Beatles. Unfortunately, it looked pretty stupid once I photographed it, so I changed over to the perspective we’re seeing here.

Discussion Question: Psychological Warfare

You’ve seen what Henry and company are attempting to do to Murphy here, so let’s approach this one from the other way around. What can Murphy do to push back against their overtures and maybe psychologically tax his opponents? Or, failing that, is it better for him to appear weak to get them off their guard?



Typo alerts: “incapable to doing anything: to–>of 😀

“one things that” things–>thing 😉

Only two for today, Dave, not bad! 😀


The question is, are they ignoring his request to see his friends? It certainly seems like it, as if Henry might have heard but not responded to Murphy’s question.

They’re certainly trying something on him, whether it’s a confidence trick to gain his trust, or something more sinister, or maybe just the awful truth, remains to be seen! 😀


I can see how you could read it that way, although it wasn’t my intent. I envisioned that Henry was suggesting that his friends were wherever he was leading Murphy.


Also, are they leading him away from the log cabin so that they can do away with him out of earshot of the rest of the group? It’s certainly quite surprising to me that they didn’t come to the door with Henry although I’m not sure why this would be the case unless they have a man inside guarding Murphy’s friends.

I would very strongly appreciate it if Dave would take time to write and shoot the whole scene from the viewpoint of those inside the cabin, assuming they haven’t been done away with entirely. 😀


Hah. I think these guys would actually prefer murdering him in front of the others as a means of intimidation.


Also, what will happen if the inevitable zombie threat appears suddenly out of nowhere to interrupt wherever Henry and his party are headed? 😀

Let’s say the worst thing happens, and despite their best efforts, both Henry and Bill fall victim to zombies before they get where they were going to. Will Murphy also fall victim, or will he take up the weapons and struggle on without them?


Going to make some assumptions here. Gus knows Henry’s group and what they do. He briefed Murphy and Russell on the way back and they came up with a plan. Has long as they are patient and do not react to whatever they are shown Gus and Russell should be able to get the jump on Henry’s group and rescue the others. Of course there is that thing about no plan surviving contact with the enemy but they seem adaptable.


One does have to imagine one of the other guys in Murphy’s little team providing overwatch right now.


I’m glad everyone remembers that Murphy isn’t really alone.

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