Episode 82

About this Episode:
Yes, that big pile of stuff in the foreground is supposed to represent various foodstuffs. I know LEGO® has a nice range of food pieces (e.g. bananas, turkeys, apples, etc.), but I needed to show some non-perishables. Hence, this nice colorful pile of assorted bits.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
One of the longest standing taboos in human civilization is that of cannibalism. It is one of very few things that people will never do unless the situation is so dire that it’s a choice between breaking a taboo and suffering a horrible death by starvation. Notable historic cases of cannibalism for the sake of survival include pioneers in the Donner Party, the prisoners of the Soviet Gulag, and the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes (adapted into the film Alive, where the survivors became soccer players).

Despite such strongly formed aversion, cannibalism is often used as a joke to show just how far from disaster people actually are. Things might look dire, but at least we’re not sizing each other up for out next meal.



Speaking of cannibalism, I heard about this news story where this 650 lb woman ate 30,000 calories worth of food for Christmas dinner. I was joking yesterday about how she could easily feed a village of cannibals. I very much doubt she would survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mindless flesh-eating zombies.


No, I can’t imagine she’d make it terribly far in a zombie apocalypse. Good lord.


Welcome to 2011, Dave! May you have many comics to publish! 😉

I sometimes wonder if we could get a sneak peak of what will happen this year n BotD! 😀


Thank you sir.

Hah, no sneak peaks. But I am throwing some action your way in the coming weeks.


What’s the difference between cannibalism and a flesh eating zombie? I love irony!


Well I suppose one could argue that the zombie is no longer human, thus no cannibalizing. That’s probably a bit of a stretch though 🙂


I would say eating a zombie is akin to eating a diseased corpse. Well, it pretty much IS eating a diseased corpse, just one that will try to eat you first. Also, it could be said that cannibalism is just becoming one of them by choice.


That sounds about right, Replica. I can’t imagine eating a zed would be terribly good for you.

Lich Barrister

Builder’s wankery – it looks like there’s already a “flesh” coloured product in the pile there with the one yellow cylinder (a conversation we had back on BCN recently).

That one reminds me about how Gerber’s baby food did horribly in Africa at some point (either in fact or in urban legend): since many people in Africa may be illiterate in the packaging language (but literate in their dialect), foodstuffs usually sported a prominent picture of the food within on the front. Gerber does have a baby really prominently placed on the label, so….


I only buy baby food made from real babies. Only the best for my boy!


Imagine the confusion they’d have caused if they showed a baby eating baby food from a spoon that was being filled from a baby food jar. 😀

Fine print on product: “WARNING: This product may contain real babies, real jars, and real spoons! 😛


They certainly will. Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone in this group is going to eat Sam anytime soon. The zombies, on the other hand, are a wild card.

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