Episode 802: Stating the Obvious

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Preamble

In most genres where there are action sequences, and this can often include horror, someone has to make a big damn speech to rally the troops for the challenges they are about to face. Or sometimes the speech has a different purpose. For instance, it might be a call for cooperation, a demand for justice, or even a heartfelt plea for trust and understanding. We’re seeing the latter in this case. Henry is here to plead his case to the group because they need help. He realizes that he’s negotiating from a point of weakness, which is why he’s overcompensated so much with his passive-aggressive intimidation tactics. He wants to be perceived as strong so he isn’t dismissed out of hand. That said, he can’t simply go in and make demands with this group. He has to actually sell them on the compromise he’s looking for.

About this Episode:

So let’s talk about Russell really quickly, shall we? I noted in a previous episode that this was a character that I had envisioned as bitter and a little angry, but a commenter pointed out that he didn’t see this at all. In fact, he saw Russell as pretty laid back. I’m pretty curious about this disconnect, and I’ve given it some though. Russell was a bit of a hard ass earlier on, but now that he knows the group better he’s been pretty easy going. He helped Cheryl go get the medication for Murphy, and was fairly tender with Stewart when he was digging the grave. But with outsiders like Henry? All bets are off.

Discussion Question: Negotiating Tactics

Henry is clearly looking for help. And not just with something simple like helping him move; he’s going to be asking people who don’t know him to risk their safety for him. That’s a hell of a big ask. Obviously, we know how he approached this, but how would you do it? Your group needs help, and the BotD characters are the only ones nearby that are capable of lending a hand. Convince them.

12 thoughts on “Episode 802: Stating the Obvious”

  1. There are no typos to report for today! 😀 At least, not that I can find! 😀 If anyone spots one, please let Dave know in the comments here! 😉

    • Hot damn!

  2. My idea about asking the BotD characters for help would be to shove that idea in a hessian sack, and throw it in a nearby river, to float downstream, never to be seen ever again! 😀 I know the BotD characters too well to ask them for help, given the 802 episodes we’ve already seen! Call me whatever you like, except late for dinner! 😀

    • Hah, fair enough.

  3. I think the way Russell is acting is totally out of character, considering how quiet and composed he usually seems. That being said, it might be the right thing to do in these circumstances! It’s not always the obvious that is what must be done! 😀

    • There’s definitely a time to be suspicious. Whether you should speak on those suspicions is another matter entirely.

  4. Let me guess: Henry’s proposal is going to be mostly come with us or die anyway? IT seems like this is all escalating quickly! 😀

    • I don’t think he’d be so open as to come out and say that.

      • Except for the fact that he mostly already said it. It’s known as “reading between the lines”. Henry has made wonderful use of the English language whilst talking to this group, a lot of the communication is not so obvious at first! 😀 It is, however, most clearly implied here in these strips.

  5. Timeline is out of whack. Henry’s group could have watched them for a short time and then approached them with offers of trade and mutual assistance to build up trust. Then they could have asked for help with the other group. This sudden rush for assistance would make me extremely suspicious of this group and what their real motives are.

    • Right you are. It’s almost like they don’t want anyone to think to long about them before making a decision.

  6. Being cookies…