Episode 800: Salesmanship

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Flipping

One really interesting part of a zombie outbreak is the way that it brings together a bunch of people who wouldn’t normally be together. Sure, there are circumstances where a group of friends will be stuck together, or a family will all be in the same place when the shit hits the fan, but those aren’t really as interesting unless there are already some underlying issues within these groups. Far more interesting are the vinegar and water combinations that zombie fiction is absolutely packed with. Applying external stress on people to force them to either cooperate or fail is just a staple of the genre, and, indeed, writing in general. The trick to making this work really well is to not use polar opposites. A police officer and a career criminal with personal history is an obvious choice, but their conflict is right there on the surface and doesn’t give a lot of room to expand upon.

About this Episode:

I’m starting to get sick of this setting. We’ve got (quickly checks scripts) three episodes left here, and then we’ll be moving on to a new location. It works well to let Henry address the crowd, which is nice,  but looking at the backs of characters’ heads, especially when they’re talking, is a complete drag.

Discussion Question: Unhelpful People

Building of the zombie cliche lookout, are there people you know that you’d absolutely hate to be stuck with during a zombie attack? I know I have a few. No need to name names, of course (in fact, please don’t), just give us a quick rundown of exactly why those people would be so difficult to work with.

I’ll start things off. First is a family member of mine with an extremely conspiratorial mindset. He would be really tough to work with because he’d be too focused on trying to lob blame for the situation on others. Also, he complains insistently, which would wear down on a person in the best of times. Under stress? It would be a nightmare.



Just one typo for today: starting–>start 😀 It’s at the beginning of the second paragraph of the Discussion Question! 😀


Why is it I find myself wanting to put a boot in this guy’s ass? Something’s definitely not kosher here, and I just can’t put my finger on it right now. It’s all well and good to have this guy coming around soliciting group memberships, but he hasn’t even stated the entry requirements, or if there even are any! 😀

An even more interesting question is he’s been spying on them, since what episode exactly? What doesn’t he know about them, and what doesn’t he know about Sam’s problems? 😀

Sam, in particular, I believe, is going to be a bit of an unknown, he’s already killed one person, admittedly he was goaded a bit but Abe already became a zombie and had to be stopped, once he became a zombie, by his ex-companion, Emma.


“Why is it I find myself wanting to put a boot in this guy’s ass?”

This is the question, isn’t it? Something isn’t really adding up, but you’re not so sure how/why? That’s what I’m going for least ways.


I’m going to put out a really interesting Discussion Question for Dave and the audience:

Should he write up an epilogue for this series, and depict how he would have started the zombie infection that turned everyone into zombies? The creation of the “alpha”, “zombie prime”, or simply the first zombie to come into being, would be rather interesting to read about indeed! 😀 I’d expect 10-15 episodes at most so not really worried how long he wants to write it up, just if he wants to write one, and do it all properly and plan it out, at the comic’s ending.


Funnily enough, my wife just asked me if I was going to explain the outbreak before the comic ends. I don’t plan on it. What might be fun, however, is to invite some guest strips to explain things. The crazier the better.


In that case, I want you to b my guest and write your ending up now, before you accept any entries, I do want to know what your take on it is! 😀


“… good people help those in need. We’re in need.”

For Pete’s sake, now Henry’s going to use guilt? He must be desperate to convince them.

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