Episode 77

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
After getting through a challenge, or ever following a semi-restful night’s sleep, characters will often assume that the worst is over and a return to normalcy is imminent. It’s not that they’re naive, it’s just that they still have an inherent sense of hopefulness. They believe that there is some sort of cosmic justice out there that will reward them for making it this far. Unfortunately for them, this is all too seldom the case. In zombie stories the only thing waiting for survivors after a difficult fight is more zombies. Of course they’ll also have to contend with starvation, loneliness, disease, and countless other hazards.



It’s times like these when they should do an “A-Team” number on some stuff just lying around and try to take out as many zombies as they can. Preferably something that is fueled by a practical long-term energy source, although nine times out of ten that isn’t around, either.

I wonder if the rest of the fictional planet they’re on is undergoing the same zombie outbreak, or if this is just localized to the areas we’ve seen so far?

I also wonder if Dave will drop some clues as to where the current plot line is headed. It’s going rather slow, though, at two episodes a week … Still, some nice stuff happening here and there.


Hah. Two episodes a week are unfortunately all I can handle right now. I’d hate to bump up my production schedule and then not be able to keep up.

As far as where the plot line it going, it is building to a big damn fight, but we’ve got a while yet before we get there. I’m planning on introducing some new characters around episode 100, and I’d like to explore a bit of backstory so we can see how we ended up where we did.

Hopefully it’s not too slow!

Adelaide C. F.

“They believe that THEY IS some sort of cosmic justice (…) ” // WTF? 😉


Hah, that would be a (now corrected) typo. Thanks for pointing that out.

Adelaide C. F.

Hehe, You’re welcome 😉

Anyway, hope that Murphy will turn out to be kind of “badass” (with that “mysterious” secret, maybe it’s like “oh my, what have I done!”)… Can’t wait to see next comix! 😛


they whould know that alot can hapen over a night specialy during a zombie apocalipse.


They certainly should. One assumes they were hoping that the zombies would wander off if they didn’t hear any noise.


Ouch. I guess now the question is whether to try and sneak out undetected, or to clear out the street. There don’t seem to be that many of them, but enough that they’d have to take them tactically, and I don’t know if I trust this group to work together well enough for that.

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