Episode 752: Last Stand

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Mama Bear

While today’s cliche lookout isn’t unique to the zombie genre, it’s certainly well represented there. I’m talking, of course, of the incredible heroics a parent can achieve in a horror story when their children’s safety is on the line. A normally timid or even cowardly person can step up to incredible challenges for the sake of their loved ones, up to and including making the ultimate sacrifice simply to buy them some time.

The interesting thing about this cliche is that it’s not something that only occurs in fiction. People in real life frequently do outrageously dangerous things for their children. No rational person would, for instance, run into a burning building. But put their baby inside that building and just try to hold them back. You want to see some heroics? All you need to do is put a few children in peril.

About this Episode:

There’s kind of a lot going on in this episode, with action taking place between the panels, so to speak. I figured I’d try something new with how I did action setups. In case anything isn’t clear, Teddy, tackled the zombie off his mom, who in turn knocks the zombie down in front of Teddy. Kelly helps him up as Vicky tells them to run before it’s too late.

Discussion Question: Killing Rational Thought

I wrote and shot these episodes in order to give Vicky and the kids a potential way out: Vicky’s screwdriver that’s just out of her reach. If they were thinking rationally, they could simply grab it and take out the zed before anyone got bitten. But they aren’t thinking rationally. They’re overcome with fear and simply reacting to whatever the most important challenge of the moment is.

I think that’s an important aspect of horror. It’s what makes you yell at characters about not splitting up. You, in the comfort and safety of your home, are able to compartmentalize and make reasoned choices. People in the middle of a panic have a much harder time. I wanted to tap into this with today’s discussion question: tell me about a simple challenge you weren’t able to deal with because of some overwhelming emotion. Obviously fear is the most closely related, but I know now all of us have been that scared before.



Typo alert: “who in turn knocks the zombie down in from of Teddy” from–>front 😀

Only one for today, and Monday’s didn’t have any, you’re doing really good on the typo front Dave! 😀



I’m on a roll. Monday will be a disaster of broken English.


Clark, in the meantime is conveniently – or inconveniently, depending on the character’s POV – nowhere to be seen! 😀 I do hope his survival instincts come back to him before a zombie finds him and starts chasing him down! 😉

Or maybe they are his survival instincts, he might’ve reverted to his loner persona. Thoughts, anyone?

Pepper Valentino

Yes! Maybe, a few years down the line, they’ll find him in a cave with a big ol’ beard! 😀 Clarkshaw!

Pepper Valentino

On the episode:

Is the walker- oops!

Is the zombie holding on to vicky? Cuz it seems like she should be able to get away. Or maybe these zeds are a little faster/more aggressive than I thought.
I take it as she’s wrestling with it a little bit.

On the Cliche:

Yes. It’s amazing what we’d do for someone we loved. 🙂

About the episode:

It took me a little while to figure out what was going on, but I got it! 🙂 Little Teddy is a BEAST! Haha!


Luckily, I can’t think of a time right now.
Peobably some time I saw a spider or something. Haha! 😀


“Is the zombie holding on to vicky? ”

He’s on top of her and grabbing at her. Is she were calm and clever, she could likely pivot him off and bolt, but she’s too concerned with his hands and teeth.

Pepper Valentino

I wonder when we’ll see Clark again.

Right away,in the next couple episodes?

Will we visit another group before we see him again?

Will we have to wait a whole year? (In comic-time)

And what will happen when we see him?

Will he be with the group?

Will he run into, and join a group of bad guys? Maybe become a big villain.

Will he run into some bad guys who kill him?

Will he be a loner?

Or maybe he’ll be a zed.

Can’t wait! 🙂


We’ll be seeing Clark again before we move on to the next group of characters, don’t worry.

Pepper Valentino

Oh yeah, I was wondering.

How much does your wife know about the comic? Do you talk about it a lot?
Could she name any characters? Has she read it?

The kids too.


We don’t talk about it often, other than “Hey, I need to go do my comic,” “Okay”.

She looks at it occasionally, but I doubt she could name a character . She doesn’t like zombies.

Pepper Valentino

It’s not about the zombies! Haha!
Its about the Life, Death, And Love!!!


I remember, as a 10-12 years old kid, I had my biggest fear. I wouldn’t have made it without a bit of luck…

I was in Germany for a twinning project between my hometown and a german town. On the last day, I lost the group I was with, and completely lost my way in the town. I couldn’t speak a damned word of german… I was running in every direction looking for a familiar face of place… I lost all rational thinking in less than 2 minutes. Close to crying.

Steampowered Spam

I was wondering if you ever considered using random chance to decide the fate of your characters?

I know some literary /comic peoples will roll dice + a feat if they are skilled at the situation at hand.

Pepper Valentino

That cool! 😀

I’ve thought about doing this for the Negan scene in my Lego Walking Dead series. But I probably won’t. Cuz I know who I want to die already. Hah! 🙂

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