Episode 748: Go Time

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Women and Children First

Anyone who has ever dealt with kids before knows that they can get stressed out really easily, and few things would be more stressful than the zombie apocalypse. If your group of survivors has some children in it, then you’ve got a whole new challenge you need to deal with. Keeping them calm, keeping them moving, and keeping them with the group is going to be a hell of a challenge.

It’s going to take a little more planning and forethought to get this done. You’re going to have to find out what they need before they need it, and make allowances for that. A lot of times, it’s little things. Setting a good example and going first to show them it’s safe. Building them up and talking them through problems. Just don’t let them freak out and start screaming when you’re trying to sneak past a horde of zombies, because, you know, that would be bad.

About this Episode:

Look closely at the fourth panel. What’s Clark looking at? Yep, that’s right,  he’s checking out Vicky’s ass. And, hey, she’s single now.

Other News:

One quick item: I’ll be out of town next week, and won’t be posting comics. It’s spring break for the kids and I’m taking a few days off (see how I built off the cliche lookout above? I’ll be doing the same thing with the discussion question). We’ll return to our normal schedule the following week (April 17th). As always, thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

Discussion Question: Kids and Zombies (But Not Zombie Kids)

Managing kids in the best of times can be tough. Trust me, I’ve got two of them myself and I’m way over my head. So give me some advice. When the zombie apocalypse starts, what should I do to keep them going without getting us all killed?


Pepper Valentino


Twd season is over.
Last man on earth is on a break.
My other favorite show, Red Eye , just got cancelled.
And now you’re leaving for a week?!

I’m losing EVERYTHING!!! :'(

Pepper Valentino

Dammit Clark!
Ted’s body isn’t even cold yet!

Maybe this was Clark’s plan all along.
He did shoot him, after all.

I would like to see a little argument ,about that, next episode.

Teddy jr. “Did you look at my mommy’s butt?”
Clark “Huh? NO! Shut Up!”

Teddy jr. “But you-”

Clark “Shut Up! Time to go.”

Haha! I’d love that!

Nice touch with the wood board on the floor. I love little things like that. Although it does look a little odd, because it kinda matches the floor.
But I still like it.


Hah, I wonder how much a kid Teddy’s age would notice something like that.

The board was what was on the window before Ted removed it to allow Barb (and now Vicky) outside.


I would have Dave get his kids to study zombies from afar in order to learn why they’re a danger to them. Probably indirectly, through use of illustrations or explanations that help characterize what a zombie is, and why they should avoid them at all costs.

Dave didn’t mention the age of the kids in question. The above might be useful to a kid that’s learned how to walk and talk, but would be substantially less useful if that kid is a few years younger and is still learning how to walk and talk, and is in need of a lot of parental care.

If the kids are older, say getting into their teenage years, then they’d make excellent spotters for zombies, and could go places an adult would have a lot more difficulty navigating through. For instance, they could easily adapt in a city environment to scouting across rooftops or along sheer walls of glass where even a zombie would be unable to follow them at all. Of course, that’s in the city, in the country, trees are a good source of places zombies can’t go, so kids would be well adapted to clinging to branches and keeping zombies at bay, so could even be a viable horde thinning strategy if equipped properly.

Most of all, though, they’ll need to be trained to recognize that they’re survivors and would need to pass on the information they’ve learned to future generations so that they too will benefit from learning how to deal with zombies.


My kids are definitely younger. 8 and almost 5. A bit young for too much hardcore zombie survival training.


Well, the 8 year old sounds like they’d be about ready to learn how to assess people properly. As for the 5 year old, they’re probably into the games on their mobile phone, so you would want to get both of them games that would teach them zombie survival tactics through their mobile phones which both of them probably have! 😀

Getting modern technology in a zombie apocalypse is going to be a thing, too, I can imagine mobile phone stores being raided early on in a zombie apocalypse, as would any other store carrying radio-based supplies! 😉 Communication is key in a zombie apocalypse, and what better than easy to use technology? 😀


I think the mouseover text is getting a bit snarky, I don’t think Clark is worried at all about Vicky’s butt. He presumably wants to keep the peace, and to not interfere too much with her kids, as she is of course their mother, and he’s not their father, but has to step into the role of a foster daddy for the time being. That’s not to say that things couldn’t develop later into something more aesthetically pleasing to both him, Vicky, and her kids. It is, for now, on the back burner though, he might very well become the next zombie they’ll have to deal with if they want to survive! 😀



Honestly, I just noticed where he was looking long after shooting and editing the episode, and it felt like I had to mention it and joke about it.


As for going out of town next week, don’t sweat it, just don’t get yourself another plaster cast! 😀 The last one really knocked you about something fierce! 😉

Pepper Valentino

At least it didn’t happen in the apocalypse! 🙂


Ladies first, Clark… LOL.

I can imagine what I could if I was alone, but trying to survive with my 6 yo daughter…

I think I’ll try to stay put as long as I can anywhere offering shelter and food and see where we go from here.


Goals, locations, what is human, what’s not, read.
Hate to state the over diagnosed, but 99+% of all ppl and kids are getting attention deficit disorder(s). Because of this we have to find a way to “properly” raise them. Short goals seem like a good route. “Program” the children right.
Ex) get to next room, unsafe, next house, unsafe, next known safe (well known/kid friendly neighbor/hood)
Locations: “Most people stored food here”, this is your ____ a guardian – something isn’t right, go here.
To be or rot: no one wanted to shot that season two kid from the twd for killing her friend, but they need to kill her for ALWAYS playing with the brain dead.
You can’t read, you can’t eat, you are at a loss for using technology, add nausea.

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