Episode 733: There and Back Again

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Second Half of the Mission

Scouting and information gathering during the zombie apocalypse would be an exceedingly dangerous task. The fun part is, once you’ve infiltrated the zombie-filled area you’re scouting and gotten whatever information you’re searching for, you have to go through the same dangers all over again on your return journey. The worst part is, you’re not as fresh as you were when you started your mission. You’re tired and have been on high alert for a long time already, so your senses aren’t running at one hundred percent, which makes this the most dangerous part of the mission.

About this Episode:

As you all have no doubt noticed, the duck has made an appearance once again. Granted he’s not in focus this time around, but what can you do? Truth be told, I shot this episode a few weeks ago, before we had the duck discussion when I realized that he was the latest breakout star of the comic, right up there with Scrimshaw. He’s so cool, even the zombies know to maintain their distance.

On another note, I really like the torso I’ve got Barb in now. I wish it was more explicitly a female torso, but still, the texture on the back is totally worth it.

Discussion Question: Return of The Walking Dead

So The Walking Dead returned yesterday. I haven’t seen it yet because I don’t have cable and have to wait until the next day to watch it. So the question is, how was it? I have been increasingly unimpressed with the show of late. It seems like they have some big master plan somewhere down the line, but aren’t really sure how to get there in an interesting way, so they’re just sort of meandering in the intervening weeks. I hope that isn’t the case now that we’re onto the second half of the season. So, how did they do?

14 thoughts on “Episode 733: There and Back Again”

  1. It was epic! 8D

    Maybe…possibly…probibly not. I don’t actually watch the show. I like the genra….the theme of survival against monsters in an post end of civilization urban setting.

    But I hate the blood and guts that usually go with it. And most zombie flicks fall into the “Nom characters to bits in full HD gorefest when the network runs out of money to pay the actor” gimic that TWD falls into.

    It does make me wonder if there are any pg or pg13 stories out there of a simular setting. XD

    • I can definitely understand, it’s gotten pretty damn nihilistic of late. If it wasn’t for doing reviews for this site, I probably wouldn’t be in a huge hurry to watch it.

  2. Typo alerts: “so you’re senses aren’t running at” you’re–>your 😀

    “I wish is was more explicitly a female” is–>it 😉

    • Fixed both, thanks!

  3. What’re the chances one of the zombies might catch sight of Barb out of their zombiefied eye? Most of them are focused on the fact that the last food was in the house and will probably still see that as a valid location to keep trying for food at.

    But what happens if just one of the zombies there sees food, and gives a call to the others? Are they going to believe him (insofar as any zombie could understand the concept, anyway) and pursue Barb as well, or would them not seeing anything lead them to believe their zombie friend is delusional (again, insofar as), and therefore refuse to go after something they can’t see?

    I want to know if Dave’s zombies are the “zombie see, zombie do” type of zombie, or if they’ve got some set of zombie mentality that defines when they might choose to go after something one of the group sees.

    • They’re definitely pack-based, and will follow the lead of a zed that caught sight/smell/whatever of potential prey. That said, I try not to make them to acute of sense of too effective of hunters.

  4. One thing I have been wondering this whole scene… why are all these zombies focused on the door? I mean, if they heart a sound inside the house they wouldn’t focus on the door… if they ‘saw’ something they would more likely be focused on the window(s). They don’t have a basic understanding of what a door is, do they?
    And now that I think of it… why are the focused on this house in the first place (except for the purpose of story of course)?

    • I haven’t been super explicit about it, but the zombies are there because of the fight and gunshots between the prisoners and Ted’s group. The door is the focal point because that’s where they last saw prey. That said, there are more zombies meandering around the house, like the one Barb took out a few episodes back.

  5. The return of the Duck. It’s going to quack.
    I should probably tell everyone to look up the song “my life as a Duck”, by Charlie Winston.

    • I shall do so forthwith!

  6. Let’s focus on the duck please… cause I ‘ve not seen TWD yet too LOL.

    About Barb’s outfit, the lower body part is actually one of my favorite. I wish it was a bit lighter, but this pair of jeans, as simple as it is, looks great!

    • I’m a big fan too; I hope more pants like this come out in the future. Nice, simple textures that really add to the look without being overpowering.

  7. Other other hand, on the return you will have a better idea of what you’re dealing with and will hopefully have figured out a safer path. At least with minimal possibility of being surprised.

    Right in the middle of TWD’s mid-season premiere as I type (we’re a day behind this side of the Atlantic). So far it looks promising.

    • That’s a damn good point.

      I actually enjoyed TWD, which is something of a rare experience for me of late.