Episode 710: Coordination

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Priorities

In an emergency, zombie-related or otherwise, being able to quickly assess a situation and prioritize your actions is the clearest course to survival. As we mentioned before, taking the wrong action (or no action) will get you into trouble, as will failing to take note of important details that will impact your decisions. If there are multiple people in your group, it can make a lot of sense to divide up responsibilities in order to get things done more quickly. This becomes even more true when certain people in the group have skills or abilities that make them better and/or more efficient at certain tasks.

The trade-off, of course, is that not everyone in your group is going to have skills and abilities that will be of use. In fact, some people might be more or less useless in a zombie survival situation. For them, you may end up spending more time containing them or finding things to keep them out of trouble than anything else.

About this Episode:

I don’t know why, but I had trouble shooting this episode. I did everything as I normally do, but when I was reviewing the photography, many of the images were out-of-focus and unusable. Luckily, I always take between five to ten shots of each panel, so I had enough to work with here.

Discussion Question: Weapons and Defenses

Here’s a nice, fun one from BrickVoid: “How would you go about choosing weapons and defenses for people in your group? How would you go about preparing them for the inevitable onslaught of lots of zombies, all wanting a bite out of them?”

I’m going to weigh in on this one, since it’s not my question.

My top priority for weapons and defenses would be the person’s ability to use it safely. The last thing I want is for someone to do collateral damage to the group when trying to defend themselves/others.



Everyone focuses on food and water these days. What about the toiletries, including, but not limited to, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorants, and the women’s favorite, perfumes and make-up? I’d guess a lot of people will say they do care about such things even in a zombie apocalypse, so whoever is going to prepare them for the inevitable onslaught will want to firmly impress upon them that these items might seem necessary to them but that they are of secondary importance in the overall survival situation.


I would say that those things are important, simply lower on the scale of needs. You could also lump first aid and medications in there.


Regarding the out-of-focus images, perhaps you would put some of the better ones that almost made it to put together an illustrative post about how not to shoot for an episode! 😀


I’ve been wondering, if I were in this sort of situation I’d be looking for some sort of distraction to focus the attention of the zombies on someplace else, even if only temporarily. What kind of distraction would be likely to get a zombie focused on it?


That’s a very good question. So far in the comic we’ve used noise.


Weapons training is a rather tricky thing. US Army basic training uses three weeks of the nine weeks to teach rifle marksmanship. That does not even take into account whether a person is willing to use a weapon. Truth is handing out guns or baseball bats can be more dangerous to your own group than to the zombies.


Retired Army. scary part is Air Force spend less than three days on weapons unless you are in a job requiring weapons handling.

To really scare you learning to shoot is just the start. Using weapons is one thing put using weapons as part of a team is another whole level. Think of one on one basketball vs five on five.


My sister was in the Navy (hospital corpsman) and got about an day’s worth of weapons training. That’s one thing she complained about; she wanted more. Seems like a core competency wouldn’t be a bad idea.


As I don’t know how to handle any weapon, I’d say that a lot of people will have to learn how to use them on the fly. Fire weapon or not. Let’s face it… It’s gonna be a bloodbath LOL.

As I like the complementarity of different types of weapons in a group, I can’t figure out what kind of weapon can be more suitable for any kind of person too…

I’m trouble here LOL!


I think most of use would be. Even here in the US with the high rate of gun ownership, I think only a very small number of those owners could use them effectively in a high-stress situation.


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