Episode 704: Gotta Do Something

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Danger of Hesitating

Under normal circumstances, taking some time to make a decision is often smart. It forces you to take a step back from the stress and emotion of the moments and look at things from a more logical, strategic perspective. Making a knee-jerk decision without considering all the variables usually results in a poor decision being made. All that changes in a zombie survival situation. More accurately, it often changes in emergencies in general, regardless of how many zombies, if any, are involved.

Indeed, in an emergency, time becomes one of, if not the most important factors. Sure, you could probably make a better decision if you had the chance to carefully consider everything, but you simply do not have that chance. You either act, or you fail to act. If you choose the latter, odds are something bad is going to happen. You cannot afford the time it takes to find the best solution; you must simply find and act upon a solution as quickly as possible.

About this Episode:

That last panel is a little darker than the other three, which is something I didn’t notice until I looked at the comic on a different monitor. I wish I could say that was intentional. That it was supposed to symbolize the darkness and dread the Vicky is experiencing as a character. It’s not though. I just screwed up.

Discussion Question: Snap Decisions

I know we’ve got people here from all sorts of backgrounds with a variety of interesting careers. I’m curious how many of you have to make quick, shoot-from-the-hip decisions on a regular basis, and how you go about doing it. In my work, I usually have the opportunity to take my time and consider everything before deciding, so I think quick decision making would be a challenge for me.

11 thoughts on “Episode 704: Gotta Do Something”

  1. Typo alert: “had the change to carefully” change–>chance 😀

    Only one for today, Dave! You’re really getting back on top of the typos which is always good to see! 😉

    • Not bad at all! Fixed.

  2. That last panel being a little darker isn’t that bad, actually. It’s not as terrible as it looks, i would recommend not changing anything, because it fits well! 😀

    • Well that’s good to hear, thanks.

  3. I work as a IT for a grant project. So…only when the boss gets is watching.

    Or when I need input on a design change but no one replies to my inquiries and the deadline is approaching.

    Instict actually plays a big part in my job, but only after taking a moment to decide on a course of action

    • I work at a software company; I know exactly what you mean.

  4. No good ever follows from the argument, “…but we have to do SOMEthing!”

    • Hah!

  5. I obviously can’t come out with a situation with such high leverage than those involving any zombies… We indeed have the luxury of taking time in most situations. I’d say that I can make a fast decision when… A friend call me for a 3vs3 basketball within the half hour… That’s about it. LOL

    • Well, did you decide to play, or what?

      • Nursing a sprained ankle… But I did LOL