Episode 693: No Promises

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Disclosure of Risks

In a zombie survival situation, there are no guarantees. Yes, you can and should do everything in your power to eliminate, or at least ameliorate risks. But not matter how hard you work at this, there are simply too many variables out there to avoid everything. Honestly, our safe, comfortable lives aren’t too dissimilar. No, we don’t need to worry about getting eaten by a horde of zombies, but there are plenty of other things to be concerns about. Car accidents, food poisoning, crime, cancer, terrorism. I could go on and on. The point is, there are lots of things out there that put you at risk, otherwise, you wouldn’t have insurance.

You do have insurance, right?

About this Episode:

Poor Sam has been awfully quiet the last few episodes (and the next few, actually). I figured it was about time to have him pop in and bring down the room a bit. Sam’s a real fun governor.

Discussion Question: Reducing Risks

Building on the zombie cliche lookout, how would you go about making your life a little bit safer in the zombie apocalypse? I imagine there are loads of simple things one could do to make the world a little more survivable, so let’s hear some suggestions.

I’ll start with a couple. First off, dressing appropriately. Wear close fitting clothes and keep your hair short or tied up. Just like heavy equipment, you don’t want to leave anything hanging around for zombies to grab onto. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to wear things that offer some form of bite and scratch protection. I’m not suggesting a suit of armor (although that would be pretty cool), but a leather jacket and heavy gloves might not be a bad idea.

Oh yeah, and no flip flops. Let’s wear real shoes, or, better still, boots.

8 thoughts on “Episode 693: No Promises”

  1. Well, since my idea of reducing risk would be to build an invincible, armed to the teeth, mech suit or armored vehicle that is simply too tough to be harmed by zombies, I guess I would be at a disadvantage for a while. 😀 But for the most part, risk reduction is, as others have said, mostly planning and preparing for what you’re going to come across in a zombie apocalypse. 😉

    Aside from that one would probably benefit from not letting things get too close to oneself, especially zombies. What kind of zombie would the apocalypse have to come up with in order to pose a threat to somebody in an armored mech suit, anyway? 😀

    • Now all you’ll need are the materials and know-how to build one.

  2. Reducing risks for me would be to limit dangerous situations. I mean, you’d need to be self sufficient for food, weapon or stuff like that. Develop knowledge to make your own medicines with plants, being able to create your own energy with wind and/or water… So you don’t have to go in the open the world too much…

    You could say that staying put would be my insurance… LOL
    Like a more aware version of the Alexandria’s people from TWD.

    • Good call. I think the Alexandria people got a bit of the short shrift on TWD. They were written poorly; unrealistically naive and helpless.

  3. When the undead zeds arrive we will all be safer because the pokemon go zeds will have been removed from the world.
    I don’t play but at least my wife is now willing to go on walks now to catch em on her phone and tablet.

    • Hah, way to be topical! I can’t believe how popular that game is around the office.

  4. Learn to be aware of your surroundings and develop a good sense of direction.

    It is remarkably easy to get lost in a city, especially when you are used to having gps guide you everywhere. Which in a survival situation can be…bad because such tech isnt usually available, or at least, not easily accessable.

    Learning how to be aware of ones surroundings would be usefull. Knowing what should be there and what shouldnt be. And avoid becoming distacted.

    Just like in real life, dont text and drive. Well, dont text and flee from zombies. While you are busy googling how to survive a z invasion a zombie could just appear behind you an-

    • Man, great advice here. Any suggestions on how to develop that good sense of direction? That’s something I’m really, really bad with.