Episode 691: Parental Guilt

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Putting Yourself Last

One of the first things you have to get used to as a parent is the idea that you no longer come first in your own life. That’s a really big adjustment for most people. In the past, you only needed to worry about yourself and possibly your significant other. Sure, you cared about other people in your life, but none were dependent on you in any meaningful way. That changes with a baby, and the funny thing is, the responsibility doesn’t change a whole lot as the child grows and becomes more independent. Now imagine needing that child to take care of you. That role reversal is tough for people to deal with.

And when you throw zombies into the mix, it gets even harder. You might need your child to take care of you, but you know that you’re putting them at risk the longer they stay. Prepare for the gut punch of parental guilt.

About this Episode:

You may have noticed that Tara’s dad hasn’t been given a name. In the scripts, he’s shown as “TARA’S DAD”. I did this for two reasons. First, I wanted to show the sort of anonymity people like Tara’s dad are subjected to in stories. They primarily exist for plot purposes rather than character in their own right. They’re another challenge for our heroes to overcome.

Other News:

So this doesn’t really have anything to do with the comic or discussion for the day, but have you guys watched the Netflix series Stranger Things? If not, go watch it. I mean as soon as possible. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, just go watch Stranger Things. It’s so damn good.

Discussion Question: Unexpectedly Effective Survivors

Another great one today from BrickVoid, who says: I have a Discussion Question: Unexpected badass: Which type of person will be more likely to surprise everyone in a zombie apocalypse and come out on top of a heap of dead zombies that have been taken out mostly by their actions. Who do you think will make it through a zombie apocalypse, and why?

6 thoughts on “Episode 691: Parental Guilt”

  1. I would like to believe that by being a nerd with genra savyness would increase my chances of survival. Although the fact that I know more about escaping fictional zombies than actual survival skills is exactly the reason why I probibly wouldnt xP

    In all honesty, those who survive the longest will probibly be those who avoid the zombies the longest.

    No matter what your skill level is, all it takes is one bite (or a poorly timed zombie sneeze) and you are doomed. Infact just being around where a zombie has been could be dangerous. All it takes is one cut on a sharp surface splashed with contaminated fluids…and you are doomed.

    So naturally the more zombies you around = more chances for infection, this includes big cities and professions that bring you in direct contact with zombies. Emergancy services, doctors military

    Given that logic (as flawed as it probibly is) i would say…small rural towns are your best bet for survival. Small enough that a local out break is managable, large enough to fend off bandits.

    • The fun thing about “genre awareness” is that it only works if the zombies follow the rules that we expect them to. That’s a big assumption that would likely get a lot of nerds killed.

  2. I like to think he’s taken on the likeness of the name “Gramps”, partly because everyone thinks of him that way, partly because he gets a lot of youngins calling him that. 😀

    Not to be confused with Grampa Simpson, who I’ve seen in passing, although Gramps here probably has watched that show on TV himself with Tara near his side. 😉

    Gee, now I’m writing character bios for these people I’ve never met! 😀 Dave can take whatever he likes from that! 😉

    • Hah. I’m way behind on those things again.

  3. First the people most likely to survive are those willing to adapt to a new situation quickest. Does not matter how prepared you are if you stick with your PLAN in the face of mounting evidence it isn’t working. Think Johnny Depp in the Sleepy Hollow. Once he figured out that ghosts were real he did not even break stride to change plans and methods of attack to deal what the problem really was.

    Finished binge watching Stranger Things last night. Loved all the D&D references. Liked how they broke some of the standard character roles. Can’t get over all the 80s fashions.

  4. I find it interesting how your question of the day (well… BrickVoid’s question of the day LOL) and your Zombie cliche lookout just go opposite way here!

    In the first part you describe how people should learn how to rely on each other (elders with descendant). That said I think that bad-ass people will come out to be the most selfish persons and happy to get free of the feeling they had to hide it in their former “normal everyday life”.

    It’s going to be a step by step transition but pretty fast actually… Steal to live, kill to live, and so on. Every man for himself will turn people into beasts!