Episode 646: A Big Ask

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Can’t Do It All

Even in the best of times, people aren’t equipped to make it on their own, and the zombie apocalypse is a far cry from the best of times. The trouble is, many of us have gotten the idea in our heads that we need to be completely independent, and that getting help from others is somehow a sign of weakness. This is, of course, completely preposterous, and dangerous to boot. The result? A lot of people are going to put themselves in jeopardy because of their idiotic ideas about how people should operate.

Beyond that, even when we do recognize that we need help from others, we’re not necessarily better off. After all, the other people we need help from have to agree to help. Even if agreeing doesn’t put them at risk of being eaten by zombies, many are going to be hesitant to help. Some might be worried about risk, while others are only looking at what they’ll get in return.

About this Episode:

I love that Tara is wearing glasses, because it’s a great way to differentiate her from other female characters. Unfortunately, it also limits her facial expressions. In this case, she looks like she’s smiling in that last panel, but she’s actually really upset. Trust me on this one, guys.

Discussion Question: Deciding To Help

I tend to think that most of us are pretty good people. If we can help others without putting ourselves at risk, or losing something, we will. In the zombie apocalypse, however, it’s going to be a lot harder to help someone without any risk, because pretty much everything is risky. With that in mind, how would you decide to help your fellow survivor? What risk factors would you consider? Are you looking for rewards, and, if so, how much would you need to tilt your decision one way or another?



That’s a cool fig indeed. Not a lot of desire for the book though.

Foolish Lego

Same here. But if you want to get the minifigure later… You’ll probably pay the price of the book for just the minifigure.


Typo alert: Zombie Cliche Lookout, second paragraph, first sentence, after the second comma: “better of” of–>off 😀

Typo alert, mouseover text for comic: “by my face” by–>but 😉

Not Pete Clines

I’ve been planning a LEGO-illustrated story for months now, and one of the things holding me back is trying to find matching (or close-to-matching) heads with multiple expressions I thought glasses would help until I realized how many different styles of glasses has put on their minifigs…


It’s a double-edges sword, isn’t it? On the one hand, I love the variety. On the other, that means I’m locking myself into certain expressions most of the time.

I wish LEGO, or one of the many customizers out there, would make faces in sets for people like us.


Oh wow, that’s really cool! A bit overkill for a comic, but an amazing idea for people who do stop-motion.

I’d love to see something like this, only with more facial variety and fewer expressions to keep the cost down.


The biggest issue in helping other people is trusting them. Are they really in need? Are they good people? What will they do once my door is open? Is that a trap?…

As you imagine I could continue this list of questions for hours…

I guess you don’t wanna put your family at risk for people you don’t trust 100%. It’s all feelings on this one… Why trust this person and not this one?

Yet there is no long run solution in playing it solo… Need a group obviously.

Asking rewards? Nah… In situation like this, helping others to ask something back from them? You GIVE your help to someone… but you SELL your services.


“You GIVE your help to someone… but you SELL your services.” I like this. Well said.

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