Episode 642: Share and Share Alike

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Supplies and Companionship

Zombie survival is more than just killing huge hordes of zombies and scavenging pork and beans from the remains of a local supermarket. Don’t get me wrong, zombie killing and beans are big parts of it, but they’re not everything. Surviving on your own, for instance, is going to be a short term solution no matter how you slice it. Sure, you might be able to get along just fine for quite some time, but eventually you’ll get sick, or hurt, or tired, and the jig will be up. And also zombies will eat your face. No, the only real way to get through the zombie apocalypse is with other people.

The trouble is how you vet those other people. Clearly, not everyone is going to be a good fit for you and the rest of your group. They might have vastly different goals, or simply have personalities that do nothing but clash with yours. Figuring out whether you can work and live together with others is quite a challenge, and the added stress of the zombies does little to mitigate that.

About this Episode:

The first part of this episode, with Sam grabbing his backpack, is only there so I could reverse the way the characters are standing. I had Tara in the foreground before, but that made her more difficult to frame and shoot. Since she was doing most of the talking, it became pretty awkward. The solution? Find a reason for Sam to walk across the room.

Discussion Question: Teaming Up

I’m going to hew close to the plot of the comic in today’s discussion question. I hope no one minds. What do you think Tara has in mind here. Does she want to permanently bring Sam into her little group, or is there something specific she needs? Maybe a little of both?



It’s like the saying goes: “There’s no ‘I’ in teamwork.” 😀 Sam quickly needs to assess whether he’s actually capable of learning and interacting within a group, and I don’t mean chatting up the young lady for some intimacy, either. He really needs to consider when to stop being bullheaded, which is what got him into this situation, that, and a little nervousness, which ended up having fate cast some dark cards onto his actions. He’s also got to sound convincing to the rest of the people in this group, only two of which we’ve met thus far.

I reckon Sam has some choices to make, and he’s also got to make them right, this time. Or he might just be out of luck trying to locate his friends, which is something important, does he want to tell these people what his goals are? Does he even think they’re still alive?


I think it’s interesting how much Sam’s unusual combination of stubbornness and meekness had gotten him into trouble.

Foolish Lego

Oh I hope not. That would make Sam less likable to me. If I remember correctly Dave mentioned the other day that during the running only a few days past… so Sam JUST lost his pregnant wife.


Right you are, FL. I think that’s something that’s easy to lose sight of, considering we’re almost 650 episodes into this madness. It probably feels like a lot more time has passed. Also, I feel like more time should have passed. That’s another reason why Sam got to go to sleep.


Here are my 2 thoughts :

If Tara wants something, she is looking for food, since she became cannibal a fine youg man like Sam should suite her taste…

If Tara is not looking for something special, well… she is… just not looking for something special… Period. LOL

I, generally speaking, can’t imagine people won’t try to team up in Z apocalypse… What’s the point on going separate ways in a crysis like this? (Next question of the day if Dave is interested. LOL)


Typo alert in the Discussion Question: “in mind her” her–>here 😀

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