Episode 637: Mine and Ours

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Live and Let Die

When you think about it, there are really two types of survival. This holds true in both zombie fiction, and the real world. The first an most obvious, is the survival of a specific person. You, for instance. Or the protagonist of the story. This is the sort of survival we tend to think about when we’re enjoying survival fiction. The second type, survival of the group, is interesting in its own way.

For starters, you can look at the group either very broadly or very narrowly. We might interpret the group as homo sapiens. Clearly, we’d be rooting for that group to survive the zombie onslaught. On the other hand, we might look at it in other ways. What if the group in question is some sort of subculture? How will, say, animal right activists, sovereign citizens, or anti-vaxxers fare? Will their groups survive, and what impact will that have on the culture as a whole.

About this Episode:

So once again I have a new character who has already taken part in a number of comics, but whose name we don’t know. I do this far too often, which is a pain because it then requires an awkward introductory scene. Of course, this is how things work in real life too, but it seems weird to write it out like that.

Discussion Question: Subculture Die-Off

When a society goes through extreme situations, it will likely need to adapt or perish. Some societies might just be perfectly adapted to the challenge, but I doubt that will be the norm. Bearing that in mind, what sort of subcultures do you think will thrive through a zombie crisis, and which do you think will disappear or be radically changed? How will these changes affect our larger cultures?



Typo alerts:

“This first an most obvious, is the survival of a specific person.” Two changes: This–>The; an–>and 😀

“What is the group in question is some sort of subculture?” Change the first “is” to “if”. 😉

Not bad, Dave, I didn’t see any typos on Monday’s comic, so didn’t flag any for you, but these three typos for today seem pretty easy to spot and fix! 😀


There’s a third typo to get, you missed fixing the “an” typo! 😀


Hmmm, it seems to me as if these two have some communication issues, I wonder if Sam’s in any danger from things other than zombies around this place? 😀 He might be rather willing to leave given the opportunity! 😉


Tara seems to have a interesting background story building up…

I really wonder what where the circumstances that brought her here and how she got there… Was she living in the neighbourhood? Did she had to cross an entire country to reach her father?

I’m really getting curious about her and this episode really made me asking myself more about herself…


Things that will go away:
Political Correctness, Eating Disorders, Teenage years (your either a kid and to young or fighting alongside the adults), Anything to do with car culture (good luck keeping one), PreMadonnas, Pencil pushers, Body Builders, Bronies (?), High School Sterotypes (Jock, Burnout, etc.), Hippies, Otherkins and other Role-Players
Ones that will blossom in the ZA:
Rednecks, Military Brats, Engineers, Bikers, Emo (just my opinion), Skinheads, Gang mentality

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