Episode 63

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In many zombie stories, the authorities reach a crisis point where they need to make a big stand and push back the ever-growing army of the living dead. Because the writers of zombie stories typically have a pretty negative view of the competency of those in authority, this big stand is almost always doomed to fail. The result is a severely weaken, if not completely destroyed defense network. This is a very important trope in the zombie genre, as it forces the protagonists to rely only on themselves and possibly others in their party. Of course mistrust, power struggles, competing love interests, and one-upmanship generally erode the group’s strengths shortly before the final act.

3 thoughts on “Episode 63”

  1. Ah, the anti-authoritarian instinct… Odd how the desire to do away with authorities leaves characters (or people) without the ties that bind them to each other. Hopefully it doesn’t take a disaster to make people work together, but even that’s doubtful sometimes.

    I know it’s a Project Wonderful ad, but I’m impressed that you have something featuring Stan “The Man” Lee being advertised on your page. Then again, what was the last epically effective character he made? It’s been a while…

    • Hopefully you’re right, but even in times of disaster people can be asses. I guess that’s just human nature.

      Hah, thanks. Ol’Stan appears to be gone now, but we get all types here. Once in a while even the esteemed Dr. Legostar.

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