Episode 623: Locking Up

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Crossing I’s and Dotting T’s

People are pretty incredible. We can adapt to a huge variety of things in an extremely short period of time. Well, a lot of us can, anway. A lot of people won’t be able to, but we’ll talk about them in a minute. At any rate, people are able to adapt quickly, and that will hold true in the zombie apocalypse. Before too long, we’ll figure out how to keep noise to a minimum. We’ll learn to automatically secure doors and windows. We’ll understand the importance of keeping watch and ensuring that any potential safehouse is completely free of zombies.

Of course, not all of us are going to be able to adapt quickly enough, and some of us will just have some rotten luck. For the zombie apocalypse to happen, those people are a necessity. In order for survivors to struggle in a world filled with zombies, a lot of people would have had to succumb to those zombies, and reanimated themselves.

It is for this reason that the early days of the zombie outbreak are the more dangerous. This might not make a lot of sense in some ways. After all, in the early days, there are fewer zombies and more supplies that are much easier to access. Despite that, people in those times are unprepared; they will not have gone through the challenge yet to make them strong enough to get by.

About this Episode:

I’m trying to do a much smaller space this time around. I usually make my interiors bigger than necessary to allow myself a lot of room for posing and photography, but it isn’t always realistic looking. I mean, very few people have living rooms and offices as huge as those in this comic.

Discussion Question: Funny Zombies

Here’s another from BrickVoid: “Dealing with a clown who’s become a zombie may seem like a joke, but the reality is that people will need to be ready for the unexpected. How well do you think you’ll fare when you find an unfortunate comedian turned zombie headed your way? Will you be prepared to do what’s necessary in the face of a seemingly hilarious situation?”

I can think of a few comedians I’d have no problem taking out if they were zombified.



Just one typo for today: “We’ll understand the importance of keeping watching and …” watching–>watch 😀


I think Sam is keeping quiet after seeing his new-found friend is able to lift heavy furniture without help from a man. I wonder why she didn’t introduce herself, though? Are zombie apocalypses going to be so pressing that there’s no time for introductions of any sort? 😀


Well say the introduction takes 10 seconds, that’s 10 seconds were a zombie could break through the door. For me staying alive is more important then knowing someone’s name.


Yep, Drachenfel has it right. Introductions come after making sure the zombies can’t get in.


RE Today’s question.

I know exactly what you mean, Dave. Comedy can be very subjective. There are comedians who are hugely popular that just make me cringe.


Jeff Dunham? Not a huge fan, but actually, I don’t mind him.


Funny zombies don’t concern me so much as the tragically ironic ones. I have no doubt that I could do just fine against a zombie clown or WIl Farrel (shudder) But just imagine all the people within a 25mile radius of you right now and imagine everything they might be caught doing if the ZA started right now. A bride in her wedding dress, maybe your boss in womens lingerie trying to shamble down the street in 6in heels, a bunch of elementary school kids all in costume up for a school play, some poor schmuck wearing compression shorts and roller blades, or worse of all in my mind, the moms with the torn us and bloodstained baby carrier backpacks on. That’s the kind of tragic reminders of lost humanity that might make me pause.


Kid zombies would be tough. Did anyone watch Game of Thrones this week? Holy shit.


Funny yesterday I was in the middle of a reply when work happened but that is what I was going to bring up. Imagine running for cover and into the backyard of a kids birthday party. How long would a batch of children stop you in your tracks? Long enough to be eaten?


I wonder if Sam is gonna kill this woman and her family if she has one.


If this person turns out to be related to Abe, I hope Sam decides not to tell them about his previous experience! 😀 Being in a zombie apocalypse is one thing, having to deal with a relative of someone who became a zombie because of circumstances that forced him into them is an entirely different thing! 😉


Or if he does tell them, at least he should spin it so he doesn’t seem guilty.


He might also stammer his way through it so much they can’t really understand properly what he’s saying. 😀


Hmmm… I don’t like clowns and I don’t like zombies. So, nope, I’m good killing either one.


So when you club a clown zombie over the head will it honk like a horn?


So far I like how you handle your background spaces. Your outdoor scenes are always well designed. Indoor stuff is always a challenge but I like that you try smaller places.


Just to get this straight the discussion question is what would we do if we were Columbus in the final confrontation scene in “Zombieland”? Seriously that is the question. Think I will bow out of this one, the answer is obvious.

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